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What is a Private Label Candle Making Business?

A private label candle-making business is a business focused on manufacturing candles and candle accessories that third parties can sell as their own. Note that these businesses don’t market, brand, or retail any of their products, instead they specialize in manufacturing candles and related accessories that are sold to other companies, who then sell those candles to other businesses or consumers.

Candles are well renowned as one of those consumer products that never go out of style — they make a good gift for any receiver, are a unique addition to every home décor, and provide a matchless ambiance — which can explain why the global scented candles market size was estimated at USD 533.5 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 543.6 million in 2023. According to reports, the growth of the market is induced by a rise in the number of hotels, restaurants, wellness facilities, and religious institutions.

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Have it in mind that candles can be made from various ingredients like soy wax, or beeswax, and these can be organic, or cruelty- and chemical-free. In addition, candles can be handmade, machine-made, scented with different fragrances, unscented, or even made with aromatherapy oils.

In addition, aside from home aesthetics, there are candles made for other uses such as birthday cake candles, tea light candles for heating hot plates, votives for church use, or citronella candles for repelling mosquitoes and other insects. Immediately you’ve chosen the types of candles you intend to sell, then you can start looking for a private label candle-making business that suits your needs.

Top Private Label Candle Making Business in the United States

While private labeling can help any business enterprise become lucrative, there are a few companies that stand out. This might be due to a combination of sourcing quality products, establishing strong relationships with customers, and engaging in memorable branding. Nonetheless, if you are looking to start a candle business, here are the top private label candle-making businesses in the United States to choose from.

  1. Custom Candles

This is a Los Angeles-based family-owned candle company that offers private label candle solutions and packaging to customers on a vast range of candle products, such as holiday, luxury, travel, religious, and wedding candles.

  1. Tropical Marketing Products

Tropical Marketing Products is well respected as a private label custom product manufacturer that designs and makes soy wax candles from vegetable oils in a vast range of shapes, sizes, scents, and styles, in glass jars.

  1. Acadian Candles

Acadian Candles make top-notch hand-crafted candles for private labeling from its corporate manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota.

  1. GlobalTech Industries, Inc.

This is a customer-focused contract manufacturer of scented candles and home fragrance products, offering unique concept design, research and technical development, and shipment services for private label customers.

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5. Paramold Manufacturing LLC

According to reports, this company has been a family-owned candle-making business with over 165 years to its name and remains one of the biggest candle and wax manufacturers in the US, manufacturing products from its 16-acre, 60,000 square foot facility situated in Sayville, New York.

  1. Fleurty Wick Boutique Candle Co.

Located in Cartersville, Georgia, Fleurty Wick is renowned for making eco-friendly soy wax candles with 100 percent cotton wicks, and fragrances topped with essential oils for private label customers, offering custom fragrance development, custom packaging, and sourcing, and product photography, and fulfillment.

  1. EAP Innovations

Note that this is an American manufacturing company located in Pennsylvania quite popular for making different types of container candles leveraging their custom-wax house-blend formula, or customers’ own preferred materials, for private labeling.

  1. 76008 Candle Co.

Have it in mind that this company offers 4-oz or 6-oz candles in recycled amber jars, in a vast range of scents — with an option to make your own — with or without a label, with a minimum order of $50 for no label, or $200 for custom logo products.

  1. Amy’s Country Candles

Well popular in the candle-making industry, Amy’s County Candles makes hand-poured, triple-scented candles in canisters, mason jars, and other glassware in Louisiana. Note that other products include pure fragrance oils, hand sanitizers, and air and car fresheners.

  1. Calwax

Calwax is renowned for offering private labeling, custom manufacturing, laboratory research and analysis, custom bonding, and specialty packaging on a host of many types of candle wax including soy blend, coconut blend, and coconut-apricot blend.

  1. Seventh Avenue Apothecary

Notably, this company provides clients the platform to select from their in-house artisan-made, 100 percent soy candle designs or to make their own custom designs for candles for every occasion.

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In the United States, a good number of these private candle making businesses have their own set catalog of candles that you can select from, and some even offer the privilege of the same products in a wide range of colors and/or ingredients or scents, while some will let you work with them in the design process to make candles that are unique to you and your establishment.