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How to Write a Real Estate Farming Letter of Introduction

Do you want to farm an area or estate? If YES, here is a sample template on how to write a real estate farming letter of introduction to clients and friends.

Real estate farming is said to be the process by which an agent establishes a region wherein they will focus their marketing and sales for maximum effect. This is akin to area mapping. That is, the real estate agent carves out an area where he or she would focus his or her marketing or publicity efforts on.

First, you choose your farm area by considering the regions that most appeal to you based on existing knowledge, personal preferences, or other criterion. Research the areas carefully to find out more about your potential clients. Also, study the sales volumes and competition in these areas. When you find out an area with significant revenue potential, set area boundaries that will help you in focusing your marketing and sales efforts.

After doing this, you now have to start thinking about the farming letters that will do the publicity job for you. Real estate farming letters are customizable templates created in the form of monthly newsletters, postcards, door hangers, real estate information flyers, or any other form of advertising.

You