Do you have interest in starting a retail business? Then here is a list of the best small retail business ideas you can start with little money.

It is not hard to come up with the top 10 small retail business ideas to start because retailing has been the core of business since ancient times. From the industrial age, jet age, the computer age and internet age; retail business has stood the test of time.

Even many of the world’s billionaires earned their 11-digit bank accounts through retailing of their world-class products. For instance, Sam Walton became a billionaire with Wal-Mart and Ingvar Kamprad became a billionaire with IKEA.

However, that does not mean you need to come up with globally competitive products to succeed in the retailing industry. You can carve a niche for yourself by focusing on one product variety or targeting a particular community or city.

So to help you get started, I decided to compile a list of the top 10 retail business ideas to start with the fastest Return-on-Income. But please bear in mind that you have to conduct your own feasibility study and write a business plan; so as to increase your chances of success.

10 Best Small Retail Shop Business Ideas & Opportunities

Silk printing may be an ancient art but its lucrative nature is so modern. Selling printing clothes is the “in” thing because they always blend perfectly with every fashion trend. Even Nicki Minaj and other celebrities worship the printed fabric. Be warned that limiting your business to silk printing will cut your feasibility into half. Utilize some modern techniques like digital printing and embossing, so that you can join the race towards success.

Ask kids what’s their favorite snacks and they are likely to mention cupcake, thereby making it a perfect choice to be in my list of small retail business ideas to start. When somebody tells you that everybody loves cupcakes, just believe it.

For vague reasons, cupcakes surpassed all the pastry counterparts in popularity and whether it is connected with the creative side of cupcake making or not, the thing is it still bound bring you queues of customers wanting to try out your sumptuous treat.

  • You can Sell Gadgets Accessories

When there is gadget, there is always an accessory. They are like the shades and shoulder pads of Lady Gaga; they can never be separated. Because modern gadgets like tablets, cellphones, laptops and MP3 players are flooding the stores, they tend to be so generic that owners look for ways to be unique.

What else can do the job better than buying accessories? As gadgets dominate the market, selling gadgets accessories will also continue to have a slot in the top 10 retail business ideas to start.

  • You can Sell Sports Supplies

You do not need to wait for the Olympics every four years to start a sports supplies business. Sports enthusiasts and fans are always willing to spend their hard-earned money for a worthy product. Finding what they want will give you huge clientele in no time. After all, there are over 20 popular sports with worldwide appeal; and over millions of sport fans worldwide. The market is already there to exploit.

They say the world is overpopulated, which means more babies coming out by the second. Selling baby equipment and products is a lucrative business especially in the Western world. Considering this as one of the top 10 retail business ideas to start can never go wrong.

  • Consignment

Many businessmen and business-minded investors have loads of ideas and sure-hit products to sell. The problem is, they have no time or wouldn’t mind doing the hard-selling themselves. Consignment enters the picture with neon sign above it stating money and nothing but money! As a consigner, all you need to do is to retail other people’s products and get your cut. Not a tedious venture for landing in the top 10 retail business ideas to start.

Online retailing can be classified according to the product being sold. Nonetheless, it is also generally categorized in the retail industry because of its mode of selling which is through the internet. It is an easy way of making money by selling (which technically makes it a form of modern consignment) other people’s products through your website and internet marketing strategy.

This means that you have to do the rest, from marketing to promotions to delivery, to be an online retailer. You can be your one-man team eBay or a group. There are a lot of shopping portals and auction websites online that you can leverage on. Examples are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Groupon, etc.

  • Retail Organic Foods

The green revolution is here and this is a perfect timing to place organic food selling in the top 10 retail business ideas to start. Why? The reason is because health buffs are now on the look for organic delicacies and products and as new diseases continue to appear. People are getting more health conscious; in fact, they are becoming cautious of what they eat. So you are assured of new customers faster than you expect it.

IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer founded by Ingvar Kamprad; but that doesn’t mean you can carve a niche and make money from selling furniture. Garage sale is for the amateurs. Retailing overhauled, used furniture and other house trinkets is one of the best ways to make big money.

As a rule, you can sell groomed furniture at a double price than your capital. Remember that being old or new is not an issue when it comes to furniture, so this gives an advantage to you right away.

  • Start Retailing Beauty Products

Who does not want to be perfect, or at least close to it. Avon ladies are passé and you have your own warrior to introduce new beauty products to the world – yourself. With the right mixture of catalogues, selling will just be a breeze as you laugh all the way to the bank.

As a final note, I want to let you know that the list of products you can retail is endless. You can sell just about anything, provided you have established the fact that there is demand for it. Consider each of these small business retail ideas thoroughly and I will see you at the top.

Ajaero Tony Martins