Are you interested in starting a mall kiosk business but you lack ideas on what products to sell? Then below are the top ten profitable mall kiosk business ideas you can start in 2020.

A Mall kiosk is a small retail outlet usually like a booth or a cart located in the aisle of a shopping mall. Basically, a person who has some stuff to sell but cannot afford to rent a shop in a shopping mall would approach the mall authorities for a small space in the shopping mall where they can use to display their wares.

Mall Kiosk business has always been around but became more popular as a result of the economic recession. People who found it difficult to raise money for a shop to sell their goods had to resort to mall kiosks, which are generally cheaper and offer more opportunity for sales.

Benefits of Running a Mall Kiosk Business

Mall kiosks business owners are able to make more sales due to high human traffic at shopping malls. A lot of people who have no prior intention of buying certain things might just be pressed to purchase such items when displayed in a mall kiosk. These sets of people are called impulsive buyers and they are good targets for people interested in mall kiosk business.

A mall kiosk business would also help you to reduce business expenses and overhead to a barest minimum. Imagine a business where you didn’t have to pay for electricity, lighting and other overhead costs that would be required if you were using a rented shop/office for your business.

Another benefit of a mall kiosk business is that you can do some product displays and demonstrations that would help to increase your sales. Buyers would be able to see how products are used and ask one or two questions compared to just picking up something from the store without any form of display or guidance.

Of course, you would have to pay for rentals when using a mall kiosk but the fees are generally cheaper compared to renting a shop space. Prices could be as low as $50 or $100 and as high as $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the shopping mall.

How to Rent a Mall Kiosk

To rent a mall kiosk, you would first have to conduct a personal research to determine what products to sell. I know you are already doing that and that is why you are reading this, but the kind of research I am talking about is a physical and personalized research.

You would pay a visit to the shopping mall you plan to rent a kiosk in and find out which products people buy more, the level of foot traffic and the category of people that come into the mall most(men, women, children, young ladies, stay-at-home mums).

This would give you a clear idea on the kinds of goods that would make more sales. Next, you should find out where to source for the products you would like to sell and decide on the right prices for them. Remember to factor in all business expenses when setting your prices.

When you have done all of this, you should approach the person in charge of renting out kiosks in the mall. It could either be a leasing officer or a real estate agent. You may be able to get one or two ideas about suitable products to sell from them.

Show them your business plan and samples of your product and inform them about your intention to rent a kiosk in their mall. You must be able to prove through your business plan that your business would contribute positively to the growth of the mall.

When you have reached an agreement with the leasing officer, you can sign a lease and pay up necessary fees; and you are ready to start your business. If you are still wondering what kind of products you called sell in your mall kiosk, here are a few mall kiosk business ideas for you-:

Top 10 Profitable Mall Kiosk Business Ideas

1. Food-: Food items are a hot selling item for mall kiosks. You can sell anything from pre-packed foods to salads, fruits, snacks, cold drinks, cup cake, ice-cream, or any food item which you think would be of interest to buyers. If you have a new product that you want to test-run in the market, a mall kiosk is a good way to achieve this. You could even sell neatly packed cooked foods.

2. Clothing items-: Another mall kiosk business is selling of clothing items and accessories like scarves, belts, jewelries, sun glasses, wristwatches etc. If you have your own T-shirt designing business, a mall kiosk is a good way to sell your products. Same thing goes for people who have their own clothing line.

3. Electronics-: You could sell electronic gadgets and computer items in your mall kiosk. For instance, you can sell small mp3 players, fancy torch lights, bedside lamps, small radios, cd players, portable DVD players, game consoles and other small electronic gadgets.

4. Gifts-: A lot of people go into malls and gift shops without the faintest idea of what to buy. You can start a gift selling and packaging business in your mall kiosk. You would stock and display a variety of gift items that people could buy. You can also add a delivery service to your business. Consider adding a flower sales and delivery business to the mix too.

5. Art works-: If you are an artist with your own collection, you can sell your works through a mall kiosk. Even if you are not an artist, you can get art works from other artists at discounted prices and sell on their behalf.

6. Customized goods-: You can run a kind of business where you help people customize and imprint their names, nicknames, logos or whatever they wish to inscribe on items they buy from the mall.

7. Homemade products-: A mall kiosk is a perfect place to sell that item you make at home. Do you make soaps, candles, jewelries, bags, shoes, knitwear or other home-made products? You could easily sell those products in a mall kiosk.

8. Sporting equipment-: Another item you could sell is sporting equipment and gym or exercise equipment like tennis, rackets, ball, sports wear, water bottles, and protein powders to mention few.

9. Sales and clearance items-: Mall kiosks are also great for selling clearance items. Perhaps you have a bigger store in the mall and you are running a sales promotion or offering some goods on sale, a mall kiosk would make your products more visible.

10. Health products and vitamins-: Another excellent business idea for a mall kiosk is sales of vitamins and products that help improve health and general well-being.