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Top 50 Private Label Nail Polish Manufacturers in the World

Do you need nail polish at a wholesale price for your makeup line? If YES, here are top 50 private label nail polish manufacturing companies in the world.

When you want you own a nail polish line, but you do not have the financial capacity to launch and run a standard nail polish manufacturing factory, the next best thing for you to do is to use private label products.

Private Label companies maintain a ready supply of components and finished goods which they then sell to people who would in turn affix their labels to the products, claiming ownership.

By using different variations and combinations, and applying your custom labeling or decoration, you can usually find a satisfactory “custom” look for your nail polish.

Some private label companies provide stock nail colors for you to choose from and others may be able to create custom colors based on your specifications, however the minimum order requirements may be too great for a start-up company.

To get started on the right footing, you need to find a company that will provide you with the goods and services you need to get started, and help you grow.

Whether you own a nail spa or salon, or you just have a great idea for nail polish, counting on a dependable nail polish manufacturer that can supply the colors and effects you need for your nail polish line is very important.

If you want to go into nail polish manufacturing and you want to use private label products, we have provided for you some very dependable private label nail polish manufacturers in the world today.

Top 50 Private Label Nail Polish Manufacturers in the World

  1. Cosmetic Service

Cosmetic Service is an Italian private label nail polish firm specialising in the design, production and customisation of cosmetics articles including nail polish. The company was founded through the insight and entrepreneurship of Michele Ceolin and Susanna Sartori.

Step by step since 2000, the duo have accumulated solid experience that helps them support their clients at every stage of product creation. In addition to nail polish, the company also offers polish remover, eyebrow pencils, eye shadow or lipstick. They are headquartered at Via delle Industrie, 124, Marcon, Italy.

  1. Diamond Cosmetics

Diamond Cosmetics came into existence in 1986, selling Flossie Diamond brand nail polish and cosmetics to salons, beauty supply stores and drug stores throughout south Florida and the USA.

They started their Private Label Division, offering private label nail polish and nail treatments in 1992 and have since grown the private label business worldwide. Their customers include brands that sell their products to department stores and on

Their clientele also includes famous designers, celebrity manicurists, specialty retail stores, home shopping and QVC network marketers along with international infomercial marketers. All of the products sold by the Private Label Division are made in the USA under strict FDA guidelines.

They also have a Retail Division and they sell the Diamond Cosmetics brand of products to mass market drug, grocery and retail stores. Most of what they sell in the Retail Division are nail files and manicure blocks, gift sets and pedicure items such as pumice stones and pedicure paddles.

They also sell nail treatments, and all of the items sold through their Retail Division are made overseas. All products are made in the USA with FDA approved, quality ingredients and they are highly pigmented, providing a long lasting effect.

  1. Private Brand Concepts

PBC is your best partner if you want to become an serious International manufacturer and brand in Gel Nail Polish. PBC is one of the biggest and fastest growing European private label Gel nail polish manufacturer. All Gel nail polish colours are produced under European standard qualities.

All processes operate with European custom build equipment and follows the highest European production standards. All professional projects, small or big are welcome and will be taken care seriously. The company has their headquarters at Oud-Eemnesserweg 5J, Baarn, Netherlands.

  1. Helios Nail System

Helios is a new professional nail brand based in New York with a production process that relies solely on expert-approved research, innovations, scientific advancements, and quality.

As a fashionable nails cosmetics line, Helios has developed an impeccable product look, incorporating appealing aesthetic touches and a special, signature twist to the details. The company has their headquarters at Holtsville, Holtsville, New York.

  1. Hawley International

This company uses sustainable materials in their production, and the raw materials they use are sourced locally wherever possible. Other materials used in Hawley’s specifications and formulas are originating from various leading suppliers around the world.

They also have exclusive distribution for a number of world leading branded products. The company has their headquarters at Sydney, Australia.

