In the United States, the non-emergency medical transportation sector remains one of the fastest-growing sectors out of all medical transportation industries. According to reports, in 2017 the medical transportation market was noted at about $22 billion, and by 2026, experts have predicted that it will get to $32 billion worldwide.

This shows that the entire medical transportation industry is growing massively. As budgets continue to constrain Medicaid-funded programs like NEMT; states and health plans are encountering growing pressure to reduce costs and better coordinate spending.

Also note that within the past two decades, a good number of states have adopted the outsourced brokerage model as an alternative to help in controlling costs, growing service quality, and promoting uniform transportation delivery, owing to recommendations by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Transportation brokers are more or less the liaison between passenger and provider. These businesses are experienced in the industry and they receive trip requests through Medicaid and then assign those trips to providers in the appropriate area.

Have it in mind that this process makes it possible for Medicaid beneficiaries who can’t drive themselves to get rides to important healthcare appointments.

Note that by contracting with a broker like MTM, state Medicaid agencies and health plans get a solid understanding between members and subcontracted transportation service providers, as the broker handles trip scheduling, service oversight, and claims processing.

In the United States, MTM maintains a vast network of over 1,250 transportation providers. Via this network, they schedule over 20 million trips for 12 million members nationwide while handling 7.5 million calls every year.

MTM remains one of the nation’s biggest and most experienced transportation brokers known to always make available customized solutions specifically tailored to suit its clients’ needs. With over 25 years of experience in the NEMT industry, MTM is experienced in helping medical transportation businesses take on their greatest challenges.

Steps to Negotiate Contract for NEMT With MTM

MTM was established in 1995 to see to an unmet need in the healthcare landscape: arranging transportation services to and from appointments. After how many years, MTM has attained that goal and is responsible for scheduling more than 20 million trips for 12 million members nationwide.

Also note that they currently operate in 31 states and the District of Columbia, with call centers across the United States. If you are looking to negotiate a contract with MTM, here are steps to take;

  1. Prove That You Are An Established NEMT Company

When looking to land a contract with MTM, you will be expected to prove that you are an established NEMT company. You shouldn’t bother if you are a smaller company—this doesn’t mean you won’t land the contract. However, you will have to prove that you have the tools to properly complete trips for a vast range of patients. This will include having reliable drivers on your staff and adequate vehicles in your fleet.

  1. Obtain All Legal Documents And Insurance

Have in mind you will need certificates, NEMT license, and operational permits. While the requirements will surely vary from state to state, you have to ensure you contact the local authorities to find out the requirements and put together the vital documents.

You also need to obtain proper NEMT insurance coverage. You should never go for the cheapest quotes as you may end up with less coverage than you need.

  1. Choose a High-Quality NEMT Dispatch Software

Note that one way you are sure to stand out as a serious company is with non-emergency medical transportation software. Aside from the fact that this product automates your entire trip scheduling process, it also gives room for seamless integration between provider and broker.

It will optimize all NEMT operations such as dispatching, routing, scheduling, billing, communicating with drivers and clients, and more. Owing to NEMT billing software, there will be fewer rejected claims, and you will get your payment faster.

  1. Contact MTM

Ideally, to contract with MTM, you first have to reach out to the company and start communicating with them. You should consider visiting them yourself, sending emails, and giving calls to offer your NEMT service. Remember to stay proactive!

Nevertheless, just as was stated above, you will also be expected to bring proof of your professionalism and reliability in terms of the licenses and certifications.

  1. Negotiate Operations And Rates

Most often, NEMT businesses and NEMT brokers connected by a mutual business opportunity tend to negotiate a cost-sharing policy for door-to-door trips.

Ideally, a NEMT business will be quite eager to cover the fully allocated cost of a NEMT trip, while the broker will be eager to ensure Medicaid rules are followed, manage waste and abuse mitigation, provide data analysis and reporting to support States and MCOs, and advocate for members.

In this line of business, having a robust NEMT transportation software solution that allows you to track variable costs like driver wages, fuel, and mileage help to accurately calculate actual costs per trip. Properly understanding the actual costs can help you negotiate equitable rates for NEMT trips.

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