Do you want to start a screen printing company from scratch? Or you need a sample screen printing business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

The screen printing business also known as a heat transfer business involves the transfer of designs through heat to fabrics or any other surface. If you ever wonder how those creative designs on your t- shirt came about, it is done through screen printing; and anybody can start the screen printing business since it is not so capital intensive.

This article covers everything you need to know about starting a screen printing business including things you need to get started, how to start a screen printing business. At the end of this article, you should know all it takes for you to start your own screen printing business.

3 Things You Need to Start Your Screen Printing Business

As I mentioned above, this business is not capital intensive and you need just two major things to get started, they include:

  • Knowledge of the Screen Printing Business-: You need a basic knowledge of the business and how to handle the equipments used in the heat transfer. Also, knowledge of computer graphics and design is an added advantage especially if you are planning to growth the business into a big company in the nearest future.
  • Capital to Buy Your Equipments-: This is the next thing you need to kick off your screen printing business. You will need equipments like Screen maker, Silk screen, a computer with good graphics, Drying rack and related equipments.
  • Place to Start-: This is the third major thing you need to start your own screen printing business. You need a place to stay where people can bring the jobs for you and pick up the finished job.

Starting a Screen Printing Business – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Research

There are different aspects of screen printing business like stickers, heat transfer on clothing like t – shirts, personalised goods or gift items. You can’t concentrate on them all, unless you are setting up a big commercial screen printing business.

But if you are planning to start small, you need to make a thorough research to know the one to focus on. You can choice to major on t shirt design and promotional gift items heat transfer and incorporate others as you expand. Your research should also include check on the available market for your services.

2. Getting the Training on the Aspect of Screen Printing You Choose

I mentioned that the one of the major things you need to start your screen printing business is knowledge of the business. At this stage, you have decided on the aspect of screen printing you want to make, you now need a professional knowledge of the business before you start taking jobs from people.

You can learn by buying videos and DVDs packages that teach the detailed act of screen printing. You can also attend seminars or one on one training with a professional that will take you through all you need to know about screen printing. Finally, you can take an intern job in a screen printing company to sharpen your skill in the business.

3. Write a Business Plan

This is a business that you are starting, so it should be taken as one. Now you are done with training, you need to draw a business plan on how the business will be.

The screen printing business plan should include the capital you have at hand, equipments you need to buy, registration of the business as a legal business name, bookkeeping, business account, and also your method of adverts. You can employ the services of a professional to draw up a business plan for you if you can’t handle it yourself.

4. Get a working Space

At this stage, you are done with both getting the required knowledge and drawing up a business plan, its now time to get a working space for your business before you even talk about ordering your first sets of equipments.

Your working space can be your garage, it can be the basement in your house, a warehouse or you can rent an office space if you have the money to do so. Consider the proximity and accessibility of the area you choose as your work place to make sure that it is easily accessible to your clients.

5. Order for Your Equipments

This is the stage you have been waiting for; It is now time to order for your equipment. Look for companies that can offer you the equipments for a cheaper prize. You can take advantage of discounts given by e-commerce sites and order from online for them to be shipped to you.

Also, if you don’t have the capital to outrightly, you can opt to lease from other until you have the money to get your own equipments. But it is better for you to buy your own equipments because the cost of leasing is not worth it in the long run. If you are into t–shirt printing or personalised gift items, you can make a deal to a company that manufactures the product in bulk to ship to you whenever someone places an order for such products.

6. Advertise Your Business

This is the final stage required to set up your screen printing business. Its time to create awareness for the services you offer for others to come patronize you. You can share a couple of samples of your work like t – shirts to friends for them wear as a means of adverts for you.

You can share a flier or catalogue to promotional gift company that give out gift items to their clients to handle the contract of personalizing the gift items with their company’s logo. You can also create a website as an online presence with different designs, where people can order for any of your designs and state the item the design will be placed on, with their mailing address. After which you mail the designed item to them.

So far, you have learned all you need to start your own screen printing business, from acquiring the knowledge of the business to drawing a business plan, to buying your own equipments to advertising your services.

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