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Laundromat Layout and Floor Plan ideas

Laundromat Business

Do you need help designing your laundromat layout? If YES, here are a few laundromat decoration ideas and tips for floor, wall, ceiling.

Starting and managing a Laundromat or self – service laundry requires a substantial investment in equipment. For starters you will need washers and dryers, bill changers, rolling carts, chairs, tables, and vending machines. In addition, you might want additional equipment or furniture to help your business stand out.

You will also have to explore efficient Laundromat design ideas. Your customers’ intentions will be to get in, do their laundry, and leave with minimum stress.

The key to creating a good design layout will be to start on the outside and work your way in. Before you begin, first determine the kind of services you want to provide customers. Note that some Laundromats offer snack machines or arcade games for their customers to use while doing laundry.

If you choose to include these additional services, always ensure you make space for them in the layout. That is why finding a suitable location that will accommodate your business needs is a very crucial step in this process. You will also have to make sure your Laundromat design ideas include plenty of washers and dryers to accommodate customer fluctuation.

It is ideal to add more than one washer size as well, to accommodate all customer needs. When designing the layout, do not forget to keep pathways accessible so customers can easily manoeuvre carts between washers and dryers. Additionally, make sure to add plenty of lighting to the inside and outside of your design to ensure safety.

Always remember to design your Laundromat to proper city codes. First check with officials when you get your business permit and strive to understand all building codes before you begin. Have it in mind that doing a little research beforehand could more or less save you time and money down the road.

Also when planning and designing your store, whether you are going to build from scratch or remodel and re – equip an existing store, note that the physical layout of the retail space will have more to do with the eventual layout of the machines than you might expect.

The above is especially true for stores that are being remodelled. The store dimensions and window frontage will play an important part in determining the most advantageous locations to place your machines.

Important Tips for Planning a Laundromat Layout

Have it in mind that offering the most flexibility in terms of laundry equipment layout, brand new Laundromats are often the easiest to plan for. Here are a few ideas and tips to take into consideration when designing layout of your new Laundromat;

1. Talk to the experts

Right before you position your sketchpad to design your dream Laundromat, it will be very wise to take advantage of the expertise available to you. Try to gain access to experts with years of experience in designing and building profitable Laundromat.

Whether they are your local laundry equipment distributor or more renowned experts, these experts can help you design a layout based on an existing space or even work with you to develop plans for a ground – up project.

2. Have Wi – Fi available

According to reports, 70 percent of Americans have smart phones and about 45 percent have tablet computers. It simply means that having high – speed internet services at your facility can be a great way to attract customers and set your Laundromat apart from the competition. In fact, 96 percent of people prefer frequenting businesses that offer free Wi – Fi.

3. Keep kids in mind

Note that a good majority of your Laundromat patrons will likely be women with families, meaning children may accompany them when they visit your laundry facility. When designing your Laundromat, always keep these youngsters in mind.

It might be nice to have a special area for kids to play that includes some colouring books, toys, and games and a play mat or table. The activities will help keep kids occupied, which in turn will make parents happy.

4. Show off your style

For most people, doing laundry may be seen as a chore, but that doesn’t entail that your Laundromat has to be bland or boring. Note that something as simple as paint colour can play a role in influencing a customer’s mood and opinion of your Laundromat.

Other things like bold artwork, colourful murals, and creative themes also can be a great way to attract customers and prompt them to share photos and spread the word about your business on social media.

5. Acquire high – quality laundry equipment

Irrespective of what you hope to offer or what your Laundromat looks like, none of it will matter if your customers can’t complete their original goal – cleaning their clothes. That’s the more reason why high – quality commercial laundry equipment is the most important part of planning your Laundromat design.

Always strive to ensure that you have plenty of washing machines and dryers available, and use them as a driving factor in the layout and aesthetic of your laundry business.

6. Invest in signage

Agreeably,  business signs can be expensive, but its one pertinent step Laundromat owners should not take lightly. It is a crucial investment, and one that will continue to be seen day after day throughout the lifespan of your laundry business.

Reports have it that over 76 percent of customers have entered a store based simply on signage. That is why it is advisable that you use a bold font and bright, contrasting colours on your sign.

7. Have plenty of seating

You have to understand that your Laundromat patrons will have plans to stay at your facility for a least one wash and dry cycle, if not more. This simply means that you should have plenty of places for them to sit while they wait. Note that adequate and comfortable seating will help your customers relax and encourage them to spend more time in your facility.

8. Install a television

Note that since patrons may be waiting for a while, installing a television in your Laundromat can be a wonderful way to help them pass the time while they wait for wash and dry cycles to finish. You may also want to consider cable or a streaming service to give them a variety of programming to choose from.

9. Laundromat Lighting

Lighting is a very powerful tool in interior design. Even in our homes, we use lighting to create bright workspaces in our kitchen and a warm and cosy atmosphere in the living room. For your Laundromat, you can use lighting to create a bright space that feels clean and safe.

During daylight hours you can take advantage of a South – facing glass frontage, but after dark you’ll need bright in – store lighting. Fluorescent and LED are good choices. Avoid incandescent as it is more suited to warm and cosy spaces.

10. Interior Design Colours and Materials

Also note that colours and textures play a very important role in the feel of your store, and your choices should reflect the kind of store design you want to achieve. If you want a bold, fun design — choose plastic chairs and folding tables in primary colours.

If you prefer a minimalist design — choose a glass frontage, stainless – steel surfaces, and white tiled floors and walls. If you prefer to go natural, eco – laundry feel— choose light wood furniture with modern wood panelling on the walls.


Designing and decorating your Laundromat can be one of the most exciting parts of opening and operating a Laundromat.

It is also an important part of the process, since the look and feel of your Laundromat can help attract – or detract – new customers. Make the most of your space, and include design features that will encourage your customers to come back.