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How to Get Paid Advertising for Companies on your Car

You have seen numerous cars drive past you with the logos of different companies, haven’t you? The burning question you might want to ask is how do the car owners get paid?

If you have a car and you love driving around town, you can turn this hobby of yours into a money making venture. There are loads of advertising agencies looking for cars that can serve as their moving billboards and they are willing to pay pretty well for that.

The innovation in the advertising industry is evolving and new windows for both conventional and unconventional style of advertising are opening up. Advertisers will do all they can to catch up with their target market and branding cars is one of such option.

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Although this mode of advertisement is only restricted to the vehicles owned by the companies in most countries, in the US and other developed countries they go out of their ways to brand the cars of people willing to advertise for them for money.

Companies indulge in this mode of advertisement because it is cheaper for them and the cost of owning and maintaining fleets of cars is automatically eliminated. People get as high as 650 US Dollars per month just driving their cars around town and truck owners get as high as 1000 US Dollars doing same.

If venturing into this business has been your desire, then the following tips will help you position yourself to start making money advertising for companies on your car:

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How to Get Paid Advertising for Companies on Your Car

1. Carry Out a Thorough Research

It would be very important as a first step that you carried out a comprehensive research on the business you are about venturing into. Surf the internet, ask folks who are doing well in this area, as well as carry out opinion polls on car advertisement. The information you are able to garner would help you set out on a right slate as you start this business.

2. Look for Adverts Companies That Does This

There are a lot of companies out there that are into car advertisement; you need to go out of your way to look for them. Going through the directory in your area or better still, doing search through the internet will help you locate them. They are less likely to approach you, except on special cases.

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So you must be the one to go out in search for them. Once you find any and you are lucky to be selected to advertise for them, you will be given a form to fill, so as to be registered on the advertising agency’s platform. Be sure you fill the form accurately to be among the final selection.

3. Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Maintaining a clean driving record will not only keep you out of troubles but also give you an advantage over the many people seeking for companies to advertise on their cars. One of the screening requirements you might face while seeking this kind of deal is your driving records.

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Take note that no company would want to hire a reckless driver to carry their brand around town. If they must chose your cars as their mobile billboard, then you the driver must be tested and trusted with a genuine and valid driver’s license.

4. Prepare Your Car to Meet the Requirements

Most companies have their own requirements of the type and model of car they would want to use as their mobile billboard. It could be the model of a particular car that is trending or some sort of old fashioned car going into extinction. The idea is just to use any car that can draw the attention of people.

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Take the pain to study the advertising agency you might want to work with and their preferences of cars used for advertising. If it’s a venture you are prepared for, saving up to buy such a car won’t be a bad idea. After all it’s going to be your car and you would be paid for it. The rule of thumb here is to ensure that all your vehicle license and insurance papers are up to date, as this will boost your chances.

5. Install GPS system On Your Car

Installing GPS system on your car before approaching these agencies that brand cars would prove to them that you are ready to do business. What the GPS does is that it helps them to track the location of your car per time and the distance covered in a month.

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Since your contract might be tied to this, it would be advisable that you go the extra mile to get it installed on your car rather than wait for the advertising agency to do it for you. Even though these advertising agencies help install GPS on cars themselves, it becomes a lot easier for them to choose cars with GPS over those without it during screenings. This is because they end up saving more like it.

6. Study All the Driving Routes in Your State

Take note that it isn’t only about driving around town, but driving with the purpose of reaching out to a targeted market? Be sure that you have a grasp of all the routes in your town or state in your palms, as these makes you stand the chance to get the deal.

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There are areas where people’s traffic is at peak in specific time of the day. Your ability to know and communicate this to these advertising agencies during the screening process will give you leverage of those without such knowledge.

Would all these steps really get you started, you might ask? You bet it would! Please know that you will be the one to fuel and maintain your car and even repair any damages incurred during the process.

However, you should know that the agencies you would end up working with got your back covered as regards this because your pay pack would cover for this and you will make good profits.