  1. Clarion Cosmetics Private Limited

Clarion has been winning the trust of global giants by setting new benchmarks and delivering superior quality products. As one of the largest and widely respected private label manufacturers of india, Clarion has consistently delivered quality.

Clarion’s range of offerings, customer understanding and high standards of production are the key reasons for its success. The company has their headquarters at Mumbai, India.

  1. Cosswiss

Cosswiss is a one-stop, full service OEM and private label source. Whether you want to create a brand, a product line or an individual product in your name, they can make it happen for you. All you have to do is share your vision with them and they will take care of the rest. The company has their headquarters at Erlenbach, Switzerland.

  1. Private Lab’s

Private Lab’s is the private label branch of Pronails, one of the leading European brands in nail, hand and foot care. Private Lab’s is an independent company with its own staff and its own GMP certified production facilities.

Their clients are fashion brands, hair dresser chains, beauty chains, retailers and high end wholesalers. The company has their headquarters at Brasschaat, Belgium.

  1. Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd

Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. is a future-oriented, go-ahead company that develops, manufactures and markets a diversified range of beauty care products both under its own brand and for private label nail polish requirements.

They take pride in their experienced and competent team of researchers and marketing professionals, who place their expertise and inventive capabilities at the service of every customer. The company has their headquarters at Yavne, Israel.

  1. Light Elegance Nail Products

Light Elegance nail products are odorless, easy to apply, and have strength and flexibility for full-sets and fills. Light Elegance also offers a wide range of non-yellowing products that can be applied to gels, acrylics, wraps and natural nails.

One of the owners, Lezlie, dreams up the colors each season and Jim, another partner goes to work making the formulas better than they were last year. Light Elegance nail products has their headquarters at Redmond, Oregon.

  1. California Chemical Specialties

California Chemical Specialties (CCS) is the most trusted supplier of quality Acrylic Nail Powders, Nail Liquids, Gels and Gel Polish products to the cosmetics industry. CCS has fueled the success of many of the leading professional Nail Care Brands.

For decades, they have provided technology, product customization and supply to companies around the world. The company is headquartered at Linwood, Pennsylvania.

  1. Francia Beauty Group

Francia Beauty is nail specialist with 2 business activities:

1) Francia Cosmetics is a private label manufacturer (OEM/ODM) of nail cosmetics (nail polish, gel polish, nail care, spa, etc). They use high quality products and French technology following European quality standards.

2) Technip is a manufacturer of cuticle and nail nippers. All process operates with German equipment and follows German production standards. The company is headquartered at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


P&D UNITED COSMETICS CO., LTD is a private label nail company from Guangzhou, China. They are manufacturer/factory/wholesaler/supplier/private label of nail gel polish and nail acrylic products.

Their products include nail acrylic powder(nail polymer powder) and nail acrylic liquid(Acrylic Liquid Monomer ). Their raw materials are imported from USA, France, Japan, China, etc.

  1. Lumineye Nailcraft Innovations

Lumineye is a specialist contract manufacturer of nail polish ranges, nail polish removers, colour cosmetics, specialty chemicals and professional nail products.

Craftsman-like quality, supply flexibility and a client focused, end-to-end production service are all part of the Lumineye experience. Lumineye creates private label nail polish ranges that really stand out.

Your brand will also benefit from their innovative, unique and spectacular full colour nail polish bottle decoration. Low moqs per colour, short lead times and expert advice around decoration, compliance and shipping help make the range development process simple.

Ask about the full colour bottle decoration, the patented Water Based Nail Polish Removers and the World First Curable Lacquer that applies like polish, cures like gel and removes with no nail damage. The company is headquartered at Yatala, Australia.

  1. Armbruster Associates

Armbruster Associates are suppliers of their own UV Nail Gels, all made in the USA with top quality raw materials. They sell private label to large and small companies, packaged from 55 Gallon drums on down to 1/2 oz containers.

