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Can You Sleep in a Box Truck When You are Tired?

Yes, you can sleep in a box truck when you are tired; there is no big deal about it. Box truck drivers travel over long distances and they will usually get tired. When drivers get tired, what they usually do is look for a proper parking lot, park their box truck and take a rest or nap as the situation demands.

Although it is not illegal to sleep inside your box truck in the United States, it is important to note that sleeping in your box truck should not cause other people around you any form of discomfort. Note that if your action is going to affect other people, you might be cautioned by the authorities in your city or state.

As a box truck driver, it might not be comfortable to sleep in your box truck, but when you are left with no options, you will be forced to sleep inside your truck. For that reason, truck manufacturers now build sleeper cabs. As a matter of fact, approximately 70 percent of new trucks that are manufactured in the United States include sleeper berths for truck drivers.

There are different types of truck sleepers and you should go for the one that can easily fit into your box truck. In modern trucks, the sleepers can be as small as 36 in (914 mm) or as big as 230 in (5,842 mm). Even though truck sleepers may not be as comfortable as your regular bed, it is definitely better than sleeping on the bare floor or on the seat of your box truck.

Tips on How to Maximize Your Sleep in a Box Truck

  1. Park in a Quiet Parking Lot

If you intend to maximize the time you spend sleeping on your box truck, it is important that you look for a very quiet place to park your box truck. The truth is that if you park your box truck in a busy parking lot, you might find it difficult to sleep. That is why you have to make that the environment is quiet before you park.

  1. Use a Comfortable Truck Sleeper (Foam)

Even though you cannot get the same comfort as when you sleep on a regular bed at home, but you can still work around getting a comfortable truck sleeper (foam).

You can arrange the bed in such a way that you can stretch your legs and body. Bigger box trucks like 26 ft. trucks usually have enough space to enable you to stretch and relax. Sleeping in smaller 12 ft. box trucks might not be comfortable, especially for someone who is a six-footer.

  1. Use Ear Plug

It can be difficult to get a parking lot that will be as quiet as you need, that is why an earplug comes in handy. With your ear plugs properly fitted in your ears, you can minimize the noise in the environment. There are different types of suitable earplugs, but when it comes to sleeping, foamy earplugs are the best.

  1. Keep Lights Off

If you are going to be sleeping during the day, then try as much as possible to eliminate the light that comes through the sun.

So also, if you are going to be sleeping at night and there are street lights or security lights around the parking lot, try as much as possible to block the light from penetrating your cabin. This is because it can be very difficult to sleep under bright light.

  1. Make Sure to Empty Your Bladder

One of the things you can do to cut off distractions and enjoy your sleep is to make sure you empty your bladder before going to sleep. Trust me, waking up to go pee can affect the quality and quantity of sleep you will get, and you would not want that to happen to you if you choose to sleep in your box truck.

  1. Park Close to a Lavatory

If you are going to be sleeping through the night, then you should make sure you park in a parking lot that has a lavatory. This is important because you may need to use the toilet at some intervals throughout the night, and you may want to bathe and freshen up before continuing your journey the next morning.

Interestingly, some parking lots have good lavatories designed for truck drivers that will be passing the night in their parking lot.

  1. Park in a Secured Parking Facility

Lastly, in order to maximize the short time you have to sleep while driving a box truck, you need to be sure that the place you parked is secured. If you park your box truck in a place that is not secure, you will spend most of your sleep time watching your truck so that thieves will not break into your box truck and steal from you.

In Conclusion,

It is important to note that whenever you are in any county, city, or state, you should ask to know the law and regulations as it relates to box truck drivers sleeping in their box truck. At the moment, it is very much legal to sleep in your box truck, but that does not mean the law cannot change at any given time.