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What Can You Haul With a Box Truck?

There are lots of things that can be hauled with a box truck. It was designed for the purpose of transporting perishable and non-perishable goods from one location to another. A box truck can be as small as 12 ft, or 20 ft big and carry about 10,000 tons of goods.

The type of goods it is meant to  haul will depend on what the owner wants to use it for. Most box truck drivers usually haul any available goods or the ones listed under the dashboard they subscribed to. For example, if you are under the Amazon Relay program, UPS Box Truck program, the Post Office program, or even the Wayfair Box Truck program, it is only the available goods you will haul.

7 Types Of Goods You Can Haul With a Box Truck

  1. Farm Produce

If you operate your box truck business in a location majority of people are into farming, you have a good opportunity to haul their farm produce. There are loads of farm produce such as fruits, vegetables, tubas, cash crops, nuts, and even eggs from poultries.

These items which are perishable goods are best transported with a box truck. If you decide to operate in a rural community with a good number of farmers, then you will make a reasonable amount of money. There will always be farm produce for you to haul with your box truck from the farm to the city.

  1. Electronics

Electronic devices are yet other goods you can haul with a box truck. Transporting electronics from one location to another requires box trucks. For instance, no one would want to transport flat-screen TVs with any mode of transportation, you may have the screen of the TV broken or cracked.

This is why electronics merchants or importers usually make use of box trucks, and they have a way of packaging their goods to avoid any damage, especially when they are transporting them from a long distance.

  1. Retail and Consumable Goods

The box trucks are ideal for navigating inner cities and streets making them haul retail and consumable goods. Retail and consumable goods or what is called Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) usually sell fast across the globe.

The best medium to safely transport these goods to avoid perishing is a box truck. People that are into retailing or importing Fast Moving Consumer Goods usually feel safe making use of it. Box truck drivers and loaders are comfortable hauling Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

  1. Machine Parts and Automobile Spare Parts

Machine Parts and Automobile Spare Parts are goods that can be hauled by a box truck. These goods are usually safe when transported in an enclosed box, making a box truck a suitable medium for transporting such goods.

There are large markets for machine parts and automobile spare parts, not just in the United States of America, but across the globe. To always have machine parts and automobile spare parts to haul is to network with importers and retailers in your city who are the business.

  1. Furniture

Furniture makers and retailers who are large in the industry usually have their own box trucks that they use in hauling furniture for their customers when they make purchases.

One good thing about hauling furniture with your box truck is that you will have a little cleaning to do after offloading the furniture, unlike farm produce and other perishable goods that might require thorough cleaning after offloading the goods.

  1. Textile and Related Materials

Other goods to consider hauling with your box truck are textiles and related materials. These are materials that are used by tailors and apparel manufacturers. Over the years, players in the textile and apparel industries usually relied on box trucks to help them haul their goods from one location to another.

The fact that most apparel makers and textile retailers usually rent shops in cities makes box truck ideal for transporting their goods. Note that by design, box trucks can easily navigate in inner cities with ease compared to trailers which can also be used to transport such goods.

  1. Parcel Delivery

Most entrants in the haulage industry who are into the box truck hauling business, usually work as contractors with organizations such as Post offices, Amazon Relay, UPS, and other courier service companies that are into parcel delivery.

Box trucks are in high demand in the courier industry and that is why you can never be idle when you become a contractor in any of the courier service companies in the United States. No matter the city, state, or country you choose to operate your box truck, there will always be parcels for you to haul if you network with the right company.

In Conclusion,

It is important to note that aside from all the goods that are listed above, there are other goods you can haul with your box truck.

You can use a box truck to help people move their properties from one office to another or one apartment to another. You can as well make use of your box truck to help transport consignment goods from one location to another. The bottom line is that you should not restrict your box truck; be creative and ready to explore.