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50 Best Ways to Make Money Fast While Traveling the World

Do you want to start a part-time business you can do while traveling but lack ideas? If YES, here are 50 best ways to make money fast while traveling the world.

A lot of people love the idea of travelling the world; I mean, who would not like to go and see new fun places and experience other delightful cultures? But one thing that keeps a whole lot of people back from travelling is finances. Asides from the finances to take off, people also worry about how they can sustain themselves while on the go.

If you are in this category, one thing you have to know is that there are a lot of ways you can make money while fulfilling your lifelong dream of travelling the world. Before you start however, you have to make a list of all your skills, talents, interests, hobbies and every kind of knowledge you have. Then go through this list and check the things you can combine with travel, and know how you could possibly turn this into a business.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with an idea of how to sustain yourself while on the go, we have come up with several ideas that you can choose from. Just make your choice, pack your bags and hit the road.

50 Best Ways to Make Money Fast While Traveling the World

  1. Teach English or any other language on the go

This job is obviously for people who are proficient in languages. Teaching English or any other language abroad is one of the most common ways to earn money if you find yourself in a completely different ethnicity. There are job opportunities almost everywhere, and you can find a lot of companies that will be willing to pay your flights and apartment. South Korea and Japan are well paid countries for English teachers. If you want to travel, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Become a diving instructor

If you are a certified diver, then this job is for you. There are a lot of places you can travel to and work at the same time as a certified diver. Countries like Egypt, Thailand, Australia, and Mexico that are certified tourist destinations are your best bet. Just contact various companies online and see if they’re in need of staff, or simply go there and apply on the spot; this is actually more guaranteed than applying online. If you are really qualified, someone can sponsor your trip.

  1. Work on a cruise ship

A cruise ship is like a massive floating hotel in the sea, with all kinds of entertaining facilities. There are plenty of different jobs on a cruise ship: bartender, shop staff, receptionist, chef, casino staff, DJ, hair stylist, massage therapist, nurse and many more. The list of possible cruise line jobs is endless.

If you want to work as well as travel, one of your better options is to take a job on a cruise ship. This would not cost you anything, as your food and lodging is provided, and you get to rack up no expenses during that time. Plus, you get paid to travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

  1. Become a flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is quite obviously a good choice if you want to work and see the world at the same time. You get to spend nights at some really beautiful destinations all-expense paid. For you to become a flight attendant however, you need some training. After you get the requisite training, you can start applying for flight attendant jobs. Most of the times, you’ll have your accommodation paid for as well which means you can save more money.

  1. Perform on streets

If you are already on the go, and you need to earn cash for your upkeep, that odd skill you have can keep you afloat. You can pick a good street corner to show off your dance, music, art etc. skills and people would not mind bestowing you a few dollars. Try not to break any local laws regarding public decorum or you may earn a fine or worse, jail time. So you need to do your research to know what is allowed and what is not.

  1. Become a virtual assistant

Do you have a comfortable caravan and you have a way of getting steady internet connection, you can become a virtual assistant. Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the most underrated ways to make money while travelling the world. There are a lot of sites online like Upwork that can help you land virtual assistant gigs. You can sign up to them and you are ready to get started.

  1. Freelancing

Depending on your job, something like web developer or engineering consultant is a great way to earn cash as you go. You need to create an online portfolio so you can grab job opportunities as they arrive. Depending on your skills, there are a lot of jobs you can do online, you just have to find them out and take advantage of them to earn while you are on the road.

  1. Get a job with an international traveling show

If you do not mind being on shows, then this one is for you. You can seek out and join a circus, music band, dance show, or theater performance and move with them as they go around entertaining the world. There are many kinds of jobs going on at these types of touring organizations. Sure, it’ll be tough and you’ll have almost no free time, but if your goal is pure travel then it’s worth giving it a shot. The interesting people you are sure to meet along the way will be worth it.

  1. Work at a resort or hotel

Hotels and resorts are always in need of staff, and it can be a huge benefit that you’re from another country. Even better if you’re from the same country as the majority of the hotel’s guests. There are lots of different jobs you can apply for such as receptionist, restaurant staff, entertainment, housekeeping, maintenance, concierge, hotel manager and so on. The more languages you can speak, the better chances you have to find a nice job.

  1. Become a Yoga Teacher

If you have been doing yoga for some time now and you are quite proficient in it, you can travel the world teaching others how to participate in this ancient art. Yoga is more popular than ever and studios are all around the world. You could teach at a yoga retreat or just apply for a yoga teacher job at a resort.