In the Cosmetic/Beauty world, UV Nail Gels are very popular. In fact, Armbruster Associates Inc. was instrumental in pioneering UV Nail Gels some 20+ years ago. The company is headquartered at New Jersey

  1. SLG

From within it’s in-house team, SLG designs, develops and markets its brands to the global beauty market and has a reputation for incredible creativity and trend awareness.

The company’s portfolio of brands covers cosmetics, bath & body, fragrance, haircare, beauty accessory and lifestyle categories. SLG was formed in Gloucester in 1985 and remains a family owned business. The company is now headquartered at Cheltenham, united kingdom.

  1. Scotia Beauty

Scotia Beauty is a part of Sandaig Ltd, a British company, specializing in private label nail products for the professional beauty market.

Scotia Beauty works with renowned and trusted manufacturers in the UK, Europe, USA and worldwide in order to offer a comprehensive range of quality nail products at affordable prices with low minimum quantities. The company is headquartered at Highland, United Kingdom.

  1. ICC Italy

ICC is one of the Italian companies that private label nail polish and semi-finished products starting from raw materials up to the finished product. ICC is a young and dynamic company.

Passion, creativity, technology, high quality, competitive prices and very fast delivery time make ICC a real reference point in the cosmetic universe. The company is headquartered at San Martino in Strada, Italy.

  1. Seven Seas Beauty Products

Dedicated to Seven Seas original vision of superior products, individual services are bolstered by a contemporary new design. Their offered products are positioned for continued expansion and even greater success in the years ahead.

They also provide 3rd Party/Private Label Manufacturing according to their client needs. The company is headquartered at Delhi, India.

  1. Sensitive Nature LTD

Looking for a company to manufacture your existing formulas in skin care or help you develop new products line? Sensitive Nature LTD specializes in the distributing of cosmetics from East Europe in the UK.

They also support their private label clients in finding the best manufacturers solutions to produce better quality for the less price. Their product’s range include; Creams, Lotions, SPF, Nail Polish Products, Organics, etc. The company is headquartered at London, United Kingdom.

  1. Polystone Chemical

With 1,700 different UV gels, up to 2000 customers in 80 countries and endless passion: Polystone Chemical has been creating and manufacturing modern, industry-leading products for the cosmetic nail industry for almost 30 years.

Today, they continue to innovate, striving for the highest quality, and never failing to focus on the needs of their teeming customers. The company is headquartered at Blieskastel, Germany.

  1. EXQUISITE Luxury

EXQUISITE Luxury is a large International Cosmetics, Makeup and Beauty Product Manufacturer. They manufacture just about any product, from soap to shampoos to concealer to lipstick as well as household items such as candles.

They also manufacture specific makeup products, including vegan makeup brush cleaning soap and vegan makeup brush liquid cleanser. They will consider any product. The company is headquartered at Whitby, United Kingdom.

  1. CNC International

With the innovative R&D department and in-house production facilities, chemist and print/label service, CNC International develops a wide range of proven quality professional nail products. For more than 20 years CNC International produces for numerous nail brand worldwide.

They equally export to more than 45 countries in 5 continents. The company is headquartered at TS Nederweert, Netherlands.

  1. Sano international Ltd

Sano is Israel’s leading manufacturer of high quality household cleaning and personal hygiene products. They have hundreds of products for clients to choose from. Sano was founded in 1965. Their export activities are constantly expanding and they welcome offers from new distributors. The company is headquartered at Hod Hasharon, Israel.

  1. European Lacquers LTD

European Lacquers offer high quality nail lacquer, nail polish remover and nail care, this can be purchased in private label, finished product and bulk for more information. The company is headquartered at, basildon essex, United Kingdom.

  1. Global Radiance International

Global Radiance International (GRI) is a privately held USA-based manufacturer of UV Gel products. For the last 30 years, they have been formulating, manufacturing and supplying innovative UV and LED Gel Nail products to some of the most popular names in the industry.

They continue to build on their success by relentlessly innovating meticulously-formulated products that build customer loyalty. The company is headquartered at Chino, California.

