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8 Best Propane Regulator for Food Truck

As a food trucker, it is important you understand that propane regulators are very essential to reduce the variable cylinder pressure to the constant low pressure required by your kitchen appliances.

Have it in mind that propane tends to be stored at very high pressure while in the tank–much higher than your appliances might in any way handle. Howbeit, a propane regulator handles that high pressure and reduces it to a pressure usable for your food truck systems.

It is important to reiterate that these products come in both low-pressure and high-pressure regulators. In the market, you would also find single-stage regulators, along with two-stage regulators.

Although they vary from one model to another, note that you can have one or two propane tanks connected. For food trucks with two tanks, you can opt for regulators known as auto changeover regulators. Howbeit, all still work to ensure that you have a steady and smooth flow of gas.

These and more are the primary reasons why you should find the best propane regulators for your food truck. Nevertheless, here are the top options to consider.

Best Propane Regulator for Food Truck

  1. Camco Vertical Two-Stage Propane Regulator

This propane regulator is one of the top options to consider since it offers 160,000 BTUs per hour and is designed primarily for one food truck propane tank. Aside from that, this propane regulator model has a first and second stage, which ensures that you always enjoy a consistent and smooth flow of gas to your appliances.

  1. Heater Propane Regulator

If you are looking for a solid and heavy-duty regulator, then you should consider this one because it has around 200,000 BTU max flow. Aside from that, note that it boasts of a contemporary design and simple look, and it is built with a rugged and sturdy brass body and frame for extra strength.

Also, note that this regulator features a pre-installed POL fitting to ensure that the user finds things easier and more convenient during installation. You will also find a plastic cover to safeguard the valve from the sun and any other damage that might prevent it from functioning.

  1. Flame King Regulator

This is another option to consider when searching for a good regulator. Note that this high-quality unit is rated at 190,000 BTUs per hour capacity and ensures that you can remove one cylinder without affecting your propane supply. It simply entails that you can pick up the empty tank to get it refilled without having to turn off your fridge, furnace, or anything else that uses your propane tanks.

  1. GasOne Two-Stage Propane Regulator

Another dual regulator from GasOne that is unique and affordable, this regulator ensures a smooth and leak-free propane connection. Although it is primarily designed food trucks, also note that it is ideal for propane heaters, generators, and propane-based appliances.

Aside from that, this two-stage regulator gives you the opportunity to control the propane pressure that is required for your specific device.

  1. Camco Horizontal 2-Stage Propane Regulator

Note that this regulator is known for its 160,000 BTUs per hour. It is renowned as being one of the most popular choices amongst food truckers. Have it in mind that most of them go for this regulator since it is on the lower end of the price range and is designed for one propane tank. Nevertheless, the main complaint is that it will eventually break.

  1. Fairview 2-Stage Propane Regulator

Although on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price, this is a good option to consider if you are seeking a good and reliable regulator.

Note that this regulator offers around 262,500 BTUs. It has proven to be a wonderful substitute for leaky regulator valves on larger food trucks. However, have it in mind that you will be expected to purchase the mounting screws separately.

Also, note that this regulator allows you to connect two propane tanks. However, you will need to buy the pigtails as it doesn’t come with those extra pieces. It is also designed to be an automatic changeover regulator, as such it will switch to the next tank once one runs out.

  1. KIBOW Two-Stage Propane Regulator

This regulator has proven over the years to be one of the best in the market. Have in mind that this propane regulator offers numerous benefits even for their price. Available for purchase at less than $30 with 165,000 BTUs, you should most definitely consider this option. Aside from that, note that the model is meant for vertical mounting and can be used with pigtails.

  1. Marshall Excelsior Propane Regulator

Excelsior is well noted for being a reliable brand and this regulator has proven to have the capacity to power a Food truck propane system efficiently. Have it in mind that this regulator is made of a durable and long-lasting raw zinc material to guarantee that it holds up to just about any harm or damage. Aside from that, it is also rated to handle and pump out up to 225,000 BTU.

In addition, note that it comes with an automatic dual tank regulator, and the device ensures you won’t run out of propane anytime soon. Another key factor to note about the regulator is that it features a color indicator to let you know when the tanks need to be refilled

Regardless of the regulator you go for, it is recommended that you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when making connections and use the correct-sized wrench. In addition, do not make the mistake of over-tightening the regulator, and do not force a regulator if it does not fit easily. It is crucial you ensure that the outlet pressure of the regulator is the same as the inlet pressure of the appliance.