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Are Log Homes a Good Investment? Are Log Homes Hard to Sell?

Aside from the fact that owning a log home provides a flexible opportunity for families and couples to take part in regular getaway breaks, it comes with a whole lot of financial benefits.

Log homes have always been a valid investment especially when considering the cabin world. As such, if you are looking to acquire a log cabin and don’t live in the area (or even if you do live nearby), it is recommended you leverage the services of a third party to look after your investment.

Top Reasons Why Log Homes Are Good Investments

There are a whole lot of reasons why you should consider investing in log homes. Those reasons include;

  1. Easily Tailored to Suit Varying Lifestyles

One particular thing people relish about log homes is how easy it is to tailor them to suit your lifestyle. Regardless of if you want to establish a studio or home office, a log home has proven to be a perfect choice. Even if your plan is to get a home with numerous rooms, it’s very much achievable. Aside from that, log homes are built in varying sizes to accommodate the varying needs of users.

  1. Built to Withstand Different Types of Weather

Log homes have proven to be very stable and dependable. Since these homes are constructed with interlocking logs, they’re waterproof. Aside from that, the strong build makes it impossible for the home to cave in despite snow and ice buildup.

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Irrespective of how cold or hot it is outside, it won’t have any impact on the internal temperatures. It makes it possible for occupants to carry on with their indoor activities without feeling the effects of the outside weather.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

For those who are conscious of their impact on the environment, this is one of the best ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. These homes are primarily made of timber, which is a renewable resource. In addition, it decomposes, thus not polluting the environment. And since the timber is properly treated, it will last a long time before giving room for termites.

  1. Energy Efficient

This is another reason why you should consider investing in log homes. You need to understand that as long as the log home is built properly, it will satisfy modern energy codes. Ideally, these homes are properly sealed and insulated to limit energy consumption while boosting comfort in the house.

  1. Warm and Inviting

Another factor that has made log homes overly popular is the fact that they can be so warm and inviting. The wood has thermal mass, a property that makes it possible to retain the temperatures within a home and make it comfortable. The logs collect and store solar energy and then radiate it into your home at night.

  1. Easy Maintenance

In this modern age, anyone looking to invest in log homes is very eager to find out what it takes to maintain such homes prior to committing to this investment.

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But as against popular belief, log home maintenance isn’t daunting especially when put in comparison with our usual type of house. You only need to adhere to some easy-to-meet log home maintenance tips and your home will look its best during all seasons.

  1. Limitless Décor Options

Since the wood accords a rustic or country feel, you might think that you’ll be limited especially when you are looking to the home décor. Nevertheless, you will relish numerous decoration options, whether you would like something contemporary or upscale.

  1. Good Resale Value

Truth be told, log homes tend to have very good resale value. Howbeit, same as with every other investment asset, log homes tend to grow their value over time, and you can leverage that by owning one and selling once its value increases.

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Most people who put funds into log homes are only able to obtain a good resale value if their goals are higher than the average ROI, which is 10.60%. Nevertheless, note that log homes can take some time to grow in value. As such, a competent investor will have to take into account related factors to determine a good investment goal and execute it efficiently.

Are Log Homes Hard to Sell?

No, log homes are known to be easy to sell especially when you take into consideration the ever-growing demand for holiday space for tourists. Truth be told, investments like log homes are convenient to grow money since it’s easy to sell, and you’ll locate buyers each time you are looking to sell them.

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The only thing necessary is the willingness to wait patiently until its value increases. This way, you can have a higher ROI and a better investment result.


Buying a log home is indeed one of the most viable financial decisions you’ll ever make. But, there are so many things to understand prior to taking this step. Whether for renting out or reselling, ensure you carry out adequate research prior to making a purchase.

And if you’re ever in doubt, remember to consult a professional realtor. Since log homes are easy to sell, you only need to preserve them and wait for the right time to attract a buyer.