  1. RJ Mineral Cosmetic

RJ Mineral Cosmetics are known for integrity, product range, reliability and product quality, with over 1000 stock Cosmetic and Skin Care products, Australian owned & manufactured. They offer a wide variety of Vegan, Vegetarian, Cruelty Free, Natural/natural derived and traditional cosmetics.

So no matter your brand ethos – RJ Mineral Cosmetics have products to suit you. The company is headquartered at South Australia, Australia

  1. Frost Cosmetics, LLC

Frost cosmetics fully customizes all formula for their clients “Private Label” line. Their expert cosmetic chemists offer 100% Certified Vegan/Cruelty-Free/Organic products. With over 250 shades and colors, Luxury tubes, Logo Design Service, and Color request service.

All orders include Insurance coverage, Large or Small. Their orders start as low as $175, and custom Colors as low as $250. Frost Cosmetics is “Made in the USA”. The company is headquartered at Los Angeles, California.

  1. Mei Kuai Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Mei Kuai Cosmetics Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, has been recognized as a prestigious, outstanding and professional cosmetics manufacturer & exporter in this field, specialized in making high- quality Make Up Kits, Eye Shadow, Baked Powder, Pure Mineral Makeup, Blusher, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Compact Powder, Mascara and Nail Polish, etc. The company is headquartered at Tainan City, Taiwan.

  1. Cosmetic Industries

Cosmetic Industries Inc. is the largest private label manufacturer of high quality nail polish and nail treatments. The company services both the West and the East Coast with showrooms in California and New York.

Located in Fontana, CA, (just 40 minutes east of L.A.), they have grown into the largest private label manufacturer of quality nail lacquers on the west coast. The company is headquartered at FONTANA, California.

  1. InterNail

They are a manufacturer of light-curing resins and they distribute their products as high-quality UV gel for nail cosmetics. Through their development with polymer chemists and specialists for nail design, they are able to manufacture any desired products.

Their Production of UV gels are made according to GMP. The company is headquartered at Langenbrettach, Germany.

  1. McConnell Labs

McConnell Labs specializes in private label nail products. In addition to manufacturing high-quality UV and LED cured gels and gel polishes, McConnell labs also offers pumping and packaging services utilizing its fully-automated line.

Labeling and design services are also available at the customer’s request. The company is headquartered at Redmond, Oregon.

  1. Saffron International Inc

Saffron International specializes in the manufacture of color make up products and it had worked for years. They can create new formula also customize private labels to all over the world.

Their products are manufactured under strict GMP standards with full raw material traceability and various stages of inspections, quality control & quality assurance of raw material, semi-finished product, packaging, and finished products. The company is headquartered at Taichung, Taiwan.

  1. Color Club

Founded since 1979, Color Club is a pioneer in the nail industry. Their nail lacquers were initially created for salon and industry professionals, but they quickly became a favorite for nail techs and nail artists everywhere.

You can join their professional program, become a distributor or launch your own nail polish line with their extensive private label program.

Get the most innovative and fashionable shades, from the boldest neons to the most radiant holographics, Color Club nail lacquers come in every shade under the sun. They offer over 250 shades in their on-site manufacturing plant. The company is headquartered at Freeport, New York.

  1. Chunshan International Cometics (Guangzhhou) Co.Ltd.

Chunshan International is a professional OEM, ODM Nail Gel polish Manufacturer, research and development institute. Their logistics company system guarantees that their products are quickly delivered to customers.

Production and sales have branded their services as one, and they are dedicated to the production of nail polish. The company is headquartered at Guangzhou, China.

  1. Phyto Therapeutics Ltd

Phyto Therapeutics, established 1995, is one of UK’s largest independent providers of nail polish and professional beauty accessories to the wholesale, professional and retail sector.

From their facility in the heart of Derbyshire, they offer a local, national and international service for customers ranging from individual salons and start up businesses through to international retail high street chains. The company is headquartered at Dronfield, United Kingdom.

