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Where to Find Good Employees Fast

The success of any business hinges largely on its employees—their skills, experience, zeal for success, and ability to work smoothly with colleagues and customers. This explains why every company wants to find the best candidates for its job openings.

If you run a small business, then finding the right employees is even more important because you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to hire an employee that won’t be an asset to your company. That is, you can’t afford a bad hire.

Your first step towards finding the best employees for your business is to list the various skills, qualifications, experience, and other requirements that your ideal candidate must meet. Then you can start searching for your idea candidate.

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Now, listing the qualities you want in your idea employee is very easy. Where the huge task lies is in finding the right employees to fill the vacant position in your company. You may receive a ton of applications for the job position, yet still have none of them getting close to your being your ideal candidate. Many businesses face this problem.

When you are unable to find the right employees on time, you will either have to settle for mediocre ones who would will not contribute to the growth of your business in any way or make some of your current staff do the work meant for the employee you are on the lookout for. Both options are bad. They can cripple your business.

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Rather than go for one of both nasty options, you can get your dream employees by simply being proactive. That is, rather than expect good employees to come to you, you go out to look for them, and you will find lots of them. Here are the best places to find good employees quickly when you need them urgently.

4 Guaranteed Best Places to Find Good Employees Fast

1. In-house networking events

You probably have known that industry networking events are great avenues for connecting with and establishing relationships with potential business partners or mentors. But did you know that these events also double as great avenues for finding good employees? Just as you attend such events with the aim of finding new potential business partners, many job seekers also attend with the aim of finding job placements.

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If you are looking to hire great employees, you can simply host an industry networking event, and you will find in attendance many job seekers that are interested in working within your industry or particularly for your business.

While most job seekers scour the pages of online job boards every day with the aim of finding a job some day, smart job seekers attend industry networking events because they see these events as an avenue to establish connections and find their dream employers. This explains why you are more than likely to find smart, proactive, and intelligent employees at these events.

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2. Panels and lectures

Like networking events, industry panels and lectures are held all the time, especially in larger metropolitan areas, and they serve as a great platform for industry leaders to rub minds and share valuable knowledge and experience with each other. In addition, panels and lectures can provide you with good candidates to choose from, because many job seekers attend these events.

You can make it known during the program that your company is hiring, and you will get a good number of good candidates for your company’s vacant positions.

3. Social media

Before now, social media used to be an unconventional avenue for finding the right employees because only few employers and employees used social media for purposes other than catch fun. However, in today’s job market, social media has become more standard. More and more job seekers are aware of the benefits of setting up profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn, which are great platforms through which they can be found and hired by employers.

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If your company has profiles on the major social media platforms—such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn; then you can easily find right employees from among your followers. One advantage of hiring an employee on social media is that you will most likely hire someone who already understands your business and is familiar with your products or services.

4. Online career fairs

Before now, physical career fairs were common. But now, online career fairs are becoming more popular alternatives. Online fairs serve as an avenue to showcase your business without the travel and other huge expenses that come with physical career fairs. Another advantage of online career fairs is that you can find good out-of-area candidates who would not be able to attend and in-person event.