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Top 50 Industrial Water Filtration Equipment Manufacturers

Do you want to buy industrial water filtration machines from a manufacturer? If YES, here are top 50 water purification equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

According to reports, the Asia – Pacific water and wastewater treatment market remains the biggest market for water treatment and water treatment equipment.

The rapid growth of this market is mainly attributed to increasing population; rising demand for advanced residential water treatment; increased awareness about the environmental deterioration; declining availability of clean water; increasing public – sector investment in water infrastructure; and growing research and development expenditure.

Experts believe China will dominate the market through 2025, owing to huge population base and industrialization, rising untreated sludge, and large wastewater discharge. Here are 50 Industrial water filtration equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

Top 50 Industrial Water Filtration Equipment Manufacturers in the World

  1. Veolia Water Technologies

Situated in the suburbs of Paris, France, Veolia Water Technologies is renowned as a worldwide water treatment equipment, service, and maintenance company. Offering a range of solutions in water purification and sustainable water recovery, Veolia provides technological solutions for industrial and science and research companies.

The company offers a range of technologies, including reverse osmosis, demineralization, ion exchange, pre – treatment, and filtration, among others. Their Hydrex™ 1000 series of additive chemicals include scale inhibitors, dispersants, oxygen scavengers, and steam line treatments, and they serve a variety of industries.

  1. Danaher

This company is a diverse multinational organization that supplies both water treatment equipment and chemicals to the global market. Products from the company include conventional water filtration equipment and membrane systems, in addition to UV disinfection products. Danaher is also a key supplier of water instrumentation and services.

  1. WesTech Engineering, Inc.

WesTech Engineering is better known as process equipment engineering and manufacturing company in Salt Lake City, Utah, that specializes on solutions for the industrial, mineral, municipal water, and municipal wastewater industries.

The company helps design and builds integrated small –  and large – scale systems with technologies that can be beneficial to the industrial water treatment process. The company also provides a complete line of physical / chemical and biological systems. They’ve been building clarifiers for years (dissolved air flotation clarifiers and thickeners, conventional clarifiers, and conventional gravity thickeners, among others).

  1. Sapasi 1 Limited Company

Sapasi 1 Limited Company is a water treatment company that manufactures, implement and supply the Mechanical Energy Technology (MET) system for underground, surface water, and sewage treatment. Note that the operational cost for the system is much cheaper than conventional methods.

In addition, users do not have to be highly educated engineers to operate the system because it runs automatically. Besides, as the system is modulated, it is very easy to increase the capacity of treatment regarding the demand of customers.

  1. Aquatech

Aquatech is a water purification technology company that specializes on desalination, water recycle/reuse, and zero liquid discharge for an assortment of industries worldwide.

Boasting of over 35 years in this business, the company is also a good source for spare parts supplies, technical audits, and leased water treatment systems. With varying solutions such as thermal technologies, ion exchange, and membrane filtration, Aquatech’s water treatment systems encompass a variety of industrial water treatment needs.

One of their most effective technologies, High – Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO™), can help a facility control silica levels, making difficult – to – treat wastewater more manageable. This technology along with evaporation technologies is also used for achieving zero liquid discharge.

  1. Bio Sewage Systems

Bio Sewage Systems offer innovative waste water treatment solutions that help you to save water and do your part towards saving the planet. Bio Sewage Systems design, manufacture and commission innovative modular and / or mobile Wastewater Treatment systems for domestic, commercial or industrial application in Southern Africa and Internationally.

The company’s multi – stage systems are designed to breakdown waste water using mechanisms inspired by nature, and by using a series of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic reactors; their systems deliver effective and economical sewage treatment.

  1. Calgon Carbon

This company boasts of over 70 years in the activated carbon and reactivation industry for many liquid and vapour-phase applications. They also offer services in ultraviolet disinfection and oxidation, ion exchange technology, and ballast water treatment, and they provide purifications systems for drinking water and wastewater, etc.

They also manufacture both granular and powder activated carbon. They offer carbon technologies for several industries including drinking water, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

They have various media, fixed – bed, and continuous systems for a variety of applications and industries. Their ISEP® / CSEP® systems and CALRES® media can help industrial facilities purify their process streams while helping them recover valuable materials.

  1. AdEdge Water Technologies

This company focuses in the design, development, fabrication, and supply of packaged treatment solutions, specialty Medias, innovative technologies, and membranes that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams. The company’s technologies allow customers to manage the elements in a variety of industries with outstanding results.

