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Productivity Improvement Quotes

Have you ever given a thought to the need for employee productivity improvement? Are you operating your business at its planned efficiency? Do you know that your employee’s productivity can be increased simply by triggering the right sensor? Do you know that most successful entrepreneurs work for 80 hours per week? What’s responsible for their high level of productivity? This article is going to provide the answers you need directly from the horse mouth.

“I’m not afraid of turning 80 and I have lots of things to do. I don’t have time for dying.” – Ingvar Kamprad

In an article I previously, I stressed the point that finding good employees is one of the business challenges faced by entrepreneurs. I even went further to explain that the real business challenge is the forging of your employees into a business team; the real challenging is transferring your passion into them so that they can operate at high efficiency.

“Before you assign a task, know the facts of the situation and the facts about the staffers who will do the work. Make recommendations and give directions in specific terms with recognizable objectives. Give as few orders as possible.” – The Mafia Manager

Today, I will be sharing with you some quotes and strategies for employee productivity improvement; these are the same productivity strategies applied by successful entrepreneurs. I will also be providing you some productivity quotes that will help you operate at high efficiency. If you are ready, then let’s ride.

“Sandwich every bit of criticism between two layers of praise.” – Mary Kay Ash

50 Productivity Quotes and Strategies for Increasing Employee Efficiency

1. “Don’t encourage overtime. Tell your people that the best way to impress you is to do a great job in the time allotted for it and then go home and relax.” – The Mafia Manager

2. “Strategically, a major function of the CEO is to look for bad news and encourage the organization to respond to it. Employees must be encouraged to share bad news as much as good news.” – Bill Gates

3. “There is little difference in people but that little difference makes big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” – W. Clement Stone

4. “If you are interested in balancing work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.” – Donald Trump

5. “Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes; the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand. The Irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.” – Henry Ford

6. “If you see a snake, just kill it. Don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” – Henry Ross Perot

7. I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.” – J. Paul Getty

8. “Do not primarily train men to work. Train them to serve willingly and intelligently.” – James Cash Penny

9. “Work hard, have fun and make history.” – Jeff Bezos

10. “In some ways, getting away from the headquarters and having a little time to reflect allows you to find errors in your strategy. You get to rethink things. Often, that helps me correct a mistake that I made or someone else is about to make.” – Larry Ellison

11. “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” – Mary Kay Ash

12. “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

13. “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

14. “Executives owe it to the organization and to their fellow workers not to tolerate non performing individuals in important jobs.” – Peter F. Drucker

15. “You must fire bad customers just as you would fire a bad employee. If you do not get rid of your bad employees, the good employees will leave. If I do not fire bad customers, not only will my good customers leave but many of my good employees will leave as well.” – Rich Dad

16. “Screw it, let’s do it.” – Richard Branson

17. “If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them.” – Jack Welch

18. “I have never run into a guy who could win at the top level in anything today and didn’t have the right attitude, didn’t give it everything he had, at least while he was doing it; wasn’t prepared and didn’t have the whole program worked out.” – Ted Turner

19. “I get to do what I like to do every single day of the year.” – Warren Buffett

20. “I’m not afraid of turning 80 and I have lots of things to do. I don’t have time for dying.” – Ingvar Kamprad

21. “Kindness is more powerful than compulsion.” – Charles Schwab

22. “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” – Sam Walton

23. “When people are placed in positions slightly above what they expect, they are apt to excel.” – Richard Branson

24. “The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and continue to work. I know life is a journey, not a destination. That’s also true in business. Your objectives keep moving.” – Thomas J. Burrell

25. “I hire people brighter than me and I get out of their way.” – Lee Iacocca

26. “The best thing to invest in your business is your time. To schedule, plan and use time effectively, know your turf and know your objectives. Assess the obstacles and opportunities, then devise your strategies.” – The Mafia Manager

27. “It is not really work if you are having fun.” – Pierre Omidyar

28. “Don’t allow idleness to deceive you, for while you give him today; he steals tomorrow from you.” – H. Croccoquill

29. “Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation.” – Brian Tracy

30. “Love what you are doing because that’s the only way you’ll ever be really good at it.” – Fred Trump

31. “Think of many things; do one.” – Portuguese proverb

32. “My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too.” – Jack Welch

33. “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” – Thomas Edison

34. “People problems must sometimes be dealt with harshly. When you make an example of someone, make sure everyone knows what the lesson is. Punish one, teach a hundred.” – The Mafia Manager

35. “Follow effective actions with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” – Peter F. Drucker

36. “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.” – Steve Jobs

37. “I never trust an executive who tends to pass the buck. Nor would I want to deal with him as a customer or a supplier.” – James Cash Penny

38. “Remember, not even a machine is 100 percent efficient. Don’t expect the humans who work for you to be.” – The Mafia Manager

39. “The most important ‘speed’ issue is often not technical but cultural. It’s convincing everyone that the company’s survival depends on everyone moving as fast as possible.” – Bill Gates

40. “Choose the time of day or night when your energies are highest and conduct business at that time.” – The Mafia Manager

41. “The 1980s will seem like a walk in the park when compared to new global challenges, where annual productivity increases of 6% may not be enough. A combination of software, brains, and running harder will be needed to bring that percentage up to 8% or 9%.” – Jack Welch

42. “Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone; don’t keep it secret.” – Mary Kay Ash

43. “Punishing honest mistakes stifles creativity. I want people moving and shaking the earth and they are going to make mistakes.” – Henry Ross Perot

44. “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.” – Henry Ford

45. “Reward worthy failure – Experimentation.” – Bill Gates

46. “In the end, you are measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplished.” – Donald Trump

47. “The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make people believe that what they think and do is important – and then get out of their way while they do it.” – Jack Welch

48. “My definition of an executive’s job is brief and straight to the point. It’s simply this: Getting things done through other people.” – James Cash Penny

49. “The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.” – James Cash Penny

50.“There will be times when you will have to be abrasive, even brutal to members of your staff. Don’t worry that your people will say bad things about you because of this. They already have. But in general, try to be pleasant and accommodating. Try to please the greatest number who work for you that you can; antagonize the fewest. Blow smoke.” – The Mafia Manager