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How to Prevent Age Discrimination in the Workplace

The work place is one place employees want to be free in. They want to be sure that they can be able to carry out their duties without being under duress. However, this may not be the case at all times as more and more people are beginning to see that there are various discriminations that affect folks in the work place. One of such discriminations is age discrimination.

It has been predicted that there will be about 25 million people over the age of 50. Age discrimination has therefore continued to be adjudged illegal. It is important to note that other things that stem from this discrimination include regulatory demands and unfairness at work.

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There are however things that can be done to prevent age discrimination in the workplace and they include;

  1. Have a Full Grasp of the Age Discrimination Issue

One of the foremost things that you will need to do is to deliberate all aspects of how you employ people to safeguard freedom in order to prevent age discrimination. Study your recruitment policy, your employment terms and conditions, promotions and transfers, as well as training. You will need to also evaluate policies and procedures to recognize areas of age bias. Be sure to judiciously evaluate your employees, from directors to managers to be sure there is no age discrimination or bullying.

  1. Own a Policy

Every organization has to be sure that they have a policy. The policy should entail a clear definition of age discrimination and have a reporting system where grievance can be reported. Let everyone know how to report incidents, this will help whoever is in charge to know how to take actions.

  1. Have Competent Leaders

Guarantee that your directors and managers are not only acquainted with the law and your company’s new policy, but that they are also committed to its maintenance. It is very essential that you try as much as you can to have really competent people at the managerial rank. You do not want people who are half baked to man the affairs of your company.

  1. Be Really Clear On Your Position

Glaringly communicate your age discrimination policy to all and sundry by proclaiming it at an all-employees meeting, as well as publicizing it in detail on bulletin boards. You may also consider printing an employee’s handbook for the people.

  1. Train the Employees to Avoid Age Discrimination

It is also important that you hire a professional to carry out training to raise employee awareness. The exercise should aim at making all and sundry to be aware of this and also to teach them ways to curb it. You can also have a punishment system where employees who flout this policy can face a consequence.

  1. Promotion and Training for All

Openings for promotion, job-related training or other development opportunities should be readily accessible to all employees irrespective of age. Ensure that the prerequisite is such that is flexible for all to be a part of.

  1. Encourage mentoring

Corporations that encourage mentoring are commonly peaceful, conducive and they are a great place to work. Let people help themselves bring out the best in one another and help push themselves to the very top of their careers irrespective of age.