These industries include drinking water, industrial process, mining, environmental, chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical, remediation, and general wastewater. They also have extensive experience in municipal water treatment and biological filtration water treatment.

AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, fluoride, nitrate and uranium from water and has sold hundreds of water systems throughout North America and locations throughout the world including Canada and countries in Asia and Latin America.

  1. The Dow Chemical Company

Better known is a chemical corporation that combines science and technology to provide innovations that help the company’s customers produce and conserve clean water and energy and increase productivity. Their businesses range from chemical to agro sciences and plastics. The water processing group is a world leader in ion exchange resins and membranes for water purification.

The company offers various filtration devices for the removal of suspended solids, bacteria, and other particulates. Some of their RO / NF filtration systems can be used to treat brackish water in addition to drinking water and desalination applications. Their FILMTEC RO membranes are one of the premier products on the market.

They also offer a wide range of technology – based products and solutions, such as ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membranes, across several industries, including their ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ and Upcore™, pre – engineered ion exchange systems designed to yield high – quality water while minimizing waste.

Each process train can produce up to 260 GPM of treated water that typically doesn’t require further polishing. Dow ion exchange resins are some of the most advanced technological solutions to removing contaminants.

  1. Evoqua Water Technologies

This is a global water treatment company that serves municipal and industrial companies; Evoqua Water Technologies strives to help companies meet water quality regulations and environmental compliance while increasing their water usage efficiency.

The company has innovative, integrated products that are valuable in the industrial water treatment process, including chemicals, RO / NF membranes, clarifiers, conventional gravity filters, evaporation technologies, and an assortment of post treatment solutions.

Evoqua’s MF / UF membrane systems include a tubular cross flow system that removes colloids and improves salt density index, and pressurized / submerged membrane technology for potable water generation, wastewater treatment, and desalination, among other applications. Their Memtek microfiltration systems are especially useful for removing heavy metals.

  1. AdEdge Water Technologies

This company specializes in the design, development, fabrication, and supply of packaged treatment solutions, specialty Medias, innovative technologies, and membranes that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams.

All their technologies allow customers to manage the elements in a variety of industries with outstanding results. These industries include drinking water, industrial process, mining, environmental, chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical, remediation, and general wastewater. They also have extensive experience in municipal water treatment and biological filtration water treatment.

AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, fluoride, nitrate and uranium from water and has sold hundreds of water systems throughout North America and locations throughout the world including Canada and countries in Asia and Latin America.

  1. SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

Previously known as GE Water & Process Technologies, SUEZ leverages advanced technologies to solve water scarcity, quality, and productivity challenges. They also solve water-related issues for the environment and energy industry and serve industrial and municipal companies alike.

SUEZ boasts of a series of innovative, integrated products that are valuable in the industrial water treatment process, including chemicals, UF membranes, clarifiers, conventional gravity filters, evaporation, and an assortment of post treatment technologies.

They also provide a variety of RO / NF membrane systems for desalination, food and beverage processing, salt density index improvement, and drinking water treatment, in addition to solutions for the oil and gas industry. They also offer technical papers and other information on membrane maintenance and upkeep.

  1. DuPont

Better known as a producer of both water treatment chemicals and equipment, including biocides (AQUCAR, BIOBAN, and ROCIMA); and membrane systems (IntegraFlux).

According to reports, in 2019, the company assumed control of water treatment chemical operations that were previously owned by Dow Chemical Company as part of an expansive, multi – year strategic plan that saw Dow Chemical and DuPont merge, swap selected operations, and subsequently separate into independent public businesses.

  1. Lenntech

Established in 1993, Lenntech is an international water treatment and filtration solution company based in the Netherlands. They provide several technologies and turnkey facilities for municipalities, water bottlers, and hotels.

The company has an assortment of solutions for industrial water treatment, including MF / UF membrane systems that are custom designed and built to spec. The ultra filtration systems are made with hollow – fibre, outside – in membranes suitable for filtering out suspended solids, colloidal contaminants, and micro – organisms.

The company also has an assortment of solutions and technologies that help promote continuous heat exchange, reduce corrosion, and help boilers produce high – quality steam by treating the feed water to the boiler both internally and externally. Softening, evaporation, de – aeration, and membrane filtration are all methods used by the company to facilitate the right makeup water chemistry for the boiler being used.

