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50 Best Freelance Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to become a freelancer but don’t know where to start? If YES, here are 50 best freelance business ideas for beginners to make money online. Are you thinking about becoming an online freelancer? Well, you are not alone.

Working a 9-5 job has never been harder with increasing parental responsibilities and work stress. There has never been a perfect time to become your own boss, work on your own terms and earn as much as you want by working as a freelancer.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, there are now so many online freelancing opportunities to pick from. If you are not lazy and very energetic, you can even do multiple freelancing businesses to double your income. We have compiled a list of the easiest and most lucrative freelancing opportunities that you can take advantage of even if you are only a beginner. You can start most of these businesses without a dime in your pocket.

Best Freelance Business ideas

1. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting involves writing books for other people so that they can publish them as their own original work. You can earn hundreds of dollars writing for Amazon Kindle publishers, information marketers, bloggers, scholars, and just about anyone who needs a book published.

2. Article Writing

Article writing is another very hot freelancing business in the market right now. Bloggers, website owners, advertising professionals, magazine publishers and business owners generally require the services of professional writers who can write brilliant documents, presentations, and articles for their businesses.

3. Translation Services

You can also start offering document translation services. Your job would be to translate documents written in English to other languages and vice versa.

4. Graphics Design

Graphics design is another hot business in town right now. Almost everyone requires the services of graphics designers, from bloggers to book writers, freelance writers, web designers, app developers and so on.

5. Website Design

Nowadays, a business without a professional website is not really seen as a serious business. You can start a web design business to design and maintain websites and blogs in exchange for a fee.

6. Virtual Assistant

Businesses are always looking to cut down expenses, especially employee-related expenses. This is why they often hire the services of virtual assistants to handle some administrative tasks rather than employ someone who they would have to pay salary and benefits every month. Becoming a virtual assistant is a very lucrative business opportunity because you can work for multiple businesses.

7. Programmer

If you are very good with software development and coding, you can make good money writing codes and developing complex websites for people online.

8. Song Writing

Another great idea is to start writing songs for musicians who are unable to write their own songs. You can also write songs that businesses can use in their jingles and advertisements.

9. Music Production

You can also become a freelance music producer and earn money from creating and editing good music for artistes. Just like with song writing, you can also produce jingles for business owners.

10. Travel Consulting

Selling tickets, hotel reservations, vacation packages and offering travel advice is another very lucrative business opportunity that you can do because thousands of people travel from one location to another every year, and they often require travel advisory services.

11. Photo/Video Editing

Are you skilled at using Photoshop and other photo and video editing apps? You can make a living from helping people touchup and edit their photos and videos so that it appears more professional.

12. Accounting

Many small business owners cannot handle their own books. Put that accounting degree or bookkeeping knowledge to use by offering accounting preparatory and advisory services to small business owners online or in your locality.

13. Tax Consultancy

Most people want to pay the least tax amounts possible so they often hire tax consultants who can help them prepare and file their tax returns so that they don’t have to overpay or underpay. Although this business is seasonal, you can earn a lot of money during tax season and get something else to keep you busy during off-season periods.

14. Online Researcher

You can also offer research services to people online. Many of your clients would be prospective business owners looking for information to guide them through the process of setting up new businesses.

15. Editing Services

Most ghost writers, article writers, and copywriters usually hire the services of professional editors who can look through their works, and adjust it to make it look more professional.

16. Social Media Management

Social Media has become a very important tool for business marketing and awareness promotion. You can become a freelance social media manager who helps people and businesses create and manage professional social media pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

17. Podcast Producer

Podcasting is another lucrative business opportunity. You can help podcasters to script, adjust and edit their podcasts before publishing them online.

18. Voice over Artist

If you have a good voice, you can make money with it by becoming a freelance voice over artistes. Advertisement companies, jingle producers, and internet marketers often require the services of voice artistes. You can also make money from helping people create audio books.

