Who is the person (at a public relations firm) in charge of most day-to-day activity with clients? Is it the Publicist? Manager? Spokesperson? Receptionist?.

Public relations is the practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Firms and individuals usually hire a public relations agency when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputations through the media.

A public relations firm typically has different departments. You have the publicists, copy writers, spokesperson, social media managers, marketers and more. All these individuals work together to ensure the success of the firm and to ensure that their clients are served optimally.

Who is the Person (at a Public Relations Firm) in Charge of Most Day-to-Day Activity with Clients?

But while a lot of people may be needed to turn the wheels of a public relations firm, there are actually very few people whose job roles are to meet with clients and work with them throughout the duration of their contact. These people are called publicists.

Who is a Publicist?

A publicist is a person whose job is to manage the image for a celebrity, book, film, or public figure. Generally, the main focus of the publicist is to represent their clients and to make sure their public image is always positive. If such public image is not positive, they have a duty to polish up such an image so it would look more acceptable to the public or their clients.

Publicists create and execute public relations plans for their clients. They are also in charge of drafting and writing most or all press releases. Being organized, detail-oriented, creative, and a good writer are essential for one who wants to become a publicist.

Although they sometimes represent companies, these image makers often represent films, celebrities, authors, or other public figures in both public and private capacities. Travel tends to be a substantial part of this full-time job, and a requirement for publicists is always to maintain and build positive relationships with the media.

Some publicists are hired long-term, while others are hired to work on a more specific and time-limit issue, e.g. the release of a new book, movie or music record. The tasks and responsibilities of the publicist will vary depending on the nature of the contract between the client and the publicist, or the Public Relations firm.

A blurry work specification can easily lead to disappointment and misunderstandings down the line. If the publicist is to work together with other staff, such as agents, promoters and online marketers, clarifying the responsibility of each staff member is also recommended, because sometimes their tasks can be interwoven.

Here are a few examples of undertakings that can fall within the scope of the publicist:

  • They generate beneficial press coverage on behalf of their clients
  • They can be a bridge between the client and media outlets
  • They intelligently manage publicity campaigns
  • They plan and carry out a public relations strategy, both long-term for the client and short-term for the various time-limited projects embarked upon by the client
  • They find out opportunities for cross-promotions

The average annual pay of a publicist in the united states is ,355. This is just the median as some firms can pay higher while others pay lower.

Other Notable Job Positions at a Public Relations Firm Include;

  • Copywriter

A copywriter at a public relations firm is a person who produces press releases and other promotional copies used to help publicize a client. This can include biographical profiles, brochures, advertising materials and web copy. A copywriter usually takes direction from a publicist in crafting materials that would be effective in promoting the client according to an already drawn up publicity plan.

  • Social media manager

A social media manager is another role at a public relations firm. Every company needs their social media kept up to date, more especially a public relations firm. This position can be based either at the agency (working on multiple client accounts) or an in-house team (managing the social channels of a particular company).

Working to promote the brand on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the social media manager is responsible for creating engaging content, interacting with the brand’s community and measuring the success of various campaigns.

  • Spokesperson

A corporate spokesperson is typically an in-house public relations specialist who serves as the public face of the company he or she works for.  Acting as the face of the brand, the spokesperson is responsible for making statements on behalf of the company. This role is generally part of an in-house communications or PR team and is tasked with handling interview requests, making TV appearances and responding to any criticism the company might face.

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