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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Maine

Do you reside in Maine and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Maine, USA. Have you ever heard of a city called Maine? If you haven’t, then this read promises to give you adequate knowledge on the state called Maine. Maine is a state in the New England region of the northeastern part of the united states of America and it is the 41st most populous state amongst the 50 United States of America.

Maine is considered to be the safest state in the whole of the United States of America. The crime rate is at the barest minimum compare to other states in the U.S. Maine is the least densely populated sate in the United States of America and the population is predominantly whites.

The economy of Maine is driven by The Agric Sector, the Manufacturing and Service sector as well. Maine is the number one destination for hiking, sport fishing, sport hunting, snowmobiling, boating, camping, amongst others. If you intend starting your business in Maine, then you can be rest assured to run your business in one of the safest place in the whole of the United States of America.

Maine is notable for its thriving agriculture business. Farmers in Maine exports cattle, leathers, apples, wild blueberries, poultry, eggs, dairy products, maple syrup and maple sugar. Commercial fishing is also a major source of income for locals. There is an avalanche of small, medium and large businesses that you can start in Maine with less stress. These are some of the business opportunities that you would find thriving in Maine;

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Maine, USA

1. The Leather Production Business

Maine remains one of the states where you might get cheaper leather products. If you establish your leather manufacturing business in Maine, you are sure of getting your raw materials at a cheaper rate and the cost of running this kind of business in Maine are relatively low. Maine is notable for exporting leather to other states in the U.S and to some part of the world.

2. Metal Fabrication Business

If you establish your own metal fabrication business in Maine, you stand the chance of having have loads of clients like cement plants, oil refineries, paper industries, steel industries and aluminum & copper industries to serve. You could also generate general fabrication for local industries. The truth is that fabrication business if a thriving business in Maine.

3. Seafood and Frozen Foods Shop

Seafood and frozen foods shop is another thriving business that requires low startup capital. It is important to mention that at a point in Maine’s history, Commercial fishing was once the mainstay of its economy. Main’s lobsters are in high demand. If you chose to specialize in the exportation of Lobsters from Maine, you are sure of make lots of money from it.

4. Electronics Repair Work Shop

If you have a technical skill that is related to the repair of electronic gadgets, then you might want to think in the line of establishing your own Electronic repair workshop. If you are good at what you do, you can be sure to attract more clients than you could possibly handle in no time at all. Electronic repair workshop is indeed a profitable venture that requires low start-up capital.

5. Yogurts Production and Sales Business

Yogurts production and sales business is a prosperous business that you might want to start out from your home at a very cheap startup cost. The presence of loads of dairy farm in Maine makes it easier to buy all you would need to produce yogurt that is fresh and with good taste. What you would need to start your own yogurt production business is your milk extractor & processor and Freezer.

6. Mechanic Repair and Service Workshop

The need for the services of Mechanics in Maine can’t be overlooked. People drive in to mechanic workshop to either repair or service their automobile. If you are good at what you do and your price is fair enough, then you could also boast of repeated customers that come in for routine servicing of their cars and trucks.

7. Consignment Store

Consignment store is yet another profitable business in Maine. All you need to do to maximize profits in this type of business is to deal in commodities that are used basically for hiking, sport fishing, sport hunting, snowmobiling, boating, camping, and what have you. You could get this equipment at almost a giveaway price from tourist and you can sell them at reasonable prices as well. You can also add other commodities that you know will be in high demand based on your own research.

8. Gas Station and Convenience Store

If you chose a heavily traveled road in Maine to locate your Gas station and Convenience store, you sure are going to break even within the shortest time possible. All you need to do to make more money is to stock your convenience store with all the available brands of tobacco, food, beer and wine et al.

9. Fishing Equipments and Accessories Shop

Maine is notable for its high commercial fishing activities. People travel to Maine for the sole purpose of fishing. All you need to do to position yourself to generate income from the fishing industry even if you are not cut-out for fishing is to open a shop where fishermen can get all their fishing equipments and accessories. Truly this is one thriving business in Maine. If you want to start this type of business, ensure that you choose a location that is close to the seashore.

10. Guest House Business

Loads of people come into Maine yearly for hiking event, sport fishing, sport hunting, snowmobiling, boating, camping et al. If you have the capital to build Guest houses around the location where these activities take place, you are sure going to have all your rooms booked for the better part of the year. Guest house business remains a highly profitable business in Maine.

These are just but few of the numerous business opportunities that you can leverage on in Maine. If you carry out an exhaustive research about businesses that are flourishing and have evolved over the years in Maine, you will sure discover that most of them fall under the categories specified earlier.

The bottom line however is that whatever business you chose to do in Maine, if you conduct a thorough feasibility studies before launching out and you work real hard and smart, you can make an annual returns of over a million U.S dollars.