If you are not leveraging social media to promote your business, then you are leaving a lot of money and opportunities on the table. Do you want some tested and proven social media marketing ideas for your small business? Then i advice you read on.

With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zynga and Pinterest; social media has become the new global advertising platform for budding businesses, which gives them a huge opportunity to become successful despite the existence of prominent and long-standing brands. Without wasting your time, here are 10 social media marketing ideas that will help you to establish your business in the world of social media.

10 Smart Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Business

1. Create an interactive environment for your customers

The first of the ten social media marketing ideas is to use social media as a means to provide a more interactive environment between your business and its customers. You can achieve this by opening a channel or creating a Fan Page where you can interact with your customers. This is important and effective because the essence of every business always boils down to quality customer service.

With social media, your business can keep tabs on feedback regarding its products and services. This way, you can continuously improve your service delivery without having to go out and conduct an expensive survey. Through social media, your business can also broadcast its improvements and address the concerns and queries of the customers in a cheap, fast, and efficient way.

2. Increase your brand recognition through strategic campaigns

Now that there is the option of turning to social media instead of solely on linear media (television networks, radio broadcasting, and so on), your brand becomes more accessible to the public. You can take advantage of this opportunity to polish your brand image and produce captivating advertisements. With the cheapness and effectiveness of social media ads, you can run an advertising campaign to promote your brand and sell your products.

3. Concentrate your marketing efforts

With tons of apps and social media platforms available online, you can start looking for the right spot by knowing which social media platforms your target market is subscribed to. You must not necessarily advertise on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn all at once; just pick the one you know your target audience uses most and focus on it.

4. The use of the microsite

While there may be scammers and spammers which flood the world of social media with microsite, pop ups can still be effective as it can link the potential customers to the right site within the platforms. Properly designed micro sites can effortlessly let a web surfer do that.

5. Jump in on the Social Gaming Trend

Incorporating your business in social gaming sparks the interest of people, and these games may also identify who the players are, which in turn help you know which games your target market is hooked on. Associating your business with the right games is surely an important thing to consider.

6. Constantly update your social media feeds with witty and interesting quotes and pictures. This will boost your business profile and certainly get people to visit your page more.

7. You can also hold contests through social media features as this will get people to pay attention to your brand.

8. Launch videos and get them published on YouTube. Videos ranging from funny ad clips to informative vlogs regarding your products and services can reel in views and potential customers.

9. Occasionally give unsolicited advice regarding queries and concerns related to your products and services on your chosen social media platform.

10. Another important tip is to keep yourself up to date with the current events related to your business products and services. Engage your target market into it by asking for and responding to their opinions as well. You can join discussions that are centered on your industry, even if such discussions are going on other people’s pages.

In conclusion, you must understand that successful social media marketing campaigns are not a result of a one-time effort; it is a product of continuous learning and a little creativity. The technology industry is a rapidly changing industry, so your social media marketing strategies and tactics must evolve with the changes.

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