Do you want to boost your business network profile? If YES, here are 15 sure tips and tricks on how to meet a famous person or celebrity and network with them. And No, you don’t have to be a stalker or a creep.

There are decent ways to meet famous people and build beneficial relationships with them without losing your self-respect. Having famous friends is awesome. They get you access to cool places, parties, you get to meet other high value people who can invest in your business or employ you to work for them and it also makes you look cool.

But, the problem is that it is hard to get access to those famous people and celebrities because everyone wants to do exactly the same thing. You don’t have to butt lick or stalk a famous person in other to get their time and attention because there are other more effective ways to achieve this without trading in your dignity.

What Does It Take to Have Famous Celebrities on your Friend’s List?

A lot of people find it difficult to talk to the famous person or celebrity they admire even when they get the chance of meeting him or her.

Your palms sweat, your heart race and you end up losing the courage to introduce yourself or end up blurting out incoherent introductions that end up portraying you in a bad light. The above scenario can be attributed to stress induced by encountering a VIP.

This type of stress is quite different from psychological stress that comes about as a response to danger. VIP motivated stress comes about because you know about the person’s fame, influence, affluence, authority, power or success.

To suppress this form of stress, you can try to trick your mind into believing that the person you are talking to or want to approach is not a famous person but just an everyday Joe. Also if you know beforehand that you will meet a particular celebrity or famous person, try to thoroughly research about him or her.

You can use a simple Google search or you can visit the person’s LinkedIn profile to find out about common interests that you may share with the person, his current employment or the project that he or she is working on at the moment.

Doing your homework properly will give you a lot of ideas about intelligent things to bring up during your discussion and thus will allow the conversation to flow very freely and naturally. When you are about to meet a celebrity, don’t stick out like a sore thumb by acting like you don’t belong.

Celebrities are used to having people place them on a high pedestal by stuttering, fidgeting or being nervous when in their presence. So just try your best to exude an air of confidence and calm. If you don’t fidget and act like you belong, they are most likely to give you their time and interact with you.

Tips to Meet a Famous Person or Celebrity and Become Friends With Them

1. Don’t ask them for anything

VIP’s, musicians, actors and actresses and top politicians always have people who meet them just to ask something from them. Some people are even as tactless as asking for something when they have just met the famous person for the first time right after a brief introduction.

Even asking for something as small as idea about a particular subject should be relegated for later. This is a big no no. Little wonder that a lot of famous people surround themselves with people that are not very demanding. You will have to realize that even though you intend to network with that particular famous person, he or she will not be your big break nor will they be in constant help mode.

A far better reason for getting in touch with a famous person should be that they have led or are living an interesting life. The benefit you can get for being a friend to a celebrity or a famous person can be to benefit from the person behind the accomplishment.

2. Provide value

In a world where everyone wants something from a celebrity or a famous person, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to do the opposite; provide value. Give something to them instead of asking for something to be done for you. Even if you feel that you have not achieved much, think of something that you can assist the person with.

In addition, you should not just give them something and then immediately ask for something. What you can offer can be as simple as a recommendation for good restaurants in your city, workout tips, or vacation tips. Offer the tips like you care and not like you would want to gain something from them in return.

3. Dress well

Dress the way you want to be addressed is a popular cliché and yet it couldn’t be truer in this scenario. Most people will judge you based on your looks without even caring to find out about what type of person you are.

You can be the sweetest person with the best heart or a really interesting person yet you won’t get the chance to showcase this because of your less than savory mode of dressing. If you have a poor dress sense or most of your cloths are drab and don’t look good, you should focus on changing that first before working on meeting a celebrity.

Dress to impress and you will get noticed. You don’t have to wear designers from head to toe to achieve this. Just make sure that you look neat and that you combine colors and styles expertly.

4. Buy VIP tickets to events

Buying tickets to a celebrity’s concert, play or any other event that you are sure that the celebrity will make an appearance, will increase your chances of meeting the VIP. You will not need to have to wait outside hoping and praying that chance may smile on you so that you can see the celebrity.

