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50 Best Photography Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a photography related business? If YES, here are 50 best unique photography business ideas, opportunities and tips for beginners. More than ever before in the history of man, the photography trade has continued to witness a boom. This is one of the reasons why there has been an influx of people into the trade over the last decade.

The business is a money spinning one if you know your onions and also know that one of the ways to get more clients is to be well versed in all that you do.

You would equally find that various niches have cropped up in the photography industry. What really are these niches and how is one able to delve into these areas? Here are some businesses ideas that you may want to consider in this industry;

Best Photography Business ideas

  1. Delve Into the Stock Photography Niche

If you have ever thought of using a picture you got from the internet, then you are not far from what stock photography is all about. The Stock photography trade encompasses capturing unplanned pictures and selling them to magazine publishers, newspaper companies, website designers, graphic designers or bloggers who require images to be published.

  1. Start a Child Photography Business

These days more than ever before, people want to document the various milestones of their children. This is one of the reasons why those in the child photography niche can make more money. Therefore you can look to get trained in this niche and then make good money from this trade.

  1. Start a Real Estate Photographer Business

The real estate industry too is a good way to delve into the photography business. Real estate agents also make use of pictures. This is why you may want to consider starting a real estate photography business. The pictures taken make good listing in magazines and also can be used for publication of real estates related articles.

  1. Start a Photography School

One of the best things that you could possibly do to make money in the photography niche is to start a photography school. This is provided that you are versed in the trade. This is one of the reasons why you have got to get adequate training in photography so that you can be able to teach the skills that you have learnt to other people.

  1. Go into the Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography is one of the photography fortes that are in high demand. If you are interested in covering the wedding niche of photography, you can consider becoming a wedding photographer. You must bear in mind that you have to be very imaginative to succeed in this business.

  1. Delve into Fashion Photography

Fashion and trends come and go. What is in vogue this minute might not necessarily be in vogue next season? This is one of the reasons why you may consider being a fashion photographer so that you can capture what the industry is really like and how it evolves. You can do this by covering fashion shows, events, red carpet sessions and what have you.

  1. Have a Photography Studio

These days the photography studio business has continued to make more and more money. This is because of the importance of capturing memories. This is one of the reasons why you may want to consider having a photography studio where people can come to and have a good experience.

  1. Start a Commercial Photography Business

This is a wonderful niche especially if you want to attract big brands as clients. It will entail that you are versed in the branding niche. This is because you will have to deal with Products, Advertising and Marketing imaging.

  1. Start a Portrait and Family Photography Business

If you have started in the photography line and do not know the niche to settle in for, you may want to consider starting a portrait and family photography business. You can consider restricting your niche in photography to just the families. This means that your clients will predominantly be family people.

  1. Pet Photography

If you are in love with pets you may want to consider starting a photography business that revolves around this. This is why you can consider that pet photography niche. It is an interesting niche and more and more people are making good money from it.

  1. Wildlife Photography

There are some experts who are saddled with capturing various wildlife themes. This is one area that you can look at going into if you have the penchant for wildlife photography. There is always a ready market for this kind of business.

  1. Police, Law Enforcement and Criminal Forensic Imaging photography

Yet another not too popular photography niche that you can look into is the police and law enforcement forensic imaging. This entails that you keep tabs with what is happing in the law industry in your environment so that you can capture the images and use them for blogs or sell them to magazines.

13. Insect Photography

Have you ever seen where insects are gathered and the pictures are being captured? I bet you wondered why anyone should waste precious time capturing insects. Well, for your information, insect photography is one niche that you should look into if you love insects.

  1. Newspaper and Magazine Photojournalism

More often than not, some newspapers and magazines do not have in house photographers. They rely on buying pictures of their choice. This is where photojournalism comes in handy. You can make good money from this trade at any time and at any day.

  1. Glamour and Boudoir Photography

This niche is relatively a good one as more and more people have continued to do well in this niche. You too can make good money from this trade if you do your due diligence.

  1. Fashion and Modelling Photography

This might seem like the most popular niche in the photography business but the truth is that it is one of the best ways to get known all over the world. Aside from making money, one of the things that is synonymous with this business is that you will be known by all and sundry and before you know it you would become a household name.

  1. Digital Photo Editing

A lot of people are in the photography trade. This is enough reason to be in the photo editing niche. One of the ways that you can help solve the problem in this niche is by doing all you can to see that you do so well.

  1. Nature Photography

The beauty of nature cannot be quantified. This is why it becomes really vital that nature is captured through the lenses. Those who choose this path of photography can be sure to make good money as the market is very wide.

  1. War Correspondent Photographer

Without mincing words, there is war in some places and there are not much correspondents who have the guts to go capture what may be happening there. This is why it is very essential to have war correspondent around. You too can start this niche of business and be sure to make good money from it.

  1. Adventure and Sports Photography

The sports business all over the globe is serious business. This is why you should not toy with the sporting niche. If you want to delve into a niche you may want to consider the adventure and sporting niche. This is because it is broad and attracts a lot of people.

  1. Travel Photography

If you love travelling you can tinker with converting this into a business. One of the ways to do this is to start a travelling photography business. There is a lot to be garnered and you can be sure to make good money from it.

  1. Aerial Photography

If you are wondering how on earth this got into the list of niches in photography, it might interest you to know that there are a lot of views that can be captured when one is inflight. In fact there is a whole lot to be viewed and captured. Those who are already in the trade know how in demand their pictures can get.