  1. Become a Photographer/Videographer

People have always been earning a living off their skills, and you can do so too especially now that you are travelling and may not have a steady source of income. If photography one of your biggest passions and if you have a way with visual storytelling, then you can start making money off that skill.

There are a lot of companies that are looking for talented photographers and videographers. If you do not want to align yourself to any company, then that’s fine, you can sell your photographs and video clips on stock websites like Shutterstock. Because you are on the road, you would always have loads of great pictures and videos to share.

  1. Get a job that would enable you work remotely

If you want to travel while working simultaneously, nothing says you can’t do that. The best way to proceed here is to get a job that can enable you work from home; nobody says your home can’t be on an airplane, a cruise ship or a far off land. Your only obligation is to make sure that you get your job done and you would have no problems. This would enable you earn a good salary and still be on the road.

  1. Work in resorts or summer camps

Resorts and summer camps are often held in gorgeous regions, be it beach or mountains. These jobs require tons of energy and often the contracts have limiting stipulations such as not being allowed to leave the camp area or cruise ship, but you can save good cash for free travel time later.

  1. Become a sales person

If you’re a real go-getter, unafraid of setting out in new cities, then spotting sales jobs around regions you want to travel in could be a lucrative opportunity. Some travelers cut a deal with a surf equipment rental shop by getting a commission for each tourist they bring by the shop. There are many middlemen jobs you can pick out through your observations. Just take on what many people are too lazy to do on their holidays.

  1. Become a graphic designer

Another in-demand tech skill is graphic design. It’s one of those jobs you can do anywhere in the world with your computer. Companies need logos, web design and other design elements and you can give them all that without stepping foot in an office. There are online courses that can teach you everything you need to know. Check out websites like Udemy or Skillshare and start teaching yourself.

  1. Become an actor/actress

There are indeed places where it is easy to pick up acting gigs, and if you are a natural actor or actress, this could be how you would earn your own money. Places like Mumbai in india have been known to recruit foreigners to act in Bollywood movies. You can make it a point to stand on a street corner in the Colaba neighborhood and before long, an industry scout will ask you if you want to act in a Bollywood film.

You won’t make millions, but you’ll be on the big screen, and that is something if you ask me. You also need to research other countries that can give you same privilege. The money you earn from your gigs would be enough to keep you going.

  1. Take advantage of working holiday visas

A couple of countries can offer you visas to work if you come to their country on holidays. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Ireland and Singapore have been known to practice this, and the visas are generally for people between the ages of 18 – 30.

If you’re in that age range, the working holiday visa might just be your best option to make money and travel. It allows you stay in a country for up to one year and in some cases, to apply for and work in any position you want. This is indeed one of your best bet of working and travelling at the same time.

  1. Selling Goods Online

If you have some really good products that people would be interested in, or if you have some handmade products that you want to sell, you could set up a website or a shop on eBay or any other type of online sales outlet and start selling. To get successful, you need to know how to get your products in front of the right people. The sales you make each week would be enough to keep you on the road.

  1. Day Trading

It may not be for everyone, but there are people out there earning a living and traveling as a result of their day trading efforts. If this is your strong point, you can start the business and earn yourself some money to keep you afloat while you travel.

  1. Fruit-Picking

If it is the fruit season, and you are someone who is not averse to agriculture, you can wander into countries that can allow you pick fruits for a living. This business is quite common in Australia as it is a fruit producing capital. You only need to grab a basket, head into the sun and start picking fruit. You get to be paid by per kilo of fruit you pick; you could be given a room, board or any combination of the three.

  1. Start a travel blog

One of the very obvious ways to make money when travelling is by writing about what you see and putting them up in a blog. Blogging is one way to earn your own personal income even though it requires time and effort – but let’s face it, what business doesn’t require time and effort? Blogging is actually a win win business, as it would give you some extra cash to help fund part of your travels, while keeping the world informed of your adventures. You need to take some lessons if you do not know how to start.

  1. Become a construction worker

If you are a hard worker, then this job is for you. It is a known fact that construction workers move from place to place in the course of their work, and as they move, they are provided shelter an maybe meals. This is a good way to travel while you still hold down a job.

  1. Become an au pair

Do you love children and are not bored or irritated by their antics, then you can apply to become an au pair in a foreign country. Au pairs help a family with their housework and taking care of the children, and they usually live with the host family, while receiving free accommodation, meals and often a payment on top. This is another good way to work while you are travelling.

  1. Become a Surf Instructor

Similar to a diving instructor, the job of a surf instructor comes with a great location near the sea. It’s not very well paid, but it is definitely a fun and adventurous job. If you have a passion for surfing and you have the skills to teach people how to ride waves, then this job is for you.