Try your best to get the best seat that you can afford, preferable one that is closest to the front and the stage to increase your chances of seeing him or her. Some celebrities can be quite friendly and chatty so by seating close to them, you can get the chance to interact and chat with them. This could lead to a blossoming relationship in the future.

5. Hang out at VIP spots and other places those celebrities frequent

You may not be able to shop at Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe or Chanel but there are a lot of VIP hangout spots and places that celebrities frequent that are quite affordable. Look out for restaurants, night clubs or hotels that the VIP frequent.

For example, billionaire entrepreneur Warren Buffet’s favorite steakhouse is Gorat’s Steak House in Omaha. If you live in Omaha, you can frequent the steakhouse for a chance to meet him. You should try your best to get into those places to increase the chances of a one on one talk with the celebrity.

You also try to attend VIP parties too. There are some people who sell invitations to such events. You should look out for and buy such tickets from them so that you can come to those parties and meet them. Alternatively, you can get a job in a place that a celebrity frequents.

That is, you can be a waiter at their favorite restaurant, a barman at their bar of choice or even a personal trainer at the gym. The jobs may not be particularly exciting but they will provide opportunities for you to meet with the celebrity. They key here is to be professional. Don’t badger or harass the celebrity.

Favorite Places Celebrities Hang Out

A trip to cities like Los Angeles and New York wouldn’t be complete without a little celebrity spotting. Stars in these super cities are practically everywhere, all the time, and for the most part, they’re used to being gawked at. Places to sight Celebrities in the United States include;

  1. Gaylord Opryland Resort
  2. Little Nell’s Ajax Tavern
  3. Hotel Bel Air
  4. Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
  5. Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows
  6. Shadow Mountain Lounge at the St. Regis
  7. Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles
  8. Matsuhisa Restaurant
  9. Disneyland Resort

6. Become friends with their family and friends

Nothing gives you a good access to a popular person like being familiar with his or her friends, family members or even their personal assistant. They will help to pave the road for you and may even introduce you to them thereby increasing your chances of networking with them.

Look to your contacts and see if there is anyone you know who can introduce you to them. An introduction from a friend is always better than an email right out of the blues. With LinkedIn, you can ask your connections to introduce you to their connections who could be a popular person.

7. Follow them on social media

Many celebrities and popular people make use of social media like twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. Following their feed will give you an idea of places they usually frequent, be it a bar, hotel, club or a restaurant. Visiting these places will get you a chance to meet them.

You can also drop a comment on their social media page to get their attention. Yes, they may not read it due to many other messages that are begging their attention. Yet, some also read it. The abusive replies that some celebrities give their fans when they feel insulted by their comment are proof that they do go through comments a times.

8. Buy their time

As unusual as this may sound, it is possible to buy the time of a celebrity. A service like actually allows you to buy the time of a VIP by the minute to speak with them.

For example, you can speak to the co-founder of Udemy, Gagan Biyani for just 1.67 per minute, owner and shark tank star Dallas Mavericks for $166.67 per minute and a whole lot of others. Who knows, if you impress them, they may want to meet you face to face to get to know you better.

9. Send them a heartfelt email or letter

If you have the verified email address of a popular person or a celebrity, you should send them an email. There is nothing wrong in sending a short complimentary letter to them asking for a meeting or a response. Make sure that the email you send in is heartfelt and interesting.

Don’t be rude or offensive and it goes without saying, do not do anything inappropriate like sending them your nude pictures.

Take for example, in the early 1990’s Christine Comaford, a young entrepreneur wanted to meet with Steve Jobs, so she wrote him a heartfelt letter requesting for a 5 minute in-person meeting. She however did not get a reply so she persisted and continued to send letters constantly. At last she was granted a 5 minute meeting with Steve jobs which ended up lasting for about 45 minutes.

10. Be interesting

Celebrities and popular people meet a lot of individuals on a monthly basis. Some have a lot of fans who even go to the extent of stalking them. This makes some celebrities averse to meeting people personally because they do not know the kind of person you are.