  1. Polychromatic

Polychromatic is the nail lacquer division of Keystone Research & Pharmaceutical, providing high quality nail color and treatments for the salon, specialty store, and mass markets. They offer a wide range of services, including finished bulk, intermediates, private labeling, as well as contract and turnkey manufacturing.

Polychromatic provides to its customers in the US and worldwide from its state-of-the-art headquarters in Gibbstown, New Jersey, as well as additional facilities in Brazil, France, and the Netherlands. The company is headquartered at Gibbstown, New Jersey.

  1. SDK Agencies

SDK Agencies is south africa’s leading cosmetic contract manufacturing company (OEM), specialising in the development of bespoke formulations for the Colour, Skin Care, African Natural Oils/Extracts and Personal Care/Toiletries segments of the cosmetic industry. The company is headquartered at Gauteng, South Africa.

  1. Herbal Outlet

Herbal Outlet is your right choice for makeup and skin care products. Their products are chemical free and made from 100% natural and supreme quality of herbs. They specialize in makeup and skin care products.

This is guaranteed, once you use their products, you will never go for any other brand. You can contact them for a list of products and active ingredients. They also work with low minimums. The company is headquartered at Fords, New Jersey

  1. Badgequo

Badgequo produces private label cosmetic and toiletry ranges for several major high street retailers and can meet even the toughest brief.

From extensive ranges containing a huge selection of products to more specialist lines containing makeup tools, accessories or lashes, they are able to meet your requirements exactly and produce excellent quality products that will appeal to your customers. The company is headquartered at Steeton United Kingdom.

  1. en Vogue Sculptured Nail Systems (Trapp)

The en Vogue brand was created for serious minded nail technicians who want to be on the cutting edge of technology and application of advanced techniques.

It is their philosophy to manufacture advanced formulations to produce a comprehensive range of outstanding gel products. En Vogue’s R&D brings fashion forward gels while maintaining strict quality control applying healthy organic chemistry. The company is headquartered at Surrey, Canada.

  1. Senitive Nature LTD

Looking for a company to manufacture your existing formulas or help you develop new fragrance’s line? Sensitive Nature supports their private label clients in finding the best manufacturers solutions to produce better quality for the less price. The company is headquartered at London, United Kingdom.

  1. OC Minx Cosmetics

Based in Laguna Niguel, CA, OC Minx are a boutique private label manufacturer of cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic nail polish.

In business since 2014, they have helped many online businesses, nail salons, and spas across the USA and Canada become successful by offering their own branded nail polish. If you’re interested in learning more about their private label nail polishes, order a sample package and contact them today.

  1. Be Beauty

Be Beauty partners with brands, independent retailers, and individuals who are building new private label beauty products. From their roots in nail products, to massage and spa products, their 20 years’ manufacturing experience and knowledge are at your disposal, reliably delivering top quality bulk products to salons.

They are proud to offer that same quality to all of their  private label clients. You have access to them whenever you have new ideas, or questions. The company is headquartered at 14271 Corporate Dr. Suite B, Garden Grove, California.

  1. Columbia Cosmetics

Founded in 1978, Columbia has grown into one of the largest private label cosmetic manufacturers in North America. They offer complete custom formulation services as well as a full line of stock color cosmetics and cutting edge skin care products.

The Company offers skin, hair, nail, and body care items, as well as provides bags, cosmetic organizer cases, applicators, brushes, displays, kits, and refillable pallets. Columbia Cosmetics Manufacturers serves customers in the States of California and Illinois.

Their clientele, located worldwide, domestic and international are recognized as prestigious cosmetic retailers. They also cater to upscale beauty salons, spas, boutiques and color/image consultants. Their available Products include: color cosmetics, skin, hair, nail, and body care products. Minimum Order starts at $50.

  1. Forsythe Cosmetics

Forsythe Cosmetic Group, Ltd. manufactures and sells cosmetics. The Company offers nail care products such as nail gel, polish, art, pastel, and kits. Forsythe Cosmetic Group serves salon and industry professionals in the united states.