  1. Check out bartending or waitressing

This is another easy to find job that is usually available during the holiday season. To get these jobs, it is easier for you to just show up at the bars or restaurants and ask if there is a vacant position. Arrive before the peak season starts and you might be able to score a job for the entire season. You can actually move on after the season is over.

  1. Teach Musical Instruments

Are proficient in any musical instrument? Then know that it is possible to make a living out of this skill while travelling. Advertise your skill in local online classifieds or put up signs in busy areas, such as gathering places of college students and you just might have a few classes lined up before you know it. You get to set your time and venue, but you have to ensure that your students make significant progress in a short time, otherwise you might lose membership.

  1. Become a tour escort

Many international tour operators usually offer budget tours around the world, and they hire tour escorts to accompany each group. The pay is on the low side and you usually must sign up for a 1-2 year contract, but the benefit is that you get to explore parts of the world without spending any money at all, while gaining some great work experience in the process. This is a good deal for one who wants to travel the world without spending a dime.

  1. Sell Your Art and Crafts at Local Markets

This business is suitable for one who has a caravan to carry around all his or her goods. If you are an avid traveler, you must have accumulated a few treasures. There are markets in many places where foreigners can rent a stall and sell their goods.

Usually these are markets that are geared towards tourists and other travelers. As a result, there are many people who follow the market circuit, bouncing around from market to market all year round, selling their handmade crafts, artwork, clothes or other goods that are in high-demand.

  1. Become a Personal Trainer

If you have some training in the fitness niche, or you just have a lot of gainful experience in it, you can use the experience to find part time jobs at local gyms all over the world. Some gyms will accept deals where you get them new customers and you split the commission, or even better they get the membership fees and you get your own part time fees.

  1. Rent your Car

If you’re about to embark on a road trip, what then is the point of leaving your car in your garage or worse, at the parking of the airport, when people out there are looking for one? Rather than leaving it unused while you’re exploring the world, you can rent your car. It’s an easy way to earn a few hundred or thousand bucks doing nothing. There are apps that can allow you to rent out your car easily while you collect your payment.

  1. Rent your Home

If you’re road tripping in an RV and your car is also your home, then that means you will not need your home for a while. You might have friends or friends of friends looking for a place to stay while you’re on the road. This is good because the more familiar you are with the person, the better. Asides that, you can use the Airbnb platform to lend your home to a stranger. You may need to put your home under the care of a trusted friend or neighbour to help you keep an eye on things while you travel.

  1. Become a Travel Writer

If you have a flair for writing, there are opportunities out there to write about your experiences and the destinations you visit and then have those articles published on websites or online magazines. Writing is not an easy business, but if you can get a couple of articles published and start to establish yourself, your articles might soon become sought after.

  1. Edit English Signs and Menus

It might sound silly but there are travelers out there earning decent money by wandering around touristy areas all over the world and getting paid to correct the English spelling/grammar on signs and menus of businesses that try to attract foreigners. A lot of tourists are earning decent income this way, and you too can. Just make sure your written English is impeccable.

  1. Become a Volunteer

Yes, volunteering may not pay you anything, but if you really want to travel, becoming a volunteer is a guaranteed way to accomplish that. The up side is that you will have an unforgettable experience while usually saving money on room and board, which can count as getting paid. You don’t have to spend a lot of money with large global operations in order to volunteer as there are local organizations in every country that would love to have you.

  1. Work Exchange

There are places that would allow you to work in exchange for food and accommodation or stuffs like that. Just check out the listings on and you’ll be ready to pack your bags soon enough. If you’re willing to work a few hours each day in exchange for room, board and sometimes, some extra cash, then there is no shortage of opportunities.

  1. Become a chef

If you love preparing dishes, then how about cooking your way around the world? There is a high demand of season workers in resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and more. You can use your skills to find jobs, or you can just visit nearby resorts and restaurants while you travel and ask for job openings.

  1. Become part of the crew on a yacht or sailboat

How about a sailing trip through the Caribbean, the Pacific or the Mediterranean Sea? If you have no problems with sea sickness, you should consider working on a yacht or sailboat. There are websites for boat owners who are looking for crew members to sail around the world with them. Crew assignments are not always paid, but it’s one of the jobs where you travel a lot. Working on a sailboat or yacht is definitely a unique experience; you’ll get to explore some of the most remote places in the world.

  1. Become a model

Models are always finding themselves in one part of the world or the other where they go to do shoots, and walk the runways. If you consider yourself bold and you have the carriage, and if you want to travel the world on a paid trip, you can decide to become a model. Search online for the nearest model agency in your location, go there and introduce yourself. In fact, if you look exotic enough, you would be approached for photoshoots in the course of your travel.

