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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Massachusetts

Are you searching for business opportunities in Massachusetts, United States? Are you considering starting a business in Massachusetts but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem. Many say that the economy of America is looking uncertain right now and they are not far from the truth.

The unemployment rate has gone up rather sharply and credit is getting tighter by the minute. A lot of people are worried about their savings. Guess what? Now is a great time to start a business! A lot of peoples’ reply to that would be “crazy much?” or something of that nature. No; not crazy much or even a little. It’s the perfect truth. Spend the next few minutes finding out why and what exactly you should be doing in Massachusetts.

The fact is business is a bold move, one that remains risky no matter the situation or prevailing conditions. The failure rate of new businesses is high even when these conditions are better than what they are now. However, on the brighter side, a well-conceived business will stand, grow and thrive.

“How can a wannabe like me succeed in the entrepreneurial race?” you ask. It is said that those who can stand on the shoulders of the giants can and will see the farthest into the jungle or something of the sort. Imagine what you would see if you utilised the big, strong and high up shoulders of the likes of King Kong? You will definitely see more than those stuck on the ground, they would probably look like ants to you but let’s focus and leave the analogy for the …”analysts.”

The first question; your first step to climbing that tall, wild almost untameable beast is to ask yourself what exactly you know. What do you know about what? In what area do you possess skills, knowledge and quietly but most importantly, contacts? Let’s talk about a few ideas shall we?

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Massachusetts

1. Senior Care Agency

Lots of baby boomers are beginning to retire now. Take advantage of this and begin to offer specialized services that larger service providers may find hard to provide clients. You could begin to start the business of helping seniors stay in their homes while maintaining their independence. To be successful at this, a service provider needs to get that human care touch and this is what is mostly lacking that you can take advantage of.

2. Open a Retail Store

The good old fashioned business of buying and selling is still very much profitable. Decide what to buy and what to sell by considering a few factors. Amongst these factors are cost, capital and scalability. Scalability is everything.

If a product is very profitable but can only be sold to a few people, it most certainly won’t make your rich unless you get thousands of per cent profit on it and chances are you won’t. Be sure to look out for internet marketing affiliates or physical stores that can help you stock your purchase in Massachusetts and beyond.

3. Green Energy Consulting Business

Everyone everywhere is looking for how to cut energy costs unless you are a rich heiress or something. Even people with inheritance need to stretch it, to make it last as long as possible. Research online and place a call to China! Find out how people can cut energy costs with small and inexpensive gadgets that you can legally and inexpensively sell.

You could develop a “go green” blueprint that is not expensive! This is a specific idea but they are also other products and services people would like to get or use for less. Select one that will not put you in trouble and will be 100% safe for users.

4. Become an Import/Export Broker

You could also be a go-between for companies in China or elsewhere looking for customers. There are product makers in China who can get products down to Massachusetts cheaper than the people in Massachusetts can get in the area. This includes shipping.

You could simply be an Import Manager and collect percentages. How sweet is that? You could also earn off teaching people how to do this business once you learn all the nitty-gritty online. This would however, reduce your own opportunities unless you expand your search area or do not give out your niche.

5. Become a Professional Tutor

Professional tutors are in demand. Parents are willing to pay top dollar to ensure their children get good grades. Line them up and sign them up! Professional tutelage can be very effectively done by providing the student with that extra support and care they need to do better.

6. Start a freelance business

The struggling economy also presents opportunities. Some in-house jobs are now outsourced. Find out those local downsizing companies, find out what departments were downsized and find that opportunity. You could be anything from a virtual personal assistance to a social media expert or a clerk who comes in for a short time each day.

7. Become an online sales consultant

Help sellers of products get buyers using the internet; social media etc. Some local businesses in Massachusetts may not be tech savvy enough to find the kind of business you can find for them online. Sign them up for “Pay Per Sale” and get a commission when they make a sale.

8. Organize Art Auctions

Interested in art? Organize art auctions online. Contact aspiring artists in the area, put up their work and get a percentage. Do this as often as possible.

9. Become a Consultant

Lots of people in Massachusetts are looking for professional help and expertise. Do your research well and you will be a winner.

10. Go into the childcare business.

Everyone wants good childcare no matter what the economy meter is reading. There you have it! Step up and get on people!