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How Can You Make Money as a Truck Driver? [5 Side Hustles]

Working as a truck driver can be very demanding and time-consuming which is why most truck drivers will only offer their services to organizations or customers that can afford to pay them reasonable money. It is normal for drivers to look for the best opportunity to earn good money from trucks.

In the United States of America, the typical salary for truck drivers ranges between $45,000 and $60,000 per year. So a truck driver may earn up to $70,000 or more depending on the company, and with a history of safe driving over the years.

How Can You Make the Most Money as a Truck Driver?

  1. Increase the Loads You Transport

One of the strategies to make good money as a truck driver in the United States is to ensure you transport more loads. Truck drivers make money based on the number of loads they transport from one location to another. The higher the number of loads and trips a truck driver engages in, the higher the pay.

  1. Look for the Right Loads

Another tip is to make sure you are on the lookout for the right loads to transport. Since each stage of the delivery process must be timed with exactitude, finding the optimum loads involves some skill. You’ll find loads that reduce your empty miles if you have an understanding of the freight corridors for the kind of cargo you transport.

  1. Plan Your Loads in Advance

To effectively fit into your operating schedule, loads must be arranged. Pay attention to places that have traffic jams and weather issues, because these conditions might cause delays that may compel a change in the times that pickups are available and delay the next shipment. Note that every load must move according to schedule, without route changes, additional miles, or delays.

  1. Work with the Right Brokers

To make reasonable money as a truck driver or even maintain the money flow and get on the road requires working with a reputable broker from the start. You will need to do some more research to discover a reliable freight broker with the greatest prices and the capacity to keep you moving.

  1. Transport High Paying Loads

There are loads that pay more when you transport them. Some of the loads that are likely going to make more money are the ones that are risky to transport.

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Such include; hazardous materials, heavy-duty machines, parts, military goods, and oil and gas products. Note that transporting most of these loads necessitates taking on greater risks, but the rewards are significant for those who are willing to do so.

  1. Look for Highest Paying Rates

Keep up with the recent prices by paying attention to market pricing patterns. You can bargain for contracts that will cover your costs and bring in a profit.

You can demand higher rates when brokers try to set lower rates by having an awareness of the spot market, and the rates and being able to support your arguments with the current data. High profits and more money in your pocket result from rising rates.

  1. Build a Network of Contacts

The ability to network is another key factor in earning good money as a truck driver. You should consider this if you are not already a part of a trucking network that supports one another.

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Joining one of these organizations is one of the best ways to look for new markets and form partnerships that will boost your business and increase the money you make on a regular basis. Meet other truckers, share your experiences with them, and gain knowledge from their different experiences.

  1. Comply with what the Market Needs at Per Time

In order to make more money as a truck driver, try to know what the market needs and how you can comply with the needs of the market in your target location. Being current with the demands and trends of the trucking industry is important because the market is constantly changing.

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By doing this, you’ll be able to modify your services to take advantage of the trends. Your business will become more competitive, and your bottom line will increase.

Consider the benefits of attending other professional and trade events. They are good methods to spread the word about your business and also learn about the newest advances in both the trucking industry and the industries your clients are in.

  1. Work Over Time

Working overtime is yet another strategy you should deploy to make good money as a truck driver. Most truck drivers are satisfied with what they make working regular hours.

When they are able to clock in at the required time, they would want to go home. But if you aim to make the most money as a truck driver, then you must be willing to work overtime. Note that there is a limit to working overtime as a truck driver.

  1. Use Only New and Reliable Truck

The capacity to make money as a truck driver will to a large extent depend on the truck you are using. If you use an old truck as a truck driver, you will have frequent downtime and that will impact negatively the money you will make.

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This is because you will likely be spending more time in the mechanic workshop than being on the road transporting goods for your customers. With new trucks, you will spend more time on the road transporting goods and less time in the mechanical workshop.

Alternative Side Hustles for Truck Drivers

  1. Offer Truck Wash Services

One of the side hustles a truck driver can engage in is offering truck services. As a truck driver, it is easier for you to master the act of effectively washing trucks. You can use your spare time to wash trucks for your colleagues and make good money from it.

  1. Sell Consignment Goods

Another side hustle is to engage in selling consignment goods. The fact that you have a truck means that you can easily go to places where you can buy consignment goods for a cheaper price, and also sell them at a cheaper rate than what the regular thrift or consignment store is selling in your area. With that, you will be able to sell the goods faster.

  1. Offer Oil Changing Services

You can also offer oil-changing services as a truck driver. The truth is that you are only required to spend less time learning how to carry out oil changes for trucks. It is not complicated to learn. Once you are able to master how to change your own oil, then you can extend the service to other truck drivers and make your money.

  1. Work as a Contractor

Aside from being a truck driver, you can also work as a contractor – it won’t affect your services. If you own a truck and you have connections with key players in the construction industry and other industries, you can easily apply and obtain a general contractor’s license and then start working as a contractor.

  1. Work as a Load Agent

Lastly, one of the sides hustles you can engage in as a truck driver is working as an agent. As an agent, you will be able to link other truck drivers to clients who want to transport loads. This is applicable if you are well-known in the industry and you usually have more loads that you can transport per time. All you need to do is to charge them a commission for every load you link them with.