  1. BASF SE

BASF SE was established in 1865 and is headquartered in Germany; BASF Corporation is the largest affiliate of BASF SE, involved in the manufacturing and supplying of various products. It operates through five business segments, namely Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Material, and Solutions, Agriculture Solutions, and Oil & Gas.

The company provides products for the paper industry, oil and gas production, mining, and water treatment; and dispersions and pigments, care chemicals, nutrition and health products, paper chemicals, and performance chemicals. The Company has its geographic presence in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South America, Africa, and Middle East.


This company is known as a top Designer and Manufacturer of Packaged Plants and Equipment for the Treatment of Water and Wastewater in Decentralized Municipal and Industrial Effluent Applications. DEVISE packaged plants are modular and easily deployable around the world, ideal for decentralized applications.

They can be adapted to operate in all continents and under all weather conditions. They require minimum installation and are ready to Plug & Play. Also they can be relocated in just a few weeks and upgraded just as efficiently.

  1. Nalco Company

This company was established in 1928 with the merger between two Chicago – based companies selling sodium – aluminate to treat water for steam locomotives, municipalities, and boiler feed water for industrial plants. Adapting their approach and technologies over the years to respond to changing market needs, Nalco now provides water treatment solutions in the power, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries, among others.

The company offers various technologies and chemicals that help with heavy metals removal, foam control, dewatering, and water reuse, among others. Some of these technologies include coagulants, polymers, and physical/chemical separation. They also offer a 3D TRASAR cooling tower water treatment program utilizes an automated, real – time monitoring system to help keep track of your cooling tower.

The technology helps control and monitor corrosion, scaling, and biological fouling before they become an issue in the cooling tower by recognizing and flagging any changing conditions. In addition to the monitoring system, they also offer other treatment technologies and solutions for cooling tower water, including a full line of chemical treatment and equipment supplies through various partners.

  1. Ion Exchange Safic

Safic is an Accéntuate Ltd Company, and a supplier of chemicals, equipment, consumables, water technology and many other specialized product solutions within all major market segments throughout Southern Africa. A manufacturer of chemicals since 1981, this company is the first chemical company in south africa to be certified as an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 organizations.

The company also supplies products to many countries within Sub – Saharan Africa including but not limited to: Angola; Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. ION Exchange Safic provides the industry with total water management – pre – treatment, process water / liquid treatment, waste water treatment, water recycling, and recovery of valuable by-products for re-use.

  1. Genesis Water Technologies

Genesis Water Technologies is an award – winning leader in specialized drinking water & wastewater reuse solutions. They specialize in serving industries and communities across the world in meeting their water quality challenges through advanced treatment solutions and services founded upon innovation and collaboration.

  1. Ovivo

Ovivo is a global provider of equipment, technology and systems producing the purest water and treating the most challenging wastewater in the industry. Ovivo is a powerful global brand with renowned trademarks, possessing more than 150 years of expertise and references in water treatment, supported by its proprietary products, advanced technologies and extensive system integration know-how.

  1. Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation provides their customers filtration, separation, and purification solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, fuels, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, and power generation. The company’s headquarters are in Port Washington, New York, but they have offices and plants worldwide.

Popularly known for their filtration technologies, Pall Corporation offers a variety of ceramic and hollow – fibre UF / MF membrane systems, including their Pall Aria series that is especially useful for filtering drinking water. Many of their filtration systems use clean – in – place technology and can handle varied turbidity, flow, and contamination.

  1. Ecolab

This company is known as a top global supplier of water treatment equipment, chemicals, sanitation and hygiene services, and other technologies. The company’s product catalogue includes conventional filtration and disinfection equipment, as well as membrane separation products.

  1. 3M

3M was established in 1902 and is headquartered in Minnesota, U.S. The company operates as a diversified technology company worldwide. The company is engaged in the automotive, commercial solutions, communications, design and construction, electronics, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, safety, and transportation sectors.

The company also offers water infrastructure products like potable water rehabilitation products, protecting water pipes, protecting water tanks, protecting wastewater pipes and tanks, and protecting equipment. The company has its geographical presence in Europe, North America, Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

  1. WaterIcon

WaterIcon is a South African based company specializing in a full range of water treatment services. Their turnkey services are available for both small and large scale projects. The company remains one of the biggest importers of water treatment equipment and a large stock holding of quality international products.

