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How to Start a Sign Making Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you want to start a sign making company from scratch? Or you need a sample sign making business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

Have you ever wondered how the signs you see on the road and stores around came to be? Those are the handwork of a sign maker. A sign maker or designer uses software and other physical materials to create signs according to their client’s requirement.

With the number of new companies, offices and stores springing up daily, there is always a need for the services of a sign maker. The sign making business is an easy business to start and can give you a constant source of income depending on the number of clients you have and also how often you get job orders.

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In this article, I will discuss first, why you can start a sign making business, the basic things you need to get started and finally how you can go about starting your own sign making business;

Why You Should Start a Sign Making Business

  • The Business Doesn’t Require Much Capital

Apart from the money you need to buy basic things you need for the business, there would be not need for extra start up cost in the business. The only thing I guess that will take up much money is the money to get a delivery truck and computer.

So this business is perfect for low income earners who are looking for ways to earn extra income without spending much on start up capital.

  • Not Labour Intensive

You can start and run your sign making business alone without needing to employ some extra hands. Unless you are planning to expand into a big firm, then you may need to employ other professional sign makers to sublet some of the excess jobs your firm has.

  • Part Time Job

You can run this business as a part time job while maintaining your day job; all you need is to set aside few hours everyday after you are done with your day job to work on the orders you have.

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4 Tools You Need to Start a Sign Making Business

  • Working Equipment

Some of the basic equipment needed to start a sign making business include; software for sign making, plotter, a vinyl cutter and other related materials.

  • A Computer

A personal computer is a must if you must start this business; you design the sign on your computer and after the client’s approval, you start making the physical sign. A computer with at least one gig RAM is good enough to handle the job and please, ensure that it is your personal computer not just a family one or one that everybody will have access to.

  • A Payment System and Accounting Software

The payment system is needed to receive payments from clients after they place their orders. It can be online payment system or calling your clients bank to debit your account (with your client’s permission of course), or you can get a Point of Sales (POS) machine for the client to make payment on delivery.

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While the accounting software is to help you keep track of your incomes and expenditures. This way, you will know your financial status at a glance and it will be easier for you to calculate your tax.

  • Knowledge of the Business

To successfully run this type of business, you have to either have a natural flare with creative design or you have to get the training required to start the business.

Starting a Sign Making Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Choose an Area of Specialization

There are different areas in the sign making business, such as vinyl lettering and digital signage, you can choose an area and specialize in it. It is much better for your business if you can concentrate in just one area other than trying to become a jack of all trades and end up mastering none.

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2. Get Training on Creative Sign Making

Even if creative design comes natural to you, you still need get some training to make your creation or work more appealing to the eye and also learn techniques to help you work faster and smarter.

3. Purchase Your Equipments

After you get trained, the next thing is to buy all the necessary instruments you need to get started. Also include a laptop and a delivery van in your list of things to buy.

4. Produce Few Samples of Signs

If you have a meeting with a potential client and you intend to tell him or she that you have a sign making business, you will be required to take some samples of your work with you to let the person know what you are capable of doing. That is why there is need to produce some samples even before you start advertising your services.

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5. Print Posters and Fliers

This is the major means of advert you can take advantage of; print posters and fliers and share out to your family, friends and colleagues even if they don’t need the sign themselves,, they may know somebody else that does. Networking is still very vital for your business.

Take every day as an opportunity to network and meet new professional friends because you will get to meet more potential clients as you network. Don’t forget construction workers because most times, the building they are working on may be for a business or a company, and they are likely to recommend you to the owner as a good sign maker when the time comes.

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6. Receive and Carry Out Orders

With time, you should start receiving your first set of orders from clients. Take the time to produce the best sign for them; giving them more value for their money and they are sure to recommend you to other people who have sign making jobs.

When the job is ready, you can deliver it to the client with your delivery truck, it will make them appreciate your service the more. Also remember to inform your client well ahead of time if you are not going to meet up with the deadline you both agreed; it will make you look accountable and responsible to your client.