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Logistics Business Plan SWOT Analysis

Are you about writing a logistics business plan? If YES, here is a sample SWOT analysis for a logistics company to help you form a competitive strategy.

Logistics Business Plan – Economic Analysis

If you are looking towards successfully launching a business and maximizing profits, then you need to ensure that you get your economic analysis right and try as much as possible to adopt best practices in the industry you choose to build a business in.

The truth is that the freight packing and logistics services business is not a Green business; as a matter of fact, you will come across several small, medium and large scale freight packing and logistics services companies all across major cities in the United States of America.

So, if you are mapping out your economic analysis, you should carry out thorough market survey and costing of the required amount needed to purchase delivery bikes, drones, vans/trucks, renting of warehouse facility and also the running cost to successfully run the business.

Over and above, if you are considering starting a freight packing and logistics services business, then your concern should not be limited to the cost of purchasing delivery bikes, drones, vans / trucks, renting a warehouse facility, employing workers, but also on branding and on how to build a robust clientele base. The truth is that if you are able to build a robust clientele base, you are sure going to maximize profits in the business.

A Sample Logistics Company Business Plan SWOT Analysis

Going by our vision, our mission and the kind of business we want to set – up, we don’t have any other option than to follow due process. Following due process involves hiring business consultant to help us conduct SWOT analysis for our business.

Spencer JT® Freight Packaging & Logistics, Co hired the services of a seasoned business consultant with bias in start – ups in the U.S. to help us conduct a thorough SWOT analysis and to guide us in formulating other business strategies that will help us grow our business and favorable compete in the freight packaging and logistics services industry.

As a company, we look forward to maximizing our strength and opportunities and also to work around our weaknesses and threats. Here is a summary from the result of the SWOT analysis that was conducted on behalf of Spencer JT® Freight Packaging & Logistics, Co;

  • Strength:

Our strength are strong management, robust network serves some of the largest population centers in the U.S., size advantages, cost advantages, customer loyalty and strong reputation amongst domestic and industry players. Basically our business is centrally located in a densely populated industrial and residential estate in Fort Lauderdale – Florida; our location is in fact one of our major strength.

Another strength that counts for us is the power of our team; our workforce and management. We have a team that is considered experts in the freight packaging and logistics services industry, a team of hardworking and dedicated individuals.

  • Weakness:

Our weakness could be lack of finance, cost structure, lack of scale compared to our peers who have already gained ground in the industry. As a new business which is owned by an individual (family), and we may not have the financial muscle to sustain the kind of publicity we want to give our business. As a new business, we are also quite aware that it will take time for us to build trust with our clients.

  • Opportunities:

The opportunities that are available to us as a freight packaging and logistics services company in the united states are online market, new services, new technology, and of course the opening of new markets. We are centrally located in one of the busiest industrial area in South Dakota and we are open to all the available opportunities that the city has to offer.

Our business concept also positioned us to be the preferred choice in Fort Lauderdale – Florida. The truth is that there are no standard and well – equipped freight packaging and logistics company within the area where ours is going to be located; the closest freight packaging and logistics services company to our proposed location is about 15 miles away. In a nutshell, we do not have any direct competition within our target market area.

  • Threat:

Some of the threats that we are likely going to face are mature markets, bad economy (economy downturn), stiff competition, and volatile operational costs. Other threats that are likely going to confront Spencer JT® Freight Packaging & Logistics, Co is unfavorable government policies, seasonal fluctuations, demographic / social factors, downturn in the economy which is likely going to affect consumers spending and of course emergence of new competitors within the same location where ours  is located.