19. Grant Writing

You can help NGOs, academics, and business owners to write grants that can draw attention, and help them win grants.

20. SEO Expert

Every website or blog owner wants their site on the first pages of Google’s search engine. This takes a lot of professional skills to accomplish hence they would often hire the services of SEO experts to help them achieve this goal.

21. Interior Design

You can also earn money from helping people decorate and arrange their homes to look beautiful and cool.

22. Pet Training

If you have the skills, you can become a pet trainer. You can work with pet owners to train, discipline, and care for their pets.

23. Data Analyst

You can help businesses, academicians and organizations to analyze data and package it into a report. With good knowledge of statistics and the right software, you can earn five figure sums yearly offering this service.

24. Work on TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an online platform where people who need temporary tasks done can list their services and find people to do these tasks for them. You can earn money from performing different tasks for people in your locality by using TaskRabbit.

25. Stock Photography

With a camera, a computer, and photo editing skills, you can sell stock photographs online. Business owners are trying to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits and would rather buy stock photos than use other people’s works. This is why selling stock photos is a hot business right now.

26. Computer Training

There’s always something new to learn about computers, software, and the internet. You can earn money from becoming a private computer tutor.

27. Remote Computer Repair

It’s also possible to make money from repairing computers remotely. You can be in California repairing computers for someone who lives in Shanghai. With a global market like that, there’s no limit to what you can earn from this service.

29. Mobile Apps Developer

A lot of businesses require the services of people who can create mobile apps and software for their businesses. If you possess the necessary skills and techniques, you can earn money from offering this service online and offline.

30. Transcription Services

You can also start a business of transcribing audio files into written documents.

31. Jingles/Advert Productions

Another idea is to start producing jingles and adverts for businesses. Many businesses require this service to increase awareness for their businesses and products.

32. Online Course Production

This is the age of information and people no longer have to go to school or attend a formal course to be able to gain some knowledge. Many people just sign up for courses online to learn whatever they need to learn. If you have good knowledge in any important subjects, you can package them into online courses and sell them.

33. Blogging

A lot of bloggers, businesses, and entertainment sites need people who can handle their blogs for them. You can earn good freelancing income from helping them plan contents, create brilliant content, and manage comments on their blogs. You can work for as many blogs as possible to increase your income.

34. Youtube Creator

You can earn money from creating interesting or educational videos and posting them on YouTube. If your YouTube Channel gets a lot of views, you can earn money from Google advert placements on your channel.

35. E-Commerce Seller

You can start selling products on popular E-commerce sites like EBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other eCommerce sites. Millions of people flock to these websites to buy products so getting people to buy from you wouldn’t be such a huge challenge.

36. Copywriting

Can you write sales copies that people would love to click on? Sales copies with high conversion rates? Then you are sitting on a gold mine. Many business owners don’t have the skills and knowledge to write their own sales copies and would often hire the services of freelance copywriters to carry out this service for them.

37. Instagram/ Facebook Consultant

You can also help people create and manage advertisements on Instagram and Facebook.

38. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative Online business opportunity; you can earn a lot of commission from promoting other people’s products online and offline.

39. Remote Tutor

You can become a remote tutor who teaches people online. High school and college students usually require the services of remote tutors to break down difficult subjects to them. You can offer your services on sites like, Smart Thinking, Homework Help,, and InstaEDU.

40. Google Paid Ad Specialist

Google advertising is not so simple but it is a very great way to increase visibility and traffic for a business. You can become a Google Ads specialist and offer your services to businesses looking to advertise their businesses on Google.

41. Presentation Design Expert

Creating PowerPoint slides for presentations may be simple for you but it’s not for many people. You can make money from helping students and business executives to create PowerPoint Slides for their professional presentations.

42. Landing Page Specialists

Lastly, you can create landing pages for internet marketers, bloggers, and business owners to help them get more audience and awareness for their businesses and sales offers.