When you finally get the chance to meet with the famous person you admire, make sure that you are more than just another faceless fan that has nothing else to offer than admiration. Ask yourself, why would he or she be interested in meeting you?

Find out what is interesting about you that you have to offer so that when you get the chance, you will succeed in making a mark. If you do not consider yourself to be interesting enough, now is the time to change and build yourself up. Start building up your profile to that effect.

11. Ask to interview them

Asking them for an interview is a simple way that you can also use to meet and network with a famous person. Approach the person and offer to interview him or her online via Skype or a phone call or in person. You can interview them for a newsletter, a guest blog post, a podcast or for a post of your own.

For this particular strategy, the larger the medium (be it online or in print) you want to publish it in the better. Find a relevant and timely topic that the VIP will be interested in and try to approach them for an interview. Try to keep the interview short and succinct.

12. Meet and follow up

If you’ve finally secured a first meeting with a famous person maybe a coffee, offer to foot the bills. If you are meeting him or her online via video call or phone call, you should engage in a little small talk. Just try to be friendly and yet engaging.

Don’t just make the session about them alone, talk about yourself too. After the coffee, you can offer to take them out maybe a bar or some other place to keep the meeting going. Since you would want to be friends and get to network with the person in future, you should also try to think of things that you would do with a friend.

After you have met with them, endeavor to follow up the person a day after to say thank you. Also you should offer to talk to or meet them again. From there you can build a friendship with them and thus network freely with the person in question in future.

13. There must be something interesting about you

Go to your most admired celebrity’s fan page and look at the number of fans they have; almost half of the people you see there want the same thing to.

Celebrities meet a lot of people every day; they get stalked and are even followed around by the Paparazzi which makes some of them want to avoid meeting people personally. Hence, if you want them to take any notice of you, you must bring forward your A-game.

You must have something to show off, to proof why you are someone worth meeting. There must be something to single you out from the Joe’s and Jane’s they meet every day. Start building your profile and compiling your ‘CV’ that would be worth showing off to this famous person when you finally get the time alone.

14. Show interest in their NGO’s or Projects

If the celebrity you are targeting has a charity organization or an NGO or a PET project; you can show interest and support or make contributions and you just might get what you are looking for.

15. Send them gifts

You can also send them some samples of yours products or cool gifts as a way of building relationships with them. Now, why would you want to meet celebrities you may ask; the truth is that meeting and relating with celebrities has a lot of potential benefits some of which include:

Benefits of Being Friends With Celebrities or Famous People

a. Makes you famous too

Some of the fame might rub off on you too when you are a friend to a popular person and people constantly see you with them. Within a short while, you can also become famous yourself.

A typical example is Kim Kardashian. She became well known on the social scene just by being friends with Paris Hilton who was already popular at the time. Then she started dating celebrities before the release of an indecency tape which made her even more famous.

b. Makes you meet other celebrities too

Now, this is the part that would interest you as a business man or a marketer. Famous people know a lot of other famous people which they hang out with and are in constant contact with.

Beyonce and Jayz probably have President Obama as well as a lot of other famous and wealthy Americans and Non-Americans on speed dial. Now, imagine that you are a friend of the couple; wouldn’t it be great to have them introduce you to some of their famous friends to patronize you?

c. Celebrity’s endorsements at your fingertips

Celebrity endorsements are worth a lot these days. A lot of big companies pay celebrities a lot just to endorse their brands. Now, imagine that you had one of them as a friend; it wouldn’t be so difficult to get them to endorse your products.

d. Celebrities have a lot of money to send

Society expects a lot from famous people and they know that they have to live up to some certain standards. This is why most of them spare no costs in order to look good and use the most glamorous things.

e. Helps with self Improvement

Relating with wealthy people can also boost your morale and make propel you to work harder. You can also learn one or two success secrets from them. So, you see that people who try so hard to be friends with famous people are not just ‘butt lickers’ like some people would call them; most of them know what they are after.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Do You Do When You Meet A Celebrity?
  • Be polite
  • Be respectful
  • Act like a fan
  1. How Can You Meet A Celebrity?
  • Buy VIP tickets to events
  • Hang out at VIP spots and other places those celebrities frequent
  • Become friends with their family and friends
  • Follow them on social media
  • Buy their time
  • Send them a heartfelt email or letter
  • Wait outside their hotels
  • Ask to interview them
  • Meet and follow up
  1. How Can You Impress A Celebrity?
  • Be confident
  • Don’t ask for anything
  • Be yourself
  • Be approachable
  • Be thoughtful and kind
  • Talk normally
  1. What to Say to a Celebrity When You Meet Them?

