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Can You Put a Car into a Box Truck? What Size of Box Truck?

Yes, you can put a car into a box truck. But it is important to note that despite the fact that it might not be legal across the United States, at the same time it is not illegal to put a car into a box truck as long as the car can fit into the box truck and the life and property of other road users are not at risk.

There are different sizes of box trucks, and cars come in different sizes and weights. So, the size of a box truck that can haul a car will depend on the size of the car. For example, you can comfortably put a car that weighs 2000 lbs. inside a 22 ft. box truck that is rated 8000 lbs.

Things to Consider Before Putting a Car into a Box Truck

The fact that you can easily put a car inside a box truck does not mean that you will not follow the required safety tips. If you fail to follow the required safety tips, you may run into problems when hauling your car with a box truck.

  1. The Floor of the Box Truck

One of the most important things to consider before putting your car inside a box truck is the flooring of the box truck. Of course, box trucks come with different floors, some come with aluminum floor, steel floors, and even wooden floors. If you want to haul your car with a box truck, then you should look out for a box truck that comes with a wooden floor. This is because wooden floors make it easier for the car to be effectively hinged inside the truck without sliding.

If you use a box truck that has a steel or aluminum floor, you will find it difficult to hinge the car to a position that will prevent it from sliding while you are in motion. Of course, you should know the implication of a car sliding inside a box truck. It will cause a lot of damage and dents on the box truck and it may even make the box truck fall off the road.

  1. The Fuel Inside the Car

Another thing you should consider if you want to put a car inside a box truck is the fuel inside the car. It is very risky to put a car with fuel inside a box truck. This is because the tendency of the car to slide and the fuel spilling inside the box truck cannot be ruled out. So, before loading a car into a container or box truck, the loaders are advised to empty the fuel inside the car.

  1. The Capacity of the Loading Dock

Of course, you will require a loading dock to be able to load or put the car inside the box truck. But one thing about loading docks is that they may come in different capacities. I mean a loading dock may not have the capacity to withstand the weight of your car.

This is why you must know the weight of the car you want to load inside a box truck. When you go to rent or borrow a loading dock, make sure the loading dock has the capacity to carry the car in question. You should also make sure you get the support of people who are experienced in handling loading docks to help you put the car inside the box truck.

4. Make Enquiries Before Renting a Box Truck

In as much as it is acceptable to put your car inside a box truck, it is important to note that most box truck rental companies do not allow their box trucks to be used for hauling cars. Of course, no box truck rental company would want to subject their box trucks to the damages that come with hauling a car inside a box truck.

If you plan to haul your car with a box truck, you must read through the box truck rental agreement to be sure you can use it for that purpose. But to be on the safe side, it is better you borrow a box truck from a friend or family member than deal with box truck owner-operators.