What are the top best home based business ideas for men with family? Do you want to know the best small business opportunities for men to start in 2020? Then I advice you read on as I reveal to you the best home based small business ideas for men?

With the increasing rates at which corporations are laying off their employees, more people are thrown into the gloomy sea of unemployment. Yet, expenses keep cropping up and you need to do something to pay the bills and make ends meet. The only solution is to start a self-owned small business fast. Here are ten lucrative business ideas (for men) that you can start with little or no capital.

Top 10 Home Based Small Business ideas for Men to Start in 2020

1.  Yard work services

If you have a rake, and you have no problems with working in the open, this is a great opportunity for you. Although people hire land scrapers to help them cut the grass in their yard, most land scrapers leave aside a whole lot of work that homeowners can still not handle themselves, such as leaf raking, snow shoveling, weeding,  planting, hanging or removing holiday decorations, etc. With a work gloves, a ladder, and a few other items, you are ready for business.

2.  Errand service

The global economic situation has made most people busier than ever. They have to manage their time between working long hours, shuttling between two or more workplaces, handling tasks at home, and juggling responsibilities.

Yet, there are lots of task that time won’t permit them to accomplish. By starting a business that runs errands for busy people, you will make a decent amount of profit. With a car and your cell phone, you are good to go. Do good jobs and word of mouth will spread quickly about your business.

3.  Computer maintenance and repair

Are you tech savvy? Or do you have a knack for repairing electronics? Then there’s no limit to the profit you can make from starting a computer maintenance and repair business. The increasing number of laptops, tablets, and smartphones means there are many opportunities for you to provide services such as software installation, desktop cleanups, hard disk cleanups, printer hookups, and tutoring on how to use computers and tablets.

4.  Cleaning service

This is one business that could pay as much as $40 per hour. Lucrative, right? So, if you are someone who loves to clean, you will be exploiting a gold mine by starting a cleaning service. A cleaning business is recession-proof. People will always hire you for domestic cleaning and maintenance regardless of what the economy is saying.

5.  Energy efficiency consultant

Because of the high cost of energy, homeowners are always looking for ways to cut costs by reducing their energy expenses. This is one problem that keeps many homeowners worrying endlessly. So, you will make money by helping them solve the problem. If you have a good background in utilities and construction, you have valuable services to offer; advising homeowners and helping them install smart meters, insulate their wiring, reduce their water usage, etc.

6.  Recycling

A useless laptop may not be useless after all. Its copper, steel, and other components are all worth more than you can imagine. But most people don’t know how to recycle their stuff. So, they will rather throw them away. If you can start collecting old computers, electronics, ink-cartridges, and other recyclable materials, you will not only be making money, but you will be doing the Earth a great favor, too. All you need to start this business is a pickup truck and a good local advertising campaign.

7.  Pet sitting service

Most pet owners regard pet as people, too. And they are always willing to spend on their welfare, recession or not. So, if you love animals and always feel comfortable with them, you have a lot of work up your sleeves; which means a lot of money, too. If you render services that you customers are satisfied with, your business will grow quickly because pet owners will recommend your services to other pet owners.

8.  Virtual assistance

Most office professionals and corporate executives are too busy, as they have lots of tasks to handle, lots of clients to attend to, lots of phone calls to pick up, and lots of meetings to attend. If you have a good background in administrative work, you will make lots of money by helping these busy individuals with tasks such as opening and answering emails, preparing speeches, reports and presentations, preparing customer invoices and bills, and so on. One gladdening fact about this business is that you can do it right from your home, as virtual assistants work remotely.

9.  Translation

Most developed countries are fast becoming multilingual, and the only way businesses can reach out to foreign language-speaking prospects is to interact with them in their languages. Even though many businesses need translators from time to time, they cannot afford to keep them on staff. So, if you can speak a foreign language, many businesses will be more than happy to hire you on a contract basis for translation assignments.

10.  Remote bookkeeping

If you have a good background in accounting, you can offer remote bookkeeping services for businesses who cannot afford to hire a staff bookkeeper.