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8 Best Ways to Keep Biscuits Warm for Catering Event

Keep Biscuits Warm for Catering Event

Biscuits remain one food that is preferred hot and fresh from the oven. Everybody understands that hot biscuits are the perfect biscuits; however, the heat from the oven hardly lasts so long.

There are, however, things you can do to keep them warm and fresh. To begin, wrap them firmly in foil or plastic packaging. The above maintain their temperature and keeps them from drying out.

If you’ve got the time, heat up your oven to 200°F and place the wrapped biscuits on something like a baking sheet for a couple of minutes prior to departing. This would contribute to making sure that they are toasty when you show up.

Additionally, if you want to really keep them warm, carry a slow cooker or electric warmer with you. Set it to minimal and insert the wrapped biscuits. They should keep warm until it’s time to consume them!

 Best Way to Keep Biscuits Warm for Catering Event

  1. Make use of an oven or a slow cooker.

Preheat the oven to a minimal temperature (around 200°F) and put the biscuit tray in it. Optionally, put the biscuits inside a slow cooker at medium temperature. Both techniques will hold the biscuits hot without burning them.

  1. Wrap in aluminum foil.

When you’re strapped for time or just don’t have access to something like an oven/slow cooker, this makes for a straightforward approach.

Enclose the biscuit tray in foil and bake for 10-15 minutes, or till heated up through, in a preheated oven (about 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

  1. Make your own bread warmer.

You could indeed purchase bread warmer at most kitchen stores or you may choose to create one yourself. All that is required is rice and a cloth bag.

You could basically use a fresh sock, however, this may offend several partygoers, and as such we suggest purchasing a new bag just for this task.

Pack the bag nearly two-thirds full of rice and bind the drawstrings shut. Microwave the pack for just a minute just prior to actually serving the biscuits.

After which, line a bucket or box with something like a tea towel, place the heated bag inside, and top with the biscuits. Adorn a 2nd tea towel over the top to maintain the temperature inside and your biscuits will now remain warm until it’s time for seconds.

  1. Serve on a hot serving platter.

One other alternative is to position the biscuit tray on top of a warmed serving platter or a low-heat electric warming plate. This would hold the bottoms of the biscuits warm whilst still also holding them warm all through.

  1. Coolers

You can boil water in a big soup pot. After that, pour the water into an empty cooler and set it aside for at least five minutes. This would raise the interior temperature of the cooler, preventing it from “stealing” heat from the snacks once you place it inside.

When you’re prepared to start insulating, drain the hot water! To appropriately insulate the cooler, line it with highly durable aluminum foil, then with a few towels.

This would provide additional cushioning for the cooler. Enclose your boxes or dishes completely in aluminum foil as well as a towel, afterward place them nicely within the cooler with additional towels nestled all over the food to prevent it from shifting or allowing airflow.

  1. Heating Lamps

Heat lamps are utilized in almost any restaurant! When the order is cooked, the chefs would then position it under a heat lamp till the server arrives. It’s excellent for holding snacks warm, particularly snacks that need to stay crunchy! It is also ideal for appetizers.

  1. Basket Liner and Lid

Circle the interior of your biscuit basket with aluminum foil (tin foil) before adding the cloth pad and biscuits to aid insulate it.

The foil serves as a barrier to prevent heat loss, trying to keep your biscuits warmer as well as softer for extended periods of time. For the upper edge, the foil method would also work. To make a basket cover (lid):

  • Cover the upper part of your filled basket with aluminum foil (ensure it goes past the basket around 5 inches on each side).
  • Cover the foil with a cotton napkin or kitchen towel.
  • Begin to roll the foil as well as the napkin under, toward this basket, from one end. Make a basket out of the rolled end. Repeat this procedure on every one of the sides.
  • The rolling of both folds will conform to the foil as well as napkins around each other, preventing them from coming apart and hiding the foil.
  • Lift up the “lid” off once you’re okay to serve!
  1. Serve right away

Of course, the best way to guarantee your biscuits are freshly baked is to start serving them right away from the oven! And if that’s not feasible, several of the methods listed above might suffice.