  1. Campus Photography

You may want to agree that there are a lot of activities happening on campus. A lot of students just love to have fun and one of the ways they do this is by posing for pictures and watching them come out nice. If you think you fancy this, you may want to consider dabbling into this niche.

  1. Celebrity Photographer

The Paparazzi will always be in the news. They have been around for a very long time and will not go into extinction any soon. These folks daily smile to the bank as they capture pictures and stories that concerns celebrities on a daily basis. You too can think to join the bandwagon.

  1. Interior Photography

If you have a love for well-designed interiors, you may want to consider building a business around this profession. This is because by capturing and selling the pictures you will be able to help people solve some problems of being undecided about the kind of interior to adopt.

  1. UnderWater Photography

This may sound weird, but the truth remains that it is a photography niche. To delve into this class of photography business, it will be essential to garner some scuba diving and swimming skills.

Some of the roles of an Underwater photographer is to take pictures of fishes, aquatic animals, wreckages, seaweeds and other thought-provoking underwater backdrops. These pictures are sold to people who need them for documentaries, exploration or investigations especially when there has been an accident.

  1. Start a Re-photography Business

What is Re- photography? Re-photography encompasses capturing pictures of a place that had been earlier captured after a while. For instance, pictures of a city before the millennium could be taken again in the millennium. Photos of this sort are mainly used for survey and scientific studies.

  1. Offer Digital Printing service

Times have continued to change and right now it is the digital photographs that are in vogue. Digital photographs have occupied the space of the analogue photographs. It is no wonder that the various equipment needed to print digital photos isn’t available. You could do this along with other forms of photography.

  1. Start a Photograph Restoration Service Business

A lot of us have pictures we love that were taken several years ago but may now be damaged.  Some of the duties of this kind of photographer is that they fix such old pictures so that they can become visible again.

  1. Venture into Portrait Photography

As a portrait photographer, your job would include capturing pictures and making them into beautiful portraits for your clients. Portraits are usually more expensive than regular pictures. As you look to go into this type of niche, bear at the back of your mind that you need to do some marketing and advertising for your business in order to get the right clients.

  1. Be an Astronomy Photographer

You may be wondering what this photography niche is all about. Well, it involves capturing pictures of astronomical entities like the moon, stars, galaxies and other planets. If you are in love with this niche, be sure to garner plenty of experience and knowledge.

  1. Documentary Photography

This niche at the moment is selling like wildfire as more and more people are beginning to start this photography business. This is because more and more documentaries have continued to emerge. If you think you do not want to miss out on the documentary niche, then you need to take documentary photography seriously.

  1. Industrial photography

If you love adventures, one other way to get this penchant underway is to take to industrial photography. This is all about looking at various industries and becoming a photographer in this regard. There is a whole lot to capture in this regard. Be sure to be strategic as you delve into this business.

  1. Scientific Photography

This has to do with capturing any scientific trend and milestone. This sort of photography appeals to people who have a strong penchant for science. This photography niche isn’t saturated just yet and so you can make a big entrance into this niche and harness what it has in store.

  1. Arts and abstract imaging

If you have a love for arts and painting then you may want to take this passion to another level by becoming an arts and abstract imaging photographer. This sort of picture appeals to art lovers.

  1. Health Photographer

There is a lot going on in the health industry. This is why it would be a very good move to become a health photographer. You would be saddled with capturing all the milestones and trends in the health industry.

  1. Entertainment Photographer

This is different from being a celebrity photographer. What you would be required to do in this instance is to go all out and capture happenings in the entertainment and showbiz world through your lenses. You can thereafter sell the pictures to those that might be in need of it.

  1. Technology Photographer

The technology photographer is saddled  with things that have to do with technology. Some of them include; capturing the new release of phones, electronics and other gizmos.

  1. Start a Photography Consulting Firm

One of the things that you should know about the trade is that it can be done on a consulting level. If you have cut your teeth to an extent in the industry, then you can consult at any level you want. Consulting puts you at an advantageous position because you are able to coach people in the industry.

  1. Start a Photography Mentorship

More often than not, people delve into photography because their mentor did. This is one of the reasons why you may want to start a photography mentorship plan. These days more than ever before, people are looking for mentors to groom them.

  1. Start a Photography online masterclass

These days there is the craze for a masterclass as more and more people are trying to hone their skills in various niches of life. You may consider helping people in photography by starting an online photography master class.

  1. Organize a Photography Fair

The way fairs are springing up these days, one may begin to think that it is a money spinner. Well indeed it could spin in loads of money if you are well versed in the trade. Therefore, you may want to consider starting photography fair so as to bring a lot of people together.

  1. Halloween Photography

Whenever Halloween comes, people are usually excited and this is one of the reasons the celebration is always a memorable one. It is for this reason that you may look at starting a business around Halloween photography.

  1. Plant Photography

There are plenty of plants and leafy things. As a matter of fact there are several ways that you can capture plant images and turn them into money making venture. You will need to be in love with plants for you to be able to do this well.

45. Bird Photography

If you have always loved birds, one way to take this passion to another level is to start a bird photo capturing venture. There are a lot of people who will be interested in seeing images captured with birds.

46. Automobile Photography

There are some people whose niche in photography is just to capture new automobiles. They are saddled with releasing new automobile images.

There you have it. Very viable photography business ideas that you have got to look critically at before dabbling into it