They are the cutting edge of innovation in the field, drawing on world class technologies and working closely with numerous global research and development centres. The company focuses on R&D, lab analysis, trial plants and putting forward the right solution for each application. This is very important in water treatment as every application is unique.

  1. Paques

For as long as 30 years, Paques helps industries to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. Paques’ anaerobic water purification systems produce energy (biogas) from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse.

After the introduction of the first BIOPAQ® reactor in 1981, Paques developed a broad portfolio for integrated water and gas treatment in close cooperation with partners. All the solutions proved to be cost – effective and highly reliable. Leading companies from a variety of industries worldwide chose Paques as their partner for meeting their purification and sustainability obligations.

  1. Toro Equipment

Known as a leading European company specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for industrial and urban wastewater treatment, water processing, water reuse and sludge treatment. The company offers customers the best water treatment solutions, based on more than 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of equipment, as well as commissioning.

They also offer custom solutions for both the private and public sectors, and have supplied equipment to more than 50 countries worldwide, with international markets accounting for more than 70% of company sales.

  1. Brentwood Water & Wastewater

This company provides robust and cost – effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of the drinking water and wastewater markets.

As a valuable knowledge base and a source for applications expertise, Brentwood has developed proprietary plastic sheet media and media supports for trickling filters, low – cost tube settlers for efficient clarification, media for IFAS systems, and clog – resistant vacuum systems for sludge removal. In addition, Brentwood’s Polychem brand is the leading global supplier of 100 percent non – metallic chain and flight scrapers for rectangular clarifier systems.

  1. Hangzhou Zetian Technologies

Established in 2008, Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd. Is one of the global leading suppliers, focusing on R&D and manufacturing multi gas analyzers for continuous emission monitoring, process & safety control, online water monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring.

They have adopted the world’s most advanced technologies, including UV DOAS, TDLAS, FTIR, GC – FID etc., which make their devices highly accurate and reliable even under harsh conditions. With the value of customer orientation, Zetian devotes to provide multiple and competitive solutions, including but not limited to analyzers, analysis modules / parts, and total solution for process, CEMS, AQMS and polluted water. Both OEM and ODM are available.

  1. SYSTEA S.p.A.

This is an Italian company founded in 1988 with the aim to develop, manufacture and sell automatic wet chemistry analyzer for environmental and industrial markets. The actual products range, based on its own industrial patents, can cover efficiently many different market fields, with particular evidence of the environmental control and agric – food markets.

For the environmental control market different lines of automatic analyzers are available, with unique characteristic of sensitivity, to be applied in the following liquid samples: Surface water, drinking water, waste water, sea water. Innovative technology, high quality standard and 20 years of experience allow Systea to propose a wide range of products with unique characteristics of sensitivity and flexibility, based on proprietary industrial patents.

  1. Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

This company provides water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries in the form of products, technology, and maintenance services.

The Company’s operations are broadly divided into the Water Treatment Chemicals business and the Water Treatment Facilities business. Kurita’s key resources are: technology – driven company with advanced research and development capabilities and its business network spanning all of Japan and across the globe.

By offering customers from a broad range of industries with all – round water management solutions while focusing on such issues as enhancing productivity, reducing environmental burden and energy saving, Kurita endeavours to create values. The Kurita Group’s worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates are located in various regions of the world.

  1. ENEXIO Water Technologies

In over 40 year,  ENEXIO Water Technologies has designed and produced plastic products for different applications such as Cooling Towers, Mass Transfer, Drinking Water Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Waste Water Treatment, Aquaculture / Fish Farming and Storm water Infiltration. This experience has propelled the company into one of the most renowned manufacturers for plastic fills and enables them to find the best solutions for their customers’ requirements.

  1. Parker – Hannifin

Parker – Hannifin is a major producer of motion control products for the automobile, industrial, aviation, marine, space, and other markets. The company’s presence in the water treatment industry includes filtration production through the Dominick hunter Process Filtration division, the Parker Village Marine division, and a host of businesses formerly operated by CLARCOR, which Parker – Hannifin acquired in early 2017.

  1. Pentair Plc

Pentair plc was established in 1966 and is headquartered in London, U.K. The company is engaged in design and manufacture of the energy, food and beverage, industrial, infrastructure, and residential & commercial. The company operates through two segments, Water and Electrical.