Known for exceptionally safe products made with the best raw materials and a long list of industry firsts, Forsythe produces such high-performance lines as Color Club (shown in photo) and Art Club, two of the fastest growing brands in the industry.

Forsythe is also a leader in private label cosmetics. Now celebrating its 30th year in business, Forsythe Cosmetics Group was founded in 1979 by husband and wife team, Buddy and Harriet Rose.

Available Products include: nail polish, files, creams, lotions, body gels, lip plumper, color cosmetics. Minimum Order starts at 10,000 glass bottles, to be filled fully or partially over a two-year period

  1. Grafton Cosmetics

Since 1962, Grafton Cosmetics has designed and developed many of today’s most popular brands being sold by the world’s most prestigious companies. With a state-of-the-art facility and a commitment to innovation and quality, Grafton Cosmetics takes all of the guess work out of creating your own brand.

Trust is the only motivation that they need. Once you trust your brand name to them, you can expect on-time deliveries, competitive pricing, and, of course, fabulous new product launches throughout the year.

From logo to launch, their dedicated sales advisers walk you through the very necessary steps to guarantee that the development Available Products include: color cosmetics, skin care products and their minimum Order starts at $100.

  1. Nailite Inc.

In business for over 28 years, Nailite began as a nail supply distributor and wholesaler committed to offering affordable nail tech supplies to the professional for use in the manicure and pedicure industry.

Today, Nailite is a UV gel manufacturer along with their global distribution services that allows them to export professional nail supplies to over 70 countries.

Not only was Nailite the first company to develop a one step UV gel system, they have developed over 110 different colored UVLED gel polishes, UV/LED gel top coats, UV/LED Gels, soak off UV/LED gels and more.

With Nailite professional products, you can offer your clients perfect gel nail enhancements. Available Products include: polish, pedicure supplies, and custom products. They have no minimum order.

  1. Seacliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories

SeaCliff Beauty is comprised of a team of highly experienced industry professionals who are deeply passionate about packaging for skincare, cosmetics, personal care and wellness. Obsessed with trends, they understand what customers are looking for in a package.

SeaCliff Beauty offers award-winning customized and stock packaging options along with package design and turnkey solutions for both formulation and filling. Recognized with various prestigious awards, SeaCliff Beauty is known as an innovator in every aspect of the packaging industry.

Their array of patented packaging designs provide innovative and creatively designed solutions that look beautiful and function to perfection.

SeaCliff Beauty cares about what you put into their package and they offer you their decades of industry experience in everything they provide.

Available Products include: lotion, bath gels, hair care, hand sanitizers, natural products, skin care products. Their minimum Order starts at 10,000 pieces.

  1. Sheba Professional Nail Products

Sheba Nails is a fingernail and nail art product manufacturer based in USA. They offer a large variety of nail products including UV/LED Gels, Soak Off UV Gels, Fiberglass, Acrylics, Odorless Acrylic, Dipping System, Gel Polish, Franken Polish and many different forms of nail art.

Sheba Nails also offers OEM products for private label customers, school and distributor discounts. The company deals exclusively on nail polish.

  1. Star Nail Products

Star Nail Products, Inc. provides cosmetics products. The Company offers acrylics, carded products, brushes, glues, implements, nail tips, pedicure, rapido uv gels, sanding implements, sanitation, and wraps. Star Nail Products serves customers in the United States.

Founder and CEO Tony Cuccio, along with his partner, Chief Operating Officer Roberta Cuccio, literally built Star Nail from a suitcase of cosmetics on Venice Beach, California and transformed Star into a global brand leader by focusing on producing the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Star Nail International takes pride in its ability to continuously develop successful products using state-of-the-art technology.

With the latest introduction of the Eco Nail System, Star Nail has once again solidified its position at the forefront of the salon industry by recognizing and satisfying the demands of today’s professional nail technician for more customer friendly products and services. Available Products include: slippers, toe separators, polish, lotion, implements.