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10 Best Errand Service Business ideas

Are you interested in starting an errand running business from home but you know nothing about the business? Then below are the top ten concierge business ideas to help you get started.

The demand for errand services is increasing these days, thus making the business more lucrative than ever. Due to tighter work schedules, most people are finding it difficult to take their children to and from school, go for shopping, visit bill payment centers, buy drugs at the pharmacy, and so on.

Yet, they need to do these things almost every day. Most individuals and businesses now pay to have their errands ran for them in a timely and efficient manner.

And this has created huge profit opportunities for errand service businesses. Starting an errand service requires no formal certifications. And you can start with very little capital. However, the startup capital you will need depends on the type of errand services you will render.

While the idea of starting an errand services seems alluring to most people, many feel completely at sea when it comes to choosing the specific errand services they want to render. If you are interested in starting your own errand service business and wondering what services to render, here are 10 great ideas you should consider:

Top Errand Business ideas You Can Start from Home

1. Senior errand service

With increasing quality of healthcare comes an increase in lifespan, which means the number of seniors in every population is increasing. These seniors are usually not strong enough to handle their everyday errands (such as grocery shopping) and would need some assistance. So, they are happy to pay for these errands to be run for them effectively.

2. Errand service for nursing mothers

Most nursing mothers have a lot to do: taking care of their babies (which takes almost all of their time) and still having to take care of their husband’s needs such as food. Handling all of these tasks is almost impossible for them without assistance. If you don’t mind hearing a baby’s cry at random intervals, then this option might be for you.

3. Long distance errand services

Some errands require traveling down from one city to another. But people might be too busy to handle these errands themselves, so they are more than happy to hire errand services to handle the task while they focus on other things.

4. Pet sitting

Many pet owners are too busy, and so they have little to no time for their cherished pets. Such individuals hire pet sitting services to take care of their pets while they are away. So, with providers of these services to the rescue, pet owners can concentrate on their work or other engagements outside their homes without having to worry about their beloved pets.

5. Errand service for businesses

Just as individuals have several everyday errands, so do businesses. Cleaning the offices takes time. Powering computers, air conditioners, and other electronics and gadgets could be tiring. Going to the bank to make and confirm deposits can be time consuming.

Picking mails and handling bills could be strenuous, too. So, businesses would rather hire errand service providers to handle these tasks for them.

6. Errand service for the physically challenged

The crippled, handicapped, and those with debilitating ailments have needs to fill, just like able-bodied and the healthy. But they can hardly do most things without assistance. So, their caregivers hire errand services to help assist with their everyday errands. Aside the feeling of fulfillment that comes with helping those who really need help, you will get paid for your services.

7. Online errands service (virtual assistance)

Not all errands are physical. Many business owners and office workers need to handle lots of tasks online aside their primary assignments.

(Examples of these tasks include copy and pasting huge volumes of information, opening and responding to emails, typing long text documents, and so on). But in order to save their time for other activities that are more important, they are happy to outsource these assignments to online errands service providers (otherwise called virtual assistants).

8. Car wash services

Errand service providers can be of assistance to car owners in two different ways. First, they can help car owners drive their car down to the nearest car wash center, wait while the car is being washed, and drive the car back to the owner’s home or office once the washing is complete.

This way, the car owner can convert all the time that could have gone into that into better use. Second, errand service providers can help car owners wash their cars at home, as some car owners prefer this.

9. Waste disposal services

People need to dispose of wastes and junk every day. It’s easy filling up those waste bins, but moving the bins down to the neighborhood dump is a whole lot of work for most people. So, they will gladly pay errand service providers to help them empty their junk to the dump.

10. Delivery services

While there are courier services to help people deliver their goods to any destination, people don’t want to mail certain items, such as gifts sent to their loved ones. Rather, they hire errand service providers to help them deliver these items.