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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Delaware

Do you reside in Delaware and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Delaware, USA. Delaware is the second smallest State in the United States of America and it is located in the north eastern part of United States along the Atlantic coast region. It is a State that is densely populated and notable for large scale industrial and agricultural activities.

It is worthy to mention that Delaware has the fewest numbers of counties (just 3 of them, Sussex, Kent, and New Castle), compared to other states. Delaware’s climate is conducive and well balanced for anyone from any part of the world to live in and do business.

This state remains one of the safest and most attractive places to do business in the united states of America because of its business – friendly corporation laws and other policies that support both young and established businesses. Little wonder we have 63% of the Fortune 500 Companies incorporated in Delaware.

If your dream is to start your own business venture in Delaware, then good news is that you would be operating in a terrain that could support your business from the infant stage to a level where it can compete with Fortune 500 Companies. Let us quickly look at the following business opportunities that are available in the State of Delaware.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Delaware

1. Food Processing Business

Because of the high agricultural activities in the state of Delaware, establishing a Food processing company is one of the thriving lines of businesses to venture into. You have the options of where to get your raw materials from and you could get them at a very cheaper rate because of the level of competition there.

If you choose to go into the production of tomato paste or milk production, you can be rest assured that you might not struggle to get supplies of your main raw materials because of its abundance there.

2. Dairy Farm

Dairy farm is another business that thrives in the State of Delaware because of the rich agricultural activities that take place there. There are ready markets for dairy produce and you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get livestock to fill your farm. As a matter of fact, the Government of the state of Delaware supports businesses that are agriculture related.

3. Chicken Farming

Chicken farming is one aspect of agric farming that you might want to venture into if you are interested in starting any business in that industry. Delaware remains of the major exporter of frozen chicken and eggs, this therefore means that you have an opportunity of making it big in this fruitful land.

4. Hospital and Health Shop

Establishing a Hospital or Health shop in the States of Delaware is another business opportunity that is available for doctors and other investors in the health sector. For the reason that the state of Delaware is densely populated, it is easier to get clients to patronize your hospital or health and wellness shop. Besides, you wouldn’t have to look for long for employees as there are loads of medical doctors and other health workers available for employment in the state of Delaware.

5. Night Club

Starting a Night Club is a profitable venture to go into in the state of Delaware. The night life in New Castle most especially is a very bubbling one. So, if you position yourself to start a night club, you are sure of having high patronage per time. You might as well start your night club in Kent or Sussex and still be certain to attract clients.

6. Gym and Fitness Club

Gym and Fitness club is another great and highly profitable business that you might want to start in the State of Delaware. Although you would require enough capital to rent a decent and spacious facility and then equip it with all the necessary equipments that will make people register and use your gym, but over and above, you would definitely make good returns on your investment if you are patient enough to wait for a while.

7. Glass Repair and Installation

Starting a Glass repair and installation business is another thriving business in the state of Delaware. All you need to do to start this kind of business is to learn the process of technology and then go ahead to purchase the equipment needed. With this kind of business, you might want to start operation from your home since you would have to go to your clients rather than them coming to you.

8. Laundry and Cleaning Services

If you start your own Laundry and Cleaning services in the state of Delaware, you can be sure to have loads of clients to service. This is so because the state of Delaware is densely populated as stated earlier and its resident are used to patronizing dry cleaners. All you need do is to ensure that you market your business properly and you would be on your way to getting your own fair share of the market.

9. Accounting Consulting business

The presence of loads of mom and pop businesses in the state of Delaware makes it easier for accounting consulting firms to thrive. If you are a qualified accountant, you might start your own accounting consulting firm from your home and you would readily have enough small scale businesses that can’t afford to employ an accountant to work for. Of course it is mandatory for all businesses to keep their books properly and as such they will require your services.

10. Ink Cartridge Refill Business

The presence of both large corporations, medium and small businesses all around the state of Delaware makes it easier for ink cartridge refill business to thrive. If you start your own ink cartridge refill business, you would not have to stress yourself to get clients to service because Delaware is notable for its busy business activities. Good enough you can start your own ink cartridge refill business with a minimum capital and you might start from the comfort of your home.

These are some of the business opportunities you can start in the state of Delaware. No doubt, if you are hard working and you deliver good products and services, your business would become highly profitable because of the states laws and policies in place that help small businesses grow.