The water segment designs, manufactures, and services products and solutions to meet filtration, separation, flow, and water management challenges in agriculture, aquaculture, foodservice, food and beverage processing, swimming pools, water supply and disposal, and various industrial applications. The company has its geographical presence in North America, Europe, Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

  1. Feralco Group

Feralco Group is a major manufacturer of high performance water treatment and process chemicals. Their product range includes both traditional inorganic coagulants and innovative products to ensure optimum treatment efficiency in many areas of application. These include the treatment of drinking water, process water, sewage and industrial effluents and the processing of paper.

Note that the solid aluminium sulphate, one of their main products, has constantly 17 / 18 % active substance, which is an important unique aspect. Feralco has 13 production sites in 8 European countries. As one of the leading European producer of performance products for water treatment, Feralco contributes to supply drinking water to more than 100 million people in Europe and Africa.

  1. Idro Group

Founded in 2015, IDRO Group combines companies with over forty years’ experience in their sectors which operate with the latest technologies and with full respect for the environment. Note that the companies making up IDRO Group began operating independently in Italy, and experienced constant growth also thanks to the acquisition of renowned companies in the environmental sector, which carried them into international territory.

These companies have developed a close and productive collaboration with facilitates financial, commercial, logistical and organizational synergies based on a common strategy focused on quality, specialization, product innovation and strong customer focus. The company provides efficient and innovative solutions for the treatment of: Water, Air, Energy and Waste.

  1. Amsolv

This company manufactures a comprehensive line of Industrial Supply, Process, Boiler, Cooling and Waste Water Treatment technologies. These products are supplied to commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial users by Water Treatment Sales and Service companies.

The AmSolv line is designed to deliver the technology required to maximize equipment life and efficiency at the greatest total value available. AmSolv also offers a complete international brand named package of products.

These products provide user facilities with a ready – made high quality program available only through the resources of a substantial technology, manufacturing and marketing organization. AmSolv is unique in the Water Treatment Industry as a high quality brand name technology, sales and service program distributed globally through this network of locally owned and operated Dealers.

  1. Econet Group

The company operates in the water and environmental sectors providing the best quality of planning, engineering, and contracting services including electro – mechanical machinery deliveries. The company focuses in countries which have growing need for basic infrastructure of water and wastewater treatment.

They strive to create sustainable local solutions together with their international partner organizations. Nowadays, the company operates globally in over 80 countries.

  1. Dragon Water Technologies Ltd.

This company was founded with the support of Business Wales. This company is a specialized water treatment company based in Wales that focuses on the supply of water treatment equipment, potable water systems, polymer systems, spares and services. Furthermore, they also provide a wide range of products and services that are designed to meet any and all of the client’s needs, whilst also complementing all aspects of water treatment.

  1. Jenfitch, Inc.

This company develops water treatment chemical solutions to meet the strenuous demands for the 21st Century. With over 40 years in the water treatment industry, the company claims to be concerned with developing technologies that help solve the problem of safe drinking water for the plant.

Jenfitch, Inc. is a manufacturing and marketing firm that specializes in water treatment chemicals used in the following industries: Potable water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, power generation facilities, pre & post harvest operations, oil & gas processing and refining.

  1. Statiflo

A world leader in the development and application of static pipe mixers, inline static mixers, channel mixers, duct mixers, gas dispersion systems, flow conditioners and associated technologies with thousands of customers in every process industry in over 80 countries. The company headquarters are located in Macclesfield, Cheshire, in the north west of England.

They also service industries throughout the world from offices strategically situated in the USA, Germany and Canada, as well as through their globally distributed network of business partners. Through experience, innovation and inspiration, Statiflo continues to strengthen its reputation as the world leaders in the design and manufacture of static mixers, channel mixers, gas dispersion systems and associated technologies.

  1. Piranha Pumps

This is a leading manufacturer within the dredge and pump industry. For more than half a century, the company has held a sturdy name for itself as experts when it comes to dredging, submersible pumps, floating platforms, and more.

They are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers by producing the very best pumps and dredges for their specific applications. For dredging projects big and small, there’s nothing the company’s products can’t handle. Piranha dredges and pumps are built to last and are easy to manoeuvre, providing unmatched reliability and efficiency.

