The fear of failure and rejection has kept many people from making any attempt that might either take them closer to their destiny or guarantee them successes. If you must be counted among those who succeeded as an entrepreneur or a family man, then you must dare failure and rejections and go after your dreams and goals.

Napoleon Hill of the Science of Success fame was quoted to have said that “Anyone who has attained success must have come across with some form of failure comparable with the scope of his or her success” If you have ever read the story of Thomas A. Edison, you would realize that he failed over ten thousand times before he eventually invented the incandescent electric bulb.

Loads of people out there think that Bill Gates made his success with just one try at Microsoft! Well, truth is that he failed with his first attempt to enter into the IT world; he failed with his first company called Traf – O – Data. If you have ever failed before, then you have what it takes to succeed simply because you have made an attempt at something.

Napoleon Hill also said that “Failure and pain are one language through which nature speaks to every living creature, pointing out mistakes”. Truth is that if you truly study any successful person, you would realize that the turning point at which they began to attain success is usually defined by some form of rejection and failure. Let us quickly look through these 7 points that can help anyone overcome the fear of failure and rejection:

Overcoming the Fear of Failure and Rejection in 7 Steps

1. Failure and Rejection is the Staircase to Success

The first step to overcoming the fear of failure and rejection is to be equipped with the mindset that failure and rejection is the only staircase to success in life. If you believe the fact that you are going to experience some form of failures and rejections in your quest to achieving your dreams and goals, then you would be well motivated in the midst of failures and rejections. For instance; as an entrepreneur sourcing for seed capital to launch your business, you don’t expect every financier you meet to just give you the cash you are looking for just like that. You would meet loads of people that might turn down your request, people that won’t even believe that your business has the potentials to succeed.

2. Believe in Yourself and Your Ability

The truth is that if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody would believe in you. One of the easiest ways to overcome the fear of rejections and failures is to believe in yourself and in your ability. If you are rejected or you failed in an attempt at something, just remind yourself that you can do it. It is a known fact that people who keep attempting a particular goal with different approach always become successful. If people reject you, you don’t have to reject yourself; just inform them that they don’t know what they would be missing by rejecting you. If you believe in yourself and in your ability, you would not be afraid to attempt things.

3. Be willing to Learn at all Times

Failure is not final and rejection is not the end of the world. If you are willing to overcome the fear of failures and rejections, then you must be willing to learn from your failures. When Walt Disney failed as a Newspaper Editor, and in other businesses he laid his hands on, he didn’t just fold his hands and accepted it as his fate. He learned from the mistake and he eventually built his own business empire from the lessons he learnt from the series of failures he encountered. You can learn from other people’s failures, but the truth is that you can learn faster from your own failures and rejections. So, whenever you failed or you are rejected, don’t be depressed, just sit back and learn from the experience before launching your next attempt.

4. Set a Life Goal and Mission

If you don’t have a life goal or mission, then anything might just be ok for you including being satisfied with not attempting anything that would grant you success in life. If you see anyone that is satisfied with the status quo, then you have seen someone that is afraid of failure and rejection. One of the easiest ways to overcome the fear of failure and rejection is to set your own life goal and mission, and then be willing to do anything that may make you achieve it. Failure and rejection is not strong enough to stop a man that has a goal and is on a mission towards achieving the goal.

5. Walk with a Mentor

When you submit yourself to the leadership of a mentor, you would be guided on how to overcome the fear of failure and rejection. Mentors are people who have achieved what you intend achieving. So they know all you are likely going to face including failures and rejections. Mentors can help you prepare your mindset to confront any obstacle that may likely stand between you and your success. So, if you want to overcome the fear of failure and rejection, then submit yourself to an experienced mentor.

6. Approach Life with a Positive Mental Attitude

If you approach life with a positive mental attitude, then you may be well equipped to face and overcome the fear of failure and rejection. If you have a positive mental attitude, then whenever you encounter failures, defeats or rejections, you would only see it as part of the obstacles to overcome en route your success in life and business. So, in order to overcome the fear of failure and rejection, then you must develop a positive mental attitude.

7. Hire the Services of a Life Coach

Another way you can overcome the fear of failure and rejection is to hire the services of a Life Coach. Although you are likely going to pay a certain fee, but you can be rest assured that you will be well guided to overcome every obstacle including the fear of failure and rejection to achieve your dreams and goals.

There you have it! The 7 points that can guide you to overcome the fear of failure and rejection and all you need to do to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Remember, that life is queer with is twists and turns; therefore you must be really to forge ahead any venture you find yourself despite fears.