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Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog Breeding Business

A good number of dog lovers find that their pets hold a special place in their hearts, and that is why the US dog and pet breeding industry is worth $2 billion.

If you decide to breed dogs, it is possible to gain a good portion of that market while caring for and giving people the pet of their dreams. However, note that starting a dog breeding business tends to come with its own challenges, and will most likely need time, work, and knowledge to attain success.

Aside from that, just as with every other business, dog breeding comes with a wide range of pros and cons and it is necessary you consider them extensively. If you want to start breeding dogs, then you need to know the pros and cons that surround this business.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog Breeding Business


1. The ability to advance the breed

Owing to the fact that most responsible dog breeders barely break even in this line of business, a good number of entrepreneurs who choose to go down this route do it because they love dogs and are passionate about developing the breed. The ability to get rid of undesired traits or hereditary diseases has proven to be incredibly rewarding.

2. Working with man’s best friend

Dogs are most commonly referred to as man’s best friend, particularly since they are loving, loyal, and fun! As such, anyone who chooses to start dog breeding must love working with canine chums.

3. New breeds

For as long as we can remember, dog breeding has given rise to new breeds. Regardless of whether you agree with the rise of ‘designer dogs’ or not – they have filled a gap. Aside from that, they have made it possible for many people who may not be able to live with a dog (owing to allergies, for instance) to now relish the company of a fur friend.

4. Safe, responsible dog ownership

Dog breeders also help to build responsible pet parents. This is very possible by sharing your knowledge of the breed and making sure the owners are a good match with the dog.


1. Genetic know-how

To be able to start and effectively run this business, you will need to have comprehensive knowledge of dogs. Successful and well-known breeders will need to possess a sound understanding of genetics. It falls on you to improve the breeding line with each generation.

This will most often involve making adjustments to certain traits and eradicating diseases so the next generation can live a healthier life.

2. Time investment

It takes a lot to breed dogs. Truth be told, it transcends just the mating, the feeding, and nurturing. A good number of professional breeders are active members of breed clubs and are always eager to do their best for the breed. This might entail investing time in dog agility training, obedience classes, and socializing puppies.

3. Honesty and standards

This is particularly true for dog breeders who want to improve dog breeds. Keep in mind that these entrepreneurs need to be able to recognize and accept their dog’s flaws. Aside from that, it is also important to recognize the breed standard and the exact traits of the ideal breed specimen.

4. Sharing your home with a litter of pups

Although this might not seem like a thing, but reality tends to be quite different from dreams. A good number of dog breeders raise litter in their own homes and this can prove to be quite messy, not to mention noisy!

5. Cost

Dog breeding comes at a cost. You will have to put funds into health tests, genetic screenings and veterinary checks, food, bedding, and cleaning supplies. You will also have to put cash in purchasing equipment, such as a whelping pen and hot water bottles. In addition, if anything should go wrong, you might have to deal with a large veterinary bill.


There is a wide range of reasons why a person may decide to become a dog breeder. This might be because you have a solid passion for dogs and love caring for animals. Howbeit, regardless of what motivates you to start this business, there are numerous things to take into account prior to taking the necessary steps. Keep in mind that dog breeding requires professionalism, responsibility, and commitment. You should not venture into this line of business to make money only. Rather, you should start this business if you appreciate these creatures.