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6 Best Insurance Policy for Roadside Assistance Business in 2023

Roadside assistance companies are tasked with aiding people when their automobiles unexpectedly develop faults. Note that their services range from changing flat tires to helping with dead batteries.

Although their primary objective is to provide help to people, there are situations where their own business tends to need help, too. Truth be told, these businesses face so many risks and accidents trying to help commuters. Employees can get hurt, or even further damage the vehicle they intend to help.

Your auto liability insurance might cover damage to your work vehicle, but it is still necessary you invest in Roadside Assistance Insurance.

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Ensure to get in touch with experienced professionals who are intentionally dedicated to serving as advocates for their clients. Always look out for professionals who are eager to cultivate strong, lasting relationships with all their clients, irrespective of if they are individuals or businesses.

Best Insurance Policy for Roadside Assistance Business

Roadside assistance businesses face potential risks and accidents every day. However, to guarantee the safety of your business and finance, here are the best insurance policies for your business.

  1. General Liability Insurance

This particular insurance seeks to protect your roadside business and your own clients against unpredictable events and other risks that may result in bodily injuries or property damage. Note that this insurance is very important and will most often form the basis of your Roadside Assistance insurance.

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It will more or less come with product liability, premises liability as well as coverage for finished operations. General liability coverage is very necessary as it also helps your enterprise pay for damages following claims in the event of a lawsuit.

  1. Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

The essence of this coverage is to shield or protect your customers’ vehicles. Most often referred to as “storage location insurance,” garage keepers’ liability coverage insures a customer’s automobile as long as it is in your care, custody, and control.

If you intend to hold a client’s vehicle maybe in a covered location for parking and storage, or performing service on it, then this insurance is a must.

  1. Physical Damage Insurance

This insurance can help to cover repairs to your emergency roadside assistance business’s vehicle if it gets involved in an accident. For instance, if it collides with other automobiles or gets hit by fallen tree branches, this is the insurance that will replace your vehicle and ensure you are still in business.

  1. On-Hook Towing Insurance

On-hook towing coverage although optional is an insurance policy to give consideration. Note that this insurance is specifically meant to protect roadside assistance businesses. It mainly covers the expenses associated with repairing or replacing any vehicles you damage while it is being towed.

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In this line of business, the possibility of this happening is quite high. Aside from that, it protects your business from other things like theft, vandalism, fires, and explosions.

  1. Medical Payments Insurance

It is possible for your employees to get invoked in automobile accidents while going to or returning from rendering services to your clients. If for any reason another motorist becomes injured in a collision while you or your employees are helping a vehicle that requires emergency roadside service, this particular coverage will cover the expenses associated with the medical bills.

Also note that this type of insurance is very important especially when considering the high cost of medical services, particularly when it involves multiple or severe injuries.

  1. Auto liability insurance

Roadside assistance companies should always ensure they purchase this particular coverage. Note that this insurance is very essential due to the two liability coverage it contains.

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Bodily injury liability. This particular insurance is meant to cover the medical expenses, pain, suffering, and lost wages of the other driver and their passengers if your vehicle or employee gets involved in an accident. It will help or cover necessary expenses if the other driver decides to sue you.

Property damage liability. This coverage works by covering the expenses that you’re legally expected to pay to the other driver after an accident. In addition, it will also see to the cost of repairing a non-vehicle property that you damage with your truck.

How Much Does Roadside Assistance Insurance Cost?

Truth be told, the cost of Roadside assistance insurance tends to vary owing to certain factors. These factors include:

  • Your business location
  • The amount and type of vehicles your business uses
  • The driving history of your workers
  • Are your vehicles new and used, or disabled?
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Nevertheless, note that insuring one truck will cost around $2,000 and $15,000 a year. Howbeit, don’t forget that the greater the risk, the higher the rates. Owing to that, ensure to only work with experienced agents to ensure that all your needs are met.

Companies That Offer Roadside Assistance Business Insurance

Not all insurance companies offer this sort of insurance. As such, here are the top choices to consider;

  • The Hartford

One of the best business insurance providers in the world, this business has over 200+ years of experience in the field of business insurance and over 1M business customers. One of their focused industries is trucking. They are well known for helping trucking businesses acquire the necessary coverages at the most affordable prices.

  • Progressive

Another vital player in the market to consider, it is renowned as the best commercial truck insurer in the country. If you have other types of vehicles, or you need business insurance, note that this firm will accommodate all of them. They also make it possible for you to save 5% by enrolling in the Progressive Smart Haul Program, which is a platform that enables Progressive access to driving data.

  • Simply Business

This is known for being the best platform for comparing online quotes. They are an insurtech company that partners with numerous insurance companies to ensure that you can pick from multiple quotes.


Better known as the subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Have it in mind that they offer a unique product. THREE is of the opinion that all small and medium businesses, including trucking ones, ought to possess the right kind of protection, in one policy and the policy document shouldn’t be more than 3 pages.

  • biBERK

Another subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway group, you will do well to get in touch with this business. They offer small business insurance that will encompass commercial truck insurance, direct to customers, bypassing agents and brokers. Owing to that, they have the leverage to reduce costs and pass savings to its customers.

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Starting a roadside service business can be a very viable endeavor, but it also comes with responsibilities. Acquiring the necessary Insurance ensures that you are protected from investigation, defense, and settlement of claims. Although you will encounter a lot of risks when you’re out there on the road, note that with the appropriate coverages, you can indeed have peace of mind.