Tell them who you are. If you think it is okay to approach the celebrity, make sure to at least tell them your name so they know who they are meeting too! You can say something like: “Hi I am Miriam! I am sorry to bother you. I just wanted to say hello and tell you I am a huge fan of your music.

  1. Can You Be Friends With A Celebrity?

Yes, due to social media, getting connected with your favourite celebrities is easier than ever. Social media even plays host to a number of online celebrities who became famous just through gathering a large internet following. You might think making friends with famous people isn’t possible, but you might be surprised!

  1. Can You Arrange Celebrity Meet and Greets?

Yes, you can arrange a Celebrity meet and greet. Your trade show or convention will be a huge hit among industry professionals and adoring fans of the celebrity you billed to headline the event. Always consider every aspect from start to finish, such as catering and printing needs, and then reap the rewards!

  1. How Can You Meet Your Favourite Celebrity?
  • Always be sure that the celebrity you’re trying to meet is comfortable with meeting fans in public and unprompted!
  • Be respectful.
  • Research radio and TV station schedules
  • Check Instagram tagged photos
  • Check their social media frequently
  • Stage door, stage door, stage door!
  • Befriend security
  • Make connections
  • Do not leak private information
  • Use discretion with hotels.
  1. How Can You Find A Celebrity Crush?
  • Read tabloid magazines and websites.
  • Buy tickets to the celebrity’s concert, play, or appearance event.
  • Keep an eye out for book signings
  • Search through online databases
  • Network
  • Go to the stage door
  • Visit a talk show taping
  • Visit places that celebrities also visit
  1. How Do You Tell If A Celebrity Likes You?
  • They initiate frequent communication with you
  • They take special care of their appearance
  • They are interested in your life
  • They are always looking at you
  • They are nervous around you
  • Their body language changes when you’re around
  1. How Can You Use Celebrity Supports?
  • Work out exactly what you want from the celebrity endorsement
  • Make sure the staff at your organisation support your choice of celebrity
  • Be honest with the celebrity
  • Thoroughly research the celebrity and make sure they are the best option
  • Make the correct approach.
  1. Where Is The Best Place To Meet Celebrities?
  • Monaco, Principality of Monaco.
  • Austin, USA.
  • Lake Como, Italy.
  • Maui, USA.
  • Mykonos, Greece.
  • Aspen, USA.
  • Capri, Italy.
  • Nashville, USA.
  1. What Is The Best Way To Meet A Celebrity?

Just like anyone else, the best way to meet a famous person is via a mutual friend.

  1. How Do You Book A Celebrity For An Event?
  • Figure out your budget
  • Make sure they are a good match
  • Figure out what you want them to do
  • Get to know their agent
  • Know how to reach out
  • Know how (and when) to negotiate
  • Consider hiring a talent buyer
  1. How Do You Meet A Famous Person In Person?
  • Live in a large city
  • Get a job in a coat check
  • Be a good spotter
  • Find a celebrity on a social media network or on a legitimate website
  • Write a celebrity a message
  • Be lucky
  1. How Can You Take A Picture With A Celebrity?
  • Know how to use your camera—and have it ready.
  • Get to the ask
  • If you commit to the selfie, take the selfie
  • Know what your shot is.
  • Respect personal space
  • Don’t be greedy
  • If your arms are shorter, don’t be shy about asking the other person to take the picture.
  1. What Is The Best Way To Reach Out To A Celebrity?

The best way to reach out to a celebrity is by emailing the celebrity representative. Celebrities receive so many messages directly on their social media platforms especially from fans meaning that your message could easily get lost amongst them.

