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10 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Arkansas

Do you reside in Arkansas and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Arkansas, USA.

Arkansas is a State located in the southern part of the United States of America with Little Rock as her Capital city. Arkansas is a city noted for her high commercial activities and the natives engage in all sort of agricultural business like; cattle rearing, poultry and eggs, fur production and other agricultural produce.

In case you didn’t know, the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart is positioned in Arkansas and the State can boast of having 6 Fortune 500 companies.

That is to tell you the rate at which businesses starts and grow. If you live in Arkansas or you intend relocating there to start your own business, then the chances of making great success out of your business is high because the fact that the State has facilities and policies in place that help young businesses grow.

These are some of the business opportunities that you may find in Arkansas:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Arkansas

1. Poultry Farm

Poultry farm is one thriving business that you can start in Arkansas. The climatic condition is very conducive for this kind of business and Arkansas is notable for exporting eggs and all other poultry produce to other parts of the US. So starting your own poultry farm business in this area would absolutely position you close to all the raw materials and every other thing needed to successful run your business.

2. Food Processing Business

The fact that the agriculture industry is one of the largest employers of labor in Arkansas means that starting a Food processing business would not be out of place. Arkansas is notable for producing all sort of agriculture produce like cotton, sorghum, soybeans, rice, milk, hogs et al.

If you have the capital to start a food processing business in Arkansas, it means that you would cut cost of transporting your raw material because your food production plant will be close to the source of your raw materials.

3. Retail Store

It is no longer news that the world’s largest retail store is located in the US States of Arkansas. You could start your own retail store in Arkansas and grow it to become big. The truth is that there is loads of retail stores scattered all over the State of Arkansas and most of them are doing well.

Starting a retail store doesn’t require huge startup capital as a matter of fact; you could get cheaper products from Wal-Mart to stock your store.

4. Agriculture Plantation

Arkansas can boast of having a conducive weather and fertile land that supports agriculture plantations. Agriculture plantation still remains one of the most profitable business ventures in the State of Arkansas. You can look towards starting your own plantation and chose the produce to specialize in.

It could be rice farming, cattle rearing and milk production, fruits plantation, fish ponds, cotton plantation et al, just ensure that you chose the one that can fit into your budget.

5. Printing Press

Printing press is another business venture that is thriving in the State of Arkansas because of her rich literature culture. If you intend starting your own printing press business in Arkansas, you would be able to get your printing machines and all other related equipment at an affordable price, and also you would have a large market waiting for you.

You have enough religious centers, schools, business, offices and other organization that will need your services. Although you will have to compete with existing printing press, but with the right marketing skills, you can easily succeed in this line of business.

6. Mechanic Workshop

You can easily open your own mechanic garage with little capital. Mechanic workshop remains one of the thriving startup businesses in the State of Arkansas.

If you are a mechanical engineer, you don’t need to waste your time looking for employment anywhere, you can become your own boss by establishing your own mechanic repair workshop and you will have wide range of customers to work for.

7. Daycare services

Parents go to work, and engage in other business activities that take them away from home and their underage children.

Starting a Daycare business would help you solve the problem of many working class parents. All you need is to obtain the required license, do the necessary registration and get an ideal and safe facility. If you have love for children, then this might just be the best business you ought to start.

8. Taxi Cab Business

Taxi cab business is another business venture that you can start in the State of Arkansas. People move from one location to another on a daily basis, hence the need for a cab if they don’t have their own car. You can start this business with just one car and grow it to fleet of cars and hire drivers to work for you.

It is simple to start, and you can be rest assured that you will make good money daily. Starting a Taxi cab business in the State of Arkansas requires registration and permit.

9. Barbing Salon

Another small business with very low startup capital that you can start in the State of Arkansas is establishing a barbing salon.

Weather you know how to give a hair cut or not, if you have interest, you might establish your own barbing salon, hire barbers and get good returns on your investment. If your salon is rightly positioned, you wouldn’t need any form of advert to get people to patronize you.

10. Car Wash Business

Car wash is another business that you can start with little capital and it is a thriving business in the State of Arkansas. If you intend starting your own car wash business in any city in Arkansas, ensure that you choose a location that is close to a busy road so that you won’t have to deal with the challenge of people finding it difficult to access you.

These are some of the business opportunities that you can find in the US State of Arkansas. If you intend starting your own business soon, you might want to make your choice from the businesses listed above. Many budding entrepreneurs have towed this path and they are waxing stronger as the years go by.