  1. SNF

This company remains one of top manufacturers of water treatment chemicals for the global market in 2018. While the company serves most global markets, its presence is particularly strong in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The company’s expertise ranges from polymers to manufacturing a range of specialty coagulants, flocculants, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, and other chemicals for water treatment applications.

  1. ITT Inc.

ITT Inc. was established in 1920 and is headquartered at White Plains, U.S. The company manufactures and sells engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for the energy, transportation, and industrial markets worldwide. The company operates through four segments, namely Industrial Process, Motion Technologies, Interconnect Solutions, and Control Technologies.

The Industrial Process segment manufactures industrial pumps, valves, and plant optimization systems; and centrifugal pumps, vertical centrifugal pumps, twin screw pumps, and water systems, as well as aftermarket solutions, such as repairs, and upgrades Services. The Company has its geographical presence in North America, Europe, Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

  1. ENTA

Founded in 1994, ENTA has been offering high quality engineering services in 25 countries with more than 500 completed references in water and wastewater treatment plants.

ENTA’s scope of services start with laboratory experiments, treatability studies, plant design and engineering followed by treatment plant equipment manufacturing and supply, turnkey EPC contracting or construction of water and wastewater treatment plants and operation and maintenance of them. ENTA is active in industrial and domestic wastewater treatment, recycling of wastewaters, drinking water treatment and preparation of specific grade or high – quality process waters.

  1. CIE

Boasting of over 35 years’ ​experience, CIE pride itself as one of the European leader companies in design, development, manufacture and installation of water and wastewater plants, specifically dedicated to metal finishing industry.

CIE operates worldwide providing unmatched efficiency, reliability and knowledge, thanks to its team of skilled experts. With a background knowledge and experience in chemical composition of typical working baths, CIE offers different solutions specifically designed for metal finishing lines.

  1. SIGMADAF Clarifiers

A water treatment company with over 20 years’ experience in the field of DAF manufacturing, the company’s infrastructure is based in providing a modular, cost – effective and proven solution. The company’s key activity is the design and manufacture of DAF but they also provide alternative or complementary solutions to reuse water and be applied to the agriculture or other industries.

The company did its first exportation to México in 2013 and have been expanding to other countries ever since. They are committed to continuous improvement and have established a quality management process, which provides a framework for measuring and improving their performance.

  1. Aquas Inc.

Known as a Taiwan based Manufacturer of multi parameter sensors, wireless controller and data logger cloud – based SCADA and artificial intelligence management systems, used in storm water drainage, municipal water, wastewater, industrial water, commercial water, medical water, surface water, groundwater, agriculture, fishery, etc., at thousands of sites across the globe.

The company’s products are all designed for accuracy, reliability, flexibility, ease of use and low maintenance. All manufacturing processes follow the highest industrial standards and certificated by ISO9001.

  1. C&G Depuration Industrials

This is an Italian Company, part of a group that has been operating for over 40 years in the Industrial Waste Water Treatment sector.

They are conscious of the impact that industrial waste can have on the environment and on your budget, which is why the company staff, strongly field oriented with engineers always focusing on research, offers a complete product line to fit your needs:

Vacuum evaporators, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, chemical –physical treatment, de – mineralisers, filter press & special equipment for galvanizing. Recovery, recycling, and zero discharge: key words today and for the future.

  1. Process Wastewater Technologies LLC

This company is a leading global manufacturer of products for biological treatment, CSO / SSO, biosolids / sludge handling, and municipal wastewater. The company claims to have revolutionized the storm water and CSO treatment industry in the early 1990s by introducing continuous deflective separation technology to the market.

They offer technologies for gross solids and sediment removal from large and small sanitary and combined sewer overflows, biological phosphorous and nitrogen removal, and sludge thickening and dewatering.

The company products and expertise have been proven by extensive independent laboratory studies and thousands of installations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, united kingdom, and the Asian Pacific Rim. In fact, PWTech technology has been listed as a structural Best Management Practice (BMP) by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  1. ECO – Techno

Established in 1984, this family – owned company has been producing high – quality industrial wastewater treatment solutions. They are recognized as a specialist in wastewater treatment plants worldwide. No manufacturer of vacuum evaporators has more experience than ECO – Techno. The company offers customized solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

The company’s core competence includes vacuum evaporators for the use of existing thermal energy. Full service around the plant engineering: they take over the planning, delivery and start – up of your plant and ensure remote maintenance during its operation.