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10 Best Location for Coffee Shop in the Philippines

The Philippines is an island country that is located in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. The Philippines is known for its exotic beaches, expansive forests, and abundance of volcanoes. Despite the common theme of nature, there are many islands that differ from each other vastly.

The Philippines is famous for its old, religious landmarks, and in contrast, it has modernized skyscrapers. The coffee business is one of the businesses that thrive in the Philippines, but you must make sure you get your strategy right. So, if you are an entrepreneur that is looking forward to opening a coffee shop in the Philippines, then one of the things that should be on your mind is how to get the right location for your coffee shop.

Interestingly, there are several locations where a coffee shop can easily attract sales and becomes profitable. In this article, we will discuss some of the locations you can open your coffee shop. These locations can be found across different cities in the Philippines.

Best Location for Coffee Shops in the Philippines

  1. Airports:

One of the best locations where you can open a coffee shop in the Philippines is within an airport facility. The fact that people from different countries pass through airports makes airports one of the best places to open a coffee shop.

You can choose to open your coffee shop at either Clark International Airport, Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Mactan-Cebu Airport, Francisco Bangoy International Airport, Puerto Princesa Airport, or any other major airport in the Philippines.

  1. Train Stations:

Just like airports, a train station is yet another ideal location to open a coffee shop. If you open your coffee shop in a train station, you can be assured that you won’t have to spend money to promote the business. People that use the train stations would always look for where to have a cup of coffee.

Interestingly, you have the option of opening your coffee shop in either Baclaran Train Station, EDSA Train Station, Libertad Train Station, Gil Puyat Train Station, Vito Cruz Train Station, Quirino Train Station, etc. These train stations are the busiest train stations across the Philippines and a business like a coffee shop is going to thrive in such a location.

  1. Parks:

There are several parks in the Philippines that attract outdoor lovers on a regular basis. Trust me, facilities that attract people on a regular basis are good locations for businesses.

So, if you are looking for a good location to open your coffee shop in the Philippines, then you should consider a park. Interestingly, there are several parks that can accommodate coffee shops but you must make sure coffee shops are allowed in the park.

If you are considering opening a coffee shop in a park in the Philippines, then you may choose to either open your coffee shop in Calauit Safari Park, or Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Hundred Islands National Park, Aurora Memorial National Park, Biak-na-Bato National Park, Caramoan Peninsula National Park, Libmanan Caves National Park, or Mounts Iglit–Baco National Park.

  1. Shopping Centers:

Another location that is ideal to open a coffee shop in the Philippines is a shopping complex. The way shopping complexes are designed gives rooms for anyone to rent a shop and use it for whatever business they want. The fact that people go to shopping complexes to shop means that a coffee shop that is located in a shopping complex will not lack customers.

If you are looking forward to opening your coffee shop in a shopping complex in the Philippines, then you should consider Greenbelt Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, Robinsons Place Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, or Mall of Asia Arena, SM Megamall et al.

  1. Colleges and Universities:

If you are considering opening a coffee shop in a location where the business is bound to thrive, then one of the options you have is to open a coffee shop within a college or university community. Trust me, everyone within the campus community will be your target market.

Interestingly, there are several universities and colleges where an entrepreneur can successfully open a coffee shop in the Philippines. Adamson University, Adventist University of the Philippines, Aklan State University, AMA Computer University, University of San Carlos, Mapua Institute of Technology, Silliman University, and Central Mindanao University are among the many universities and colleges you can choose from.

  1. Business Districts:

Another perfect location in the Philippines that an entrepreneur who is interested in opening a coffee shop should consider is a business district. Trust me, if you are lucky to have your coffee shop in a business district, you will not struggle to welcome coffee lovers to your shop on a regular basis.

This is because it is common to find corporate executives or business people stopping by a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee before heading to their offices.

  1. Tourist Areas:

If you live in a city that welcomes tourists, then you may want to consider opening your coffee shop in such a city. Tourists usually look for places where they can have a cup of coffee and if your coffee shop is well-positioned in a tourist area that attracts heavy human traffic, then you must just need little or no effort to get people patronizing your coffee shop on a regular basis.

  1. Beaches:

Just like tourist areas, beaches are another location that a coffee shop should consider. This is so because beaches, especially busy beaches are known to attract coffee lovers. Interestingly, there are several beaches in the Philippines that are highly suitable for a coffee shop. Coffee carts, coffee trucks, and coffee kiosks are what you will predominantly find on beaches.

If you are considering opening a coffee shop or a coffee business on the beach in the Philippines, then you should consider Matukad Island, Daku, Naked and Guyam, Kalanggaman Island, Calaguas, Nacpan and Calitang Beach, Alona Beach, Buhatan Beach, and Biri Island amongst others

  1. Residential Neighborhoods:

Depending on the zoning law in your city, another perfect location for a coffee shop is in and around residential neighborhoods. If you are looking to open a coffee shop in a residential neighborhood, then you should also consider serving robust pastries, cookies, and cakes.

This is important because you can use pastries, cookies, and cakes to drive your coffee sales, and residential areas are known to patronize pastries, cookies, and cakes such as sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, toast, muffins, et al.

  1. Sports Facilities:

Lastly, another location that an entrepreneur who is looking to open a coffee shop in the Philippines should consider is in and around sports facilities. Trust me, sports facilities usually attract people across different demography, and among them are coffee lovers. The fact that your coffee shop is inside a sports facility makes you attract coffee lovers who are in and around the sports facility.

Interestingly, there are several sports facilities in the Philippines including; Baguio Athletic Bowl, Bren Z. Guiao Sports Complex and Convention Center, Bukidnon Sports, and Cultural Complex, Butuan Polysports Complex, Brittany Tennis Club (Quezon City), Club Filipino (San Juan), Makati Sports Club (Makati), Philippine Columbian Sports Club (Paco), Quezon City Sports Club, Marikina Sports Center, Soda Swimming Pool, Rizal Re-Creation Center, and Delta Discovery Park amongst others.

In conclusion,

Please note that the locations listed above are just a few of the locations where an entrepreneur can open a coffee shop and go on to make the business successful.

All you need to do before settling for a location in the Philippines is to make sure you carry out your feasibility studies, and part of what you should look out for is the human and vehicular traffic in the location, the demographic composition of the location, and of course, the zoning law as it affects businesses and coffee shops in the location.