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10 Best POS System for your Pizza Shop

One of the first things you need to understand is that a POS that works efficiently for a retail business might not be exactly efficient and ideal for a pizza shop.

This is true especially when you consider the fact that pizza shops depend more on delivery than walk-ins and the ideal POS system for a pizza shop will need to make it convenient to take orders and manage delivery.

Although there are numerous things to take into account when choosing the perfect one for your pizza shop, ease of use is essential coupled with the capability to track orders and delivery. And if you are looking for a POS system that comes with these features below are good options to consider.

Best POS System for Pizza Shop

  1. Revel Systems

This multifaceted POS comes with numerous important features such as integrated, maps-based dispatching and staff-facing smartphone apps for delivery drivers.

It also offers you the platform to use multiple payment processors, and this makes it easier for pizza shops with high foot traffic to shop for the best processing rates.

It also comes with complex combo-building features, coupled with an open application programming interface (API), and this makes it an ideal choice for a pizza shop eager for a comprehensive and customizable cloud-based POS.

  1. SpotOn

SpotOn has become renowned as one of the best cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) systems for restaurants and pizza businesses.

It comes with a wide range of important POS features as well as hardware devices that a pizza shop requires to succeed, coupled with a handful of features and add-ons tailored to this specific industry.

Another very important feature that sets this system apart is its customer support and the fact that it also offers setup and training.

  1. Toast

This is a reliable hybrid POS system that operates on industry-grade Toast terminals and handheld devices. Over the years, this system has impressed users with its user-friendliness as well as the good number of available functions.

You will love its many essential features which include complex nested modifiers, delivery management, driver management, and online ordering—that make it a great fit for pizza shops.

Aside from that, note that Toast offers pay-as-you-go options for up to two POS terminals to ensure that small pizza shops can leverage their services and platforms for no upfront cost.

  1. Truffle Systems

You would want to check out this POS system as it is built and managed by a company that is well-known for food service point-of-sale systems.

Another reason you should consider this system for your pizza shop is that it comes with the “GoBox,” a contactless food locker system that optimizes the pickup process for your customers and drivers.

It helps to ensure that you can reduce crowding in front-of-house areas and avoid issues or complications during deliveries.

You will also relish the unified dashboard because it gives you control over operations be it front-of-house or back-office; ordering, fulfillment, pickup, delivery, inventory management, or even customer loyalty programs.

  1. Square for Restaurants

The free version can serve for small businesses to use on unlimited terminals. The hardware version can be used separately since there are no long-term contracts.

Pizza shops don’t need complicated order modifiers and will want to go with this system especially since it offers a user-friendly system. Also, note Square POS features a free online ordering site to ensure that you can easily accept online orders as well.

  1. SpeedLine

This locally installed POS has proven to be a valid option for pizza shops for decades. It comes with order variations on a single screen as well as automated promo applications, that automatically note when an order is eligible for a combo or existing promotion.

You will also appreciate its call center software integrations that make it possible to outsource your phones on busy nights.

Also, note that the order screen lets you indicate ingredients on signature pies to ensure that your cashiers don’t waste any time adding and subtracting ingredients and making custom pizzas.

  1. TouchBistro

It has proven to be perfect for independent full-service restaurants while also showing its effectiveness in ensuring that pizza shops and other food establishments can manage their operations.

You will also love the fact that its intuitive design comes with a wide range of rich features, providing a top-quality user experience.

Users also appreciate the convenience of a hybrid cloud/server system, guaranteeing your data is always accessible and secure, and this is essential in the fast-paced business environment.

  1. Slice Register

This particular system is well known for being the simplest plug-and-play solution when considering POS systems for a pizza shop.

Keep in mind that even smaller pizza shops can easily plug in the Slice terminal, input menu items, and begin accepting in-person and online orders in a single afternoon. Aside from that, you will love that it comes with varying options for brand management as well as customer marketing.

  1. Lightspeed Restaurant

You would also love this powerful, cloud-based POS system for its uniqueness, speed, strong online ordering, and delivery, as well as e-commerce features that make it valid and a top choice for a pizza shop.

Lightspeed was bought by Upserve in 2020, and its data analytics engine was upgraded with detailed sales, inventory, menu, as well as employee performance features that all work to ensure that users can optimize operations while also reducing costs through data-driven decision-making.

Aside from that, the advanced analytics guarantee comprehensive visibility into sales trends, bestselling and underperforming menu items, server efficiency, as well as other metrics.

  1. HungerRush 360

Although this system was initially built for pizza shops, its updated version comes with a wide range of critical tools built by its grandaddy system, such as speed screens that feature build-your-own pizza and payment options on a single screen.

It also comes with built-in tools for ordering using multiple channels—online, mobile app, and text. If you are looking for software that comes with the basic features you need to run your pizza shop, this is a good option to try.