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Is Being a Professional Cuddler Dangerous?

Professional cuddlers and their clients have always reiterated that cuddling is neither insignificant nor dangerous. Rather, they have asserted that cuddling is a safe and trustworthy form of healing.

To an outsider, it might sound foreign or perhaps a little dangerous, but certified cuddlers over the years have proven that the job caters to a vital human need — one that a good number of people are lacking in the aftermath of the pandemic.

In this modern age, healthcare options have gone past the obvious doctor’s appointment, massage, and talk therapy. Today, it is possible to get a well-being boost via energy healing, jade rolling or even seeing a professional cuddler. And it’s precisely what it sounds like.

A client pays a certified cuddler to cuddle with them for about an hour, most often within the privacy of the professional cuddler’s own home or another space they’ve both agreed on.

This particular service centers around providing a safe, non-judgmental platform for clients to rest, find solace, grieve, and breathe. But it’s so much more than that. Touch is a renowned form of therapy. When humans cuddle, oxytocin is released within our system.

This chemical is tasked with heightening positivity and boosting our immune systems. It has been reported that couples who cuddle in their sleep are more likely to feel fulfilled about their relationship.

At any point the release of this chemical ceases, say from a disability or a divorce, individuals become very prone to depression and illnesses. This goes to prove that we humans benefit from human touch. While it might seem foreign and maybe even a little dangerous, professional and certified cuddlers argue that the job fulfills a human need.

Tips to Guarantee Safety as a Professional Cuddler

One thing to realize in this line of service is that if you don’t take your safety seriously, it won’t take long before you encounter a negative experience. As such, it is recommended you keep in mind certain tips to guarantee your safety as a professional cuddler. Important tips to note include;

  1. Ensure to remain platonic

Over the years, professionals who offer cuddling services report clients have tried to take them to dinner or to a movie rather than the traditional cuddling.

A good number of them have noted that on more than one occasion, the clients prefer to spend a substantial amount of time talking. It is important to note that these activities are entirely acceptable and encouraged as long as the interactions remain strictly platonic.

You have to understand that non-sexual companionship remains one of the most renowned perks of the services provided by cuddling companies and, oftentimes, talking is adequate.

  1. Screen your potential clients

In this line of services, it is necessary you understand the importance of stating the appropriate boundaries before, during, and after a cuddle session. Most professional cuddlers take their clients through at least three rounds of screenings prior to agreeing on an appointment.

Most often, these screenings involve a questionnaire, digitally signing a code of conduct, and one or more video chats. It is also important to know the potential client’s background, and what they are looking for, as well as analyze if they are a good fit or not.

Some would want to negotiate things that are outside of your comfort zone, or if they can offer more money to make the session become sexual. Always remember it is a platonic session and not a date.

  1. Set strict boundaries

To be good at what you do, you have to first understand that cuddlers have a strict safety policy. A good number of businesses in this field tend to put in place strict safety features: a code of conduct that clients are expected to conform to. Some of those rules include;

  • Client and Practitioner will both have to prove that they are at least the legal age of consent in their location.
  • Client and Practitioner both concur to be free from any mind-altering substances before and all through the sessions and are entirely able to accord consent.
  • The client should give information regarding any diagnoses or conditions that might impact their cuddling session.
  • Client and Practitioner consciously concur to practice consent and attention to personal boundaries at all times.
  • The client and Practitioner have to discuss what is mutually comfortable all through each cuddling session.
  • Client and Practitioner both agree to not seek or encourage sexual arousal.
  • Client and practitioner at all times will have to maintain the minimum clothing of tank top and shorts that cover the top half of the thigh and are ideal to be worn
  • No hand-to genital or breast contact. No intentional genital stimulation of any form.
  • No exchanging of saliva, or any other bodily fluid, in any way.
  • The client and Practitioner will have to concur to respectful personal hygiene.
  • Client confidentiality is to be appreciated and upheld at all times.
  • Both the Client and Practitioner can choose to end the session at any time.
  1. Understand that most clients are men

Indeed, a good percentage of your clients will be male. Experts believe this can be attributed to the ways in which men and women are socialized.

Ideally, women tend to have their social needs met more easily because they normally have an easier time relating to each other and showing affection. In addition, it can be more challenging for men to seek non-sexual affection or to navigate their way around non-sexual affection.

In this line of service, eight out of every 10 clients are male. It doesn’t mean you won’t encounter female clients often, but keep in mind that most of your female clients must have been victims of sexual abuse or violence.

  1. Have support if anything goes wrong

In a situation where a session does not go as planned (for instance, a client fails to adhere to the cuddler’s code of conduct), you can leverage the Cuddlist feedback form that allows you to report issues. Immediately after you fill it out, a representative will contact you to provide you with additional support.

You can also create your own support system by ensuring you let someone know where you are and what you’re doing, offer your services in your own home or office, or have someone on standby to come to your rescue in case something goes south.

  1. It helps to be a good listener and non-judgmental

To attain success and meet the needs of your clients, you have to understand that most of your sessions will be a mixture of touch therapy and talk therapy.

Please note that having a non-judgmental attitude and an appreciation for in-depth conversations is necessary in this business. Also note that when you are in an intimate space with someone, so much comes up, particularly when you are non-judgmental.


While it might seem foreign and maybe even a little dangerous, professional and certified cuddlers argue that the job fulfills a human need. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to let your clients understand your boundaries during the screenings and cuddle sessions.

Also, take the tips above very seriously because they have helped many professional cuddlers. Ensure to keep your session flexible and aligned with what the client needs. If it’s a first-time client, ensure to sit down and have a conversation before the touch therapy.