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4 Permits and Licenses You Need to Open a Flower Shop (Steps to Apply Included)

Operating a flower shop could prove to be fun and lucrative, especially for someone who loves flowers. Aside from that, the person would also need to have a head for business while also appreciating the idea of working with people.

Although it could prove to be a dream come true, especially if you already have an affinity for flowers, you wouldn’t want to skip on obtaining the proper permits and licenses needed to operate legally in the United States. While there are no specific requirements or education, you will need some important permits and licenses.

Permits and Licenses Needed to Open a Flower Shop

  1. Business License

This is a document issued by the local government it proves that you have the requisite permission to carry out business activities within a particular jurisdiction.

While the process as well as the requirements to obtain this license will depend on your location in the United States, most often you will be expected to make available information like your business name, location, ownership structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.), as well as your contact details.

In some other places, you might be asked to submit a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) especially if you intend to work with employees.

How to Apply

To obtain a business license for your flower shop, reach out to your local city or county clerk’s office or visit the Small Business Administration (SBA) website for detailed information on the appropriate steps to apply for this license. Most often, you will have to complete an application form, pay a fee, and submit certain supporting documents.

  1. Sales Tax Permit

Also referred to as a seller’s permit, resale permit, or sales tax license, keep in mind that it ensures you possess the legal authority to collect and remit sales tax on taxable goods and services sold within your state.

It is important to note that collecting and remitting sales tax remains a valid legal requirement in the United States for retail businesses, and failing to obtain this permit will give rise to penalties and fines.

How to Apply

To apply for a sales tax permit, you will be expected to visit or register with your state’s Department of Revenue or Taxation. Most often, you will be asked to make available vital information regarding your business, like its legal structure, location, and in some instances expected sales volume. The process can necessitate completing forms, providing business details, and in some states undergoing a review.

  1. Floral License

In a good number of states, you might be asked to obtain a floral license or certification before starting your flower shop. This license or certification is meant to prove that individuals and businesses selling flowers possess the right kind of knowledge and skills.

This is very important when it comes to keeping the required quality standards, customer satisfaction, as well as adherence to every industry regulation.

How to Apply

The steps as well as the requirements to apply for this license or certification will depend on the state, but will more or less involve completing a floral design course, passing an exam, proving your competence in floral arrangement techniques, as well as aligning with health and safety standards.

You would want to visit or reach out to your State’s Department of Agriculture or similar regulatory agency to get more information regarding floral licensing requirements.

  1. Zoning Permit

It is most often issued by the local government and is meant to prove that a property is legally approved to be used for a specific type of business activity.

Obtaining a zoning permit is very important to ensure that your flower shop is doing business in a location legally designated for such enterprise while also conforming with land use regulations, building codes, as well as neighborhood standards.

How to Apply

Zoning regulations differ and will most often depend on the area. As such, to be certain you are making the right choices, it is recommended you go through zoning maps, understand zoning ordinances, as well as seek approval from the local zoning board.

Be sure to reach out to your city or county’s planning department or zoning board to fully comprehend the zoning requirements for your flower shop.