  1. House Sitter, Pet Sitter and Caretaker

If there is one way to make money from your travels, it is getting to stay at a comfortable house rent-free. Typically, you won’t get paid for housesitting, but it saves you loads of money you would spend otherwise on accommodation. Some housesitting gigs involve animals; basically you’re taking care of someone else’s pets while they’re away. There are websites to join that can provide you housesitting gigs from time to time. This is a good way to visit new exciting destinations while having a comfortable and sometimes luxury accommodation.

  1. Traveling Nurse

Working as a travel nurse can be a lucrative travel job. There is a huge demand for travel nurses especially in countries like Saudi Arabia. You need at least one year working experience in your area of specialty. It’s a full-time job, and nurses earn around US$30-60/hour. Visas and housing are usually provided, and the job assignment usually lasts 13 weeks and can often be extended if you want.

  1. Translate for others

If you can write and speak more than one language fluently, you could look for translating jobs. Spanish, Chinese, French and Japanese are very popular right now. Even if you speak another language than the ones listed already, you can still find jobs. Just go to translation websites and create an account. You can also become a translator in your country of travel. You only need to seek out businesses that need your services.

  1. Become a long-term ambassador

Securing long-term ambassadorship deals is one good way to secure your financial side while you pack up your bags to see the world. Slightly different from traditional advertising, longer term partnerships (or ambassadorships) are longer projects with companies that can last from 3 months up to a year.

They usually involve multiple blog posts, regular social media coverage, licensing of images, maybe writing articles for the company’s blog, promoting giveaways, and more. You should endavour to affiliate with companies that can give you this contract, and you can be paid as much as $20,000 per project.

  1. Become an affiliate marketer

If you have a functional website or blog, you can decide to post affiliate links on them. When your visitors click on those links, you would receive a small commission. If you run a travel blog, you can decide to post links on how to get your favorite travel gear, photography equipment, books, or online courses.

While the commissions you receive from posting affiliate links may be small, but if your website gets a lot of visitors per month, your commissions can amount to quite a lot. Another trick to get people to click on your links is to review those products yourself. People tend to trust a product someone has already written a review of.

  1. Work overseas as an expat

Maybe you love your current job but have the impression that something is missing, and that’s why you feel a need to travel. Have you considered working abroad doing the same job? Sometimes, all you need is a change of scene. Millions of people work overseas as expats.

What you can bring to a company as a foreigner is very valuable, especially for international ones. You have an understanding of your country that they don’t have. If you already have a job in a company that also operates overseas, get in touch with your HR department and let them know about your plans to live abroad. They might have opportunities for you.

  1. Work in a hostel

Hostels are often looking for staff to work the desk, clean, or show the guests around town. You can often trade a few hours of cleaning for a free bed. Even if you aren’t getting paid, but just getting free room and board is a way to save money. When you aren’t spending, you’re saving! Moreover, these jobs can often be for as long as you want — a day, a week, a month or as long as you need; or they need.

  1. Become a Writer or an Editor

If you are good at expressing yourself in words, you love to tell stories and have a great writing style, then you can get online writing and editing jobs. There are tons of opportunities to get a paid writing gig. It helps if you already have a blog where you published some of your stories. Alternatively, you could also work for companies and get paid for writing blog posts, newsletters, brochures, press releases, ebooks, copywriting, or just editing.

  1. Become a website and App Tester

You can make a tidy sum by being a website and app tester. Your job is to test websites and apps to see if they are interactive. The payment is usually between $3-15 per test and it takes usually from a couple minutes up to half an hour. The longer the test, the more you get paid. All you need is a software to record your screen, a good microphone and the ability to speak fluent English.

  1. Carry out paid surveys

You can make money by filling out surveys. Not necessarily a way to get rich, but like a plan to make some extra cash. There are plenty of survey websites, but only a few of them are trustworthy. Use a new email address if you plan on doing surveys, as you might get tons of spam emails afterwards.

  1. Sell T-Shirts online

Why only sell art if you can print your artwork on T-Shirts? The cool thing about selling T-Shirts online is that it’s a business that anyone can do without upfront investment. You don’t need to be a designer, the best-selling designs are often just simple, funny or inspiring quotes. Get your creativity juice flowing and make some money for yourself.

  1. Public Speaking

Quite a number of people have been earning income for speaking at conferences and events around the world related to travel or business, or even other topics. Teaching others what you’ve learned, through an inspirational speech, is a skill that some companies will pay for. If you are very good with this, you can attach yourself with a company where you will be able to travel round the world giving public inspirational speeches.