  1. Where Do You Find Famous People In Real Life?
  • Monaco, Principality of Monaco.
  • Austin, USA.
  • Lake Como, Italy.
  • Maui, USA.
  • Mykonos, Greece.
  • Aspen, USA.
  • Capri, Italy.
  • Nashville, USA.
  1. How Do You Meet Famous People In The World?
  • Don’t Ask for Anything
  • Hold Your Own
  • Have Visible Work
  • Introductions are Gold
  • Don’t Let Lack of Introductions Stop You
  1. Do Celebrities Fall In Love With Fans?

Yes, it is very possible. So many celebrities have dated their fans, and it is turn out well for most.

  1. Can A Normal Person Date A Celebrity?

Yes, a normal person can successfully date a celebrity as long as they are both aware they will be publicly scrutinized and that their lives may be dictated by the celebrity’s appearance and production schedule.

  1. When Is The Best Time To Meet Celebrities?

The best times would be when they aren’t working, or if/when there are times they set aside for chatting with fans.

  1. What Dating Site Do Celebrities Use?

Raya is known as the celebrity dating app for the rich and famous, but it also bills itself as a networking app. getting into Raya involves having your application approved by an anonymous committee — it helps if you’re successful, attractive, and know people.

  1. How And Where Can You Meet Famous People To Network With Them?

A good number of celebrities and popular people make use of social media like twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. Following their feed will give you an idea of places they usually frequent, be it a bar, hotel, club or a restaurant. Visiting these places will get you a chance to meet them.

  1. Where In LA Can You See Celebrities?
  • Palm trees
  • Runyon Canyon.
  • Musso & Frank Grill.
  • Hollywood Roosevelt.
  • Beauty & Essex.
  • TCL Chinese Theatres.
  • Little Dom’s.
  • Franklin Village.
  1. How Can You Know Where The Celebrity Lives?

IMDBPro is pricey but a very useful tool to find celebrity contact info.

  1. Which Celebrity Has Dated The Most?

Leonardo DiCaprio

  1. How Do Famous People Contact Other Famous People?

If one famous person wishes to contact another, they just have to send mails (or more likely an assistant), mails them a letter or go to the celebrities home or flat and talk with them in person if they know the address.

  1. How Do Paparazzi Know Where Celebrities Are?

Some paparazzi just know where celebrities might be based on how popular the location is i.e.) clubs, restaurants, shopping areas. Then there are also celebrities who are looking for publicity that will call in certain paparazzi earlier to give them the heads up on their whereabouts.

  1. How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Celebrity?

To hire a celebrity to show up at your party, be prepared to pay much more for a bigger name: Costs range from $500 for a Maxim model to over $2 million to book a top-tier talent like Justin Timberlake or Faith Hill.

  1. Is It Ok To Ask A Celebrity For A Photo?

Yes, it is OK. However, before you wander over to the celebrity, make sure they are alone, or at the very least, not busy with family or business matters. Once you approach the celebrity, always remember to be polite, direct, and conscientious of their personal space and time.

  1. What Is The Best Question To Ask A Celebrity?
  • What do you like doing in your spare time?
  • Who is your celebrity crush?
  • Are you single?
  • How would someone get your special attention?
  • What has been your best/worst date?
  • Would you date a fan?
  • What would you change your name to?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  1. How Do You Hire A Celebrity For A Corporate Event?
  • Know your audience
  • Get your budget right
  • Do your research
  • Consider your requirements
  • Use an agency
  1. Can Rich People Meet Other Famous People Easily?

Yes, for a rich person, meeting a celebrity is as easy as throwing a party and sending them an invite. Along with that, they have to pay a little money to those celebrities to show up.

  1. Which Actor Is A Billionaire?

Tyler Perry

  1. Where Do Successful Actors Live?
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco.
  1. Can You Organise Personal Appearances?

Yes, appearances can be arranged through agencies that specialize in finding you the right celeb for your occasion. There are some agencies that have an established stable of a mixture of celebrities that are available for events across the nation.

