Are you a photography beginner and you want to learn how to gain maximum exposure for your business? Then below are the top ten clever marketing ideas for photographers. This article is a follow up on the series i started few weeks ago titled “How to Start a Photography Business With No Money.” Like other entrepreneurs, professional photographers should spend 20% of their time marketing themselves.

This might sound like a whole lot of time, but marketing is really what makes the difference between photographers who earn big profits and those who earn crumbs. Even the world’s best photographers won’t make a cent if nobody knows about them.

Only when they market themselves and their services will people get to know them and pay them their worth. Marketing your photography business does not necessarily have to gulp huge costs. There are more-than-countable low-cost marketing strategies that can bring great results.

If you want to build your photography business to the point where you will become one of the busiest and most successful photographers in your locality, then here are 10 low-cost, but highly effective photography marketing ideas you should start implementing now:

Top 10 Clever Marketing Ideas and Tips for Photographers

1. Make your reception or waiting room customer-friendly

You must make sure your waiting room or reception area smells nice and looks tidy. You must make it comfortable by providing cushion chairs with recliners. And showcase your best works on the walls, so that people in the waiting room can admire them and be sure of your expertise.

Whenever you are attending to customers and you have some other customers waiting in your reception area, you may offer the waiting ones snacks or something to drink.

2. Submit press releases

Submit press releases to local newspapers and websites about a newsworthy event at your studio or a human interest story. For example, if you just won a photography contest, you can share the news in a press release. However, be sure to make your press releases interesting to the readers and not obviously self-serving.

3. Support a good cause

You may also consider raising money for charity or contributing to a project that impacts people’s lives positively. Not only will you have the feeling of fulfillment, but you will also get plenty of free positive exposure and publicity for your business.

The more significant or relevant the project is; the bigger the publicity you will enjoy, and the higher the number of customers you will attract in the long run.

4. Create a photo display

You can collect the best photos you have ever taken and put them together in an album. While customers are waiting in your reception area, let them browse through the pictures. Not only will their confidence in your skills increase, but they will also spend more than they planned on your services.

Similarly, you should have a large signboard erected in front of your office or studio, and display some of the best pictures you have ever taken. This will show off your skills to those passing by who previously have no idea what your services are. And when they need to take photographs your office comes to their mind first.

5. Collaborate with other business

Collaborating with other businesses in your locality is a great way to attract more customers. So drop your business cards and sample albums at hair salons and barbershops. Chances are that people who visit these places will want to take pictures of their new looks.

Do the same at recreational centers, since people will most likely want to take pictures with the new friends they meet. Since they know of no other photographers in the locality, you will most likely be their choice.

6. Offer discounts

Offering discounts is a good way to attract customers and retain current ones. For example, you can offer a 30% discount off the price of the first shot by new customers. Similarly, you can give one free shot for every five taken by regular customers. This will motivate them to keep checking back.

7. Encourage referrals

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques. This is because prospects reached by satisfied customers will have no doubts about your expertise. So, you must do everything within your power to encourage your customers to tell other people about your photography services. A good idea is to promise them a free shot for each new customer they refer to your business.

8. Social media

People are usually in the fun mood when on social media. You can add to their fun by sharing fascinating photos that will wow them. You will need to create profiles on the major social networks (Facebook and Twitter). Once you have done this, you can start sharing great photos. With time, your audience will grow, and many of your followers will hire your services in the long run.

9. Blogging

Blogging is another strategy for building a huge audience and displaying your expertise. All you need to do is set up a blog, post interesting photos regularly and encourage interaction. Along the line, you can market your services.

10. Give extra copies free

People always appreciate free things. You can earn the loyalty of many customers simply by adding one or two free copies of their shots.