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8 Best Propane Tank Holders for Food Truck

Are you remodeling your food truck and you are considering what type of propane tank holder to use? If YES, here are 8 best propane tank holder for food trucks.

Propane tanks are a vital piece of equipment for almost every type of party trailer or food truck, irrespective of the type of on-the-go cuisine and beverages you plan to serve up. These tanks are expected to be stored properly for safety and easy transportation.

If you’ve been operating a food truck for a considerable length of time, you probably already know that the topic of “best location and position for a propane tank” is a hotly debated one.

Some builders advocate for propane tanks to be installed horizontally in a protected compartment underneath your food truck. Others recommend that propane tanks should be installed vertically at the rear of the vehicle. However, horizontally installed propane tanks located underneath the food truck are considered safer by most builders.

Note that the factor justification most frequently cited is that by having a tank installed in a protective compartment underneath the unit protects the unit from being hit in the event of a vehicle accident.

But still note that placing of the propane tank underneath the food truck also comes with its own risks. By positioning the tank underneath the food truck, it is more prone to hitting debris on the road. Even something as simple as a large speed bump in a parking lot has created problems for vendors.

There are other safety concerns beyond debris to be considered as well. When your propane tank is positioned underneath a food unit, it is less visible and harder to check for leaks.

Vertically installed tanks, on the other hand, are fully visible and can be more easily inspected. Vertical installation allows for quicker and easier filling or tank swapping. A 100 pound vertically installed tank (as an example) is more affordable per unit than a horizontal tank.

On the on average, per unit, the cost could be roughly $150 – $200 more for horizontal. In addition, as your business grows and you get busier, you’ll find that you’ll need to refill your tanks steadily.

It is not at all uncommon for a food truck to need to refill their tanks every 2 – 4 days. Therefore, by installing the propane tanks vertically, it will be easier and faster to swap out or fill the tanks. This can be a major benefit to busy trucks that regularly need to refill their tanks.

Howbeit, no food truck vendor wants to pose a risk to other drivers on the road. It is also advisable to confirm local guidelines in your area before having a propane tank installed as they differ in each city.

Propane tanks kept on the outside of a truck require a propane tank mount or holder. These holders are designed to keep the propane tank safe and secure, while still allowing easy access for refilling. They have a base plate, which is usually welded or bolted to the frame of your truck, which holds the weight of the two cylinders.

The tank holder will then have a heavy – duty rod coming up from the centre of the base plate, and a bracket affixed to the top of the rod to hold the two tanks in place. Some racks may come equipped with hoses and a changeover switch, to change the cylinder from which your propane system is drawing; if not, a changeover switch can be added.

Most propane tank holders are made of powder – coated steel or aluminium and are typically equipped to hold two cylinders of the same size. If you are looking to acquire a mount or Holder for your propane tank, here are top options to consider.

Best Propane Tank Holder for Food Truck

1. Vestil CB – W – S wall – mounted bracket

This mount or holder will is made of steel and comes with a strap with a buckle, and can be used to hold one gas cylinder measuring up to 12” in diameter (cylinder sold separately). Steel is resistant to impacts, wear, and corrosion. The strap and buckle can be tightened around the Propane Tank to secure it.

Also note that rubber guards along the edges of the bracket help keep the tank from getting scratched. Holes in the bracket can be used to mount it to a wall (fasteners sold separately). The bracket weighs 3 lb.

2. Camco 57236 Stabilizing Base

Camco’s Cylinder Stabilizing Base for propane tanks helps prevent accidental tipping of your propane tank, especially during transport. This holder is meant for 20 pound or 30 pound propane tanks. The impact resistant base attaches easily to the tank to keep the cylinder in place during storage or travel. Push tank firmly into the Stabilizing Base for a tight secure snug fit.

3. Dual Propane Bottle Rack

This rack is designed to hold two (2) 20 pounds propane tanks securely in place while travelling with your truck. It boasts of being fast and easy to use, just place your tank(s) on to the rack and tighten down the tee bracket to the top of the tanks with the wing nut, it is that simple.

Made from a durable powder coated steel and it also comes with a complete set of Tank Base, Steel Rod, Tee Bracket and Wing Nut.

4. EZGO – Propane Tank Holder

This holder keeps your tank in a safe, upright and secured position during movement, so that any anxiety is alleviated during this dreaded chore.

EZGO also creates a barrier between a dirty/greasy tank and the interior of your truck. Note that the special base surface grips the ground so that any chance of sliding is greatly reduced. Once the truck is parked, the EZGO can be used to secure your “backup” tank because “If you have one tank, you better have two!“

EZGO is made with great quality so it can be left outdoors year round keeping a tank secured in place. By doing so, the tank remains off the ground thereby eliminating that “rusty ring”, which in turn helps protect your deck or patio.

5. Camco 40539 Heavy – Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank

This holder is made of heavy – duty polypropylene and protects propane gas bottles from flying debris while streamlining the look of your rig.

It is quite easy to assemble in about 15 minutes with supplied hardware. Slip the custom moulded assembled unit over the bottles for a safe, secure fit and UV protection against sun damage. The design provides easier access to gas valves and changeover valves. It fits 20 pound or 30 pound steel double tanks.

6. The Black Boar Single Storage Container

This is a great and diverse organizational accessory for truckers. It will help reduce the clutter and keep your items in order while you are in transit.

The Single Fuel Jug Storage Container easily mounts to the floor of your truck. Once installed, it can hold one propane tank effectively. Made of durable aluminium, the Single Fuel Jug Storage Container has external dimensions of 12 – 1/4 – inches (W) x 11 – 5/8 – inches (H) x 11 – inches (D).

7. Tanksetter Propane Tank Base

This is a less expensive way to easily and safely transport your propane tanks/cylinders. Created from durable, high density polypropylene, the Tanksetter will provide years of use, convenience and safety.

It is been thoroughly tested for strength, rigidity and stability in many situations and will withstand continued use for many years. It keeps tank in good condition, especially on uneven ground. Securely attaches through holes in bottom ring.

8. Sunstone Happy Roller

With this holder, it is easy to transport the propane tank to and fro any location. Made of durable aluminium and plastic, it rolls easily across the patio, deck or drive and is designed to roll up or down stairs with little effort. It even securely holds the tank in place during transport, stabilizing it in your truck for added safety. Telescoping handle lets you tuck it out of the way under a cabinet or shelf, yet extends quickly for easy rolling.


The propane tank for any food truck can fit in a couple of different locations, again depending on the kind of setup you have. For instance, propane tanks are commonly found on the front of Food Trucks, visible from the outside, whereas some are located under the truck with other mechanical systems and equipment (like your plumbing system).

However, irrespective of the location, make sure to invest in strong and durable holders and mounts, as they are very pertinent in the industry.