  1. If A Friend Invites Me To A Party With A Celebrity, How Should I Act To Make The Celebrity Like Me?
  • Be confident.
  • Be yourself.
  • Be approachable.
  • Be thoughtful and kind.
  • Talk normally.
  • Make yourself look attractive.
  • Find out things that you two have in common.
  1. Do Celebrities Read Fan Letters?

Most celebrities do not read their fan letters. Instead, they have someone else screen it for them and they’ll perhaps review the best of what makes it through that process and gets to them.

  1. How Do Famous People Meet Other Famous People From Different Fields, For Example, A CEO With A Celebrity?

Famous people can meet and Contact Celebrity Through:

  • Agent, Manager, or Publicist
  • Stylist, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
  • Snail Mail
  • Social Media
  • Meet and Greets
  • Gift Lounge/Suite
  • Gift Bags
  1. Who Is The Most Humble Celebrity?

Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Is It Wrong To Date A Fan?

No, it is not wrong. Even though celebrities have the chance to hook up with fellow rich, talented, and famous humans, there are still some out there that are happy to hook up with their fans.

  1. Is It Rude To Approach A Celebrity?

No it is not. However, it means you have to pick the right moment. At a media event, it is expected that celebrities will put on their happy face to meet the public. But when they are out being regular folks at the grocery store or post office, be respectful about their space. If they are in a restaurant, don’t approach if they are in conversation or mid-meal.

  1. Where Do Celebrities Live In California?
  • Sherman Oaks.
  • Studio City
  • North Hollywood
  • West Hollywood
  • Los Feliz.
  • Silver Lake/Echo Park.
  1. How Can You Meet Famous People On YouTube?

If you’re trying to meet the already famous, then you’re going to have a rough time – they receive dozens of these sorts of requests a day from others hoping to piggy back on their success to make their own name. The only things you can do is put your best foot forward, and do everything you can to get your work into their periphery.

Tweet it at them, email it to business contact email, etc, mentioning that you’d like to collaborate. If you’re very lucky, they’ll give it a look. And if it is good, they’ll reach out to you.

  1. Why Do Celebrities Only Date Celebrities?

Most celebrities only date other celebrities because they meet through their work — or sometimes they date because of their work, for mutual self-publicity.

  1. Why Do Celebrities Hide Their Relationship?
  • Privacy
  • To remain attractive to their fans of the opposite sex
  • Because they are seeing who they shouldn’t be seeing.
  1. How Much Does It Cost To Book Drake?

Booking fees for Drake, or any other artist, singer, or celebrity, are determined based on a number of factors and may change without notice. Pricing often varies according to the circumstances, including the talent’s schedule, market conditions, etc.

  1. Is It Ok to Dm A Celebrity On Instagram?

Yes, you can send a message to a celebrity when you use Instagram Direct. Keep in mind: If you send a message to someone who doesn’t follow you, it’ll appear as a request in their inbox. If someone allows your message request, your future messages will go directly to their inbox.

  1. How do you find someone’s Online Dating Profiles?
  • Using email
  • Through a phone number
  • Using full name
  1. Who Was The Most Difficult Celebrity To Work With?

Shia LeBeouf

  1. Where Do You Find Tickets For Movie Premieres?

Newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels are often given complimentary tickets by movie studios, with the understanding that the tickets will be given away to the general public. Local radio stations frequently hold contests with movie premiere tickets as the prizes.

  1. How Much Does Beyonce Cost To Book?

In recent years, Beyoncé’s team put together a specialized fee to charge for special events, mainly for those with deep enough pockets. Those pockets have to be really deep because Queen B charges $2 million for any type of personal event, namely weddings.

  1. How Do You Send A Letter To Dove Cameron?

Dove Cameron is allowing fans to reach her by text message. The Descendants star took to social media December 26 to reveal her digits. “310-340-0878

  1. Who Are The Cheapest Celebrities?
  • Mila Kunis
  • Michael Jordan
  • Tiffany Haddish
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Keira Knightley
  • Hilary Swank
  • Dave Grohl