No, you don’t have to be a stalker or a creep. There are decent ways to meet famous people and build beneficial relationships with them without losing your self-respect. Now, why would you want to meet celebrities you may ask; the truth is that meeting and relating with celebrities has a lot of potential benefits some of which include:

  • Makes you famous too-: Some of the fame might rub off on you too when you are a friend to a popular person and people constantly see you with them. Within a short while, you can also become famous yourself. A typical example is Kim Kardashian. She became well known on the social scene just by being friends with Paris Hilton who was already popular at the time. Then she started dating celebrities before the release of an indecency tape which made her even more famous.
  • Makes you meet other celebrities too-: Now, this is the part that would interest you as a business man or a marketer. Famous people know a lot of other famous people which they hang out with and are in constant contact with. Beyonce and Jayz probably have President Obama as well as a lot of other famous and wealthy Americans and Non-Americans on speed dial. Now, imagine that you are a friend of the couple; wouldn’t it be great to have them introduce you to some of their famous friends to patronize you?
  • Celebrity’s endorsements at your finger tips-: Celebrity endorsements are worth a lot these days. A lot of big companies pay celebrities a lot just to endorse their brands. Now, imagine that you had one of them as a friend; it wouldn’t be so difficult to get them to endorse your products.
  • Celebrities have a lot of money to send-: Society expects a lot from famous people and they know that they have to live up to some certain standards. This is why most of them spare no costs in order to look good and use the most glamorous things.
  • Helps with self Improvement-: Relating with wealthy people can also boost your morale and make propel you to work harder. You can also learn one or two success secrets from them.

So, you see that people who try so hard t be friends with famous people are not just ‘butt lickers’ like some people would call them; most of them know what they are after. Now, how do you connect with them?

How to Meet Famous Celebrities and Network with Them

1. There must be something interesting about you-: Go to your most admired celebrity’s fan page and look at the number of fans they have; almost half of the people you see there want the same thing to. Celebrities meet a lot of people every day; they get stalked and are even followed around by the Paparazzi which makes some of them want to avoid meeting people personally. Hence, if you want them to take any notice of you, you must bring forward your A-game. You must have something to show off, to proof why you are someone worth meeting. There must be something to single you out from the Joe’s and Jane’s they meet every day. Start building your profile and compiling your ‘CV’ that would be worth showing off to this famous person when you finally get the time alone.

2. Dress Well-: If you currently have a boring wardrobe and a poor sense of dressing; then you should probably focus on changing that first before you start working on meeting famous people. The truth is that most of these people are ‘vain’, they would judge first by the way you appear. You must always dress to impress and have good taste in clothes and fashion accessories if you are really serious about meeting famous people. If you can afford designer wears, beautiful! But if you can’t, know how to combine styles and colors so that you always turn out looking like a million bucks in whatever you wear.

3. Buy VIP Tickets to Events-: You must be ready to spend some money too. Whenever there is an event that is likely to have your targeted celebrity in attendance, try buying a VIP ticket or a VVIP ticket; just make sure you buy a seat that gets you as close to your target as possible and never miss a chance to start a conversation or go over to exchange pleasantries. Don’t be scared, most of them are polite people and wouldn’t snob you except of course, you look like a creep.

4. Hang out at VIP Spots-: There are some restaurants, clubs, hotels or night clubs where famous people love to hang out maybe because they are considered exclusive. You should look for a way to penetrate these places and hang out there often as well. You can also try to attend celebrity parties. Some people sell tickets and invitations to such events; you can look out for such people and buy tickets from them so that you can attend such parties and increase your chances of meeting them.

5. Become Friends with their friends/siblings/assistants-: You can get access to a famous person easily by becoming friends with people they know, trust and hang out with often.

6. Follow them on social media-: You might think that they would be too busy to read the hundreds or sometimes thousands of comments that people drop for them on their social media posts but some of them do. And that is why a lot of them respond to harsh and bitter comments sometimes when they cannot take it anymore. You can also get a celebrity to notice you on social media especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

7. Don’t hesitate to send them mails-: If you have a famous person’s confirmed personal e-mail address, you can also send them interesting messages that would get them to notice you. The keyword here is ‘interesting’ not offensive or disturbing and no nude pictures please; that’s not going to do the trick.

8. Send them gifts-: You can also send them some samples of yours products or cool gifts as a way of building relationships with them.

9. Show interest in their NGO’S or Projects-: If the celebrity you are targeting has a charity organization or an NGO or a PET project; you can show interest and support or make contributions and you just might get what you are looking for.