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Do You Need a Permit for Parking Lot Striping?

Yes. You have to obtain a business license or permit to operate a parking lot striping business in your county.  Depending on your location in the United States, you might as well be expected to be licensed by the state.

It is recommended that you start by reaching out to your county clerk to get the exact permits and licenses you will need. You might as well be expected to obtain a license for each county or city that you intend to do business in.

If you already have a means to obtain jobs in an adjacent city or county, then it is also better you consider obtaining the proper licenses right from the very beginning. You need to do this to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

In the United States, business licenses are known to cost $25 per year and once you get one, you will get a renewal form yearly and this makes it convenient to renew each year.

In a good number of states and counties in the US, a parking lot striping business might also require an additional contractor’s license.

Permits and Licenses Needed for Parking Lot Striping

  1. Business License

This is indeed one of the most important licenses you will need to obtain before you can do business in the United States.

Keep in mind that this license, issued by the local city or county government, proves that you are legally permitted to do business or offer your services within a specific jurisdiction.

  1. Contractor’s License

Just as it was noted above, in a good number of states and counties in the US, a parking lot striping business might require a contractor’s license.

In those states, this license is considered mandatory for anyone looking to engage in construction-related activities, including parking lot striping.

The essence of this license is to ascertain that individuals and businesses who intend to carry out such services possess the requisite skills, experience, and financial responsibility to do the job.

However, it is important to note that requirements and classifications for contractor licenses vary massively, as such you need to reach out to your state’s licensing board for accurate details.

  1. Environmental Permits

Keep in mind that professionals who offer striping services always have to work with paints and coatings that may contain chemicals harmful to the environment.

As such, based on where your business is located or when you intend to carry out the services, you might be mandated to obtain environmental permits to guarantee compliance with local regulations. It’s also very important you adhere to all disposal methods for materials used in striping to reduce environmental impact.

  1. Right-of-Way Permits

Although they are not as common as other permits on this list, they are as important and should not be left to chance. Note that when striping public parking lots or areas managed by municipalities, you will be expected to obtain right-of-way permits. The essence of these permits is to have permission to work in particular public spaces.

  1. Zoning and Land Use Permits

Keep in mind that zoning regulations in the United States work to determine the type of activities permitted in particular areas. Parking lot striping businesses are expected to conform with zoning requirements to avoid legal issues.

Also, note that obtaining all requisite zoning permits might entail proving that the proposed business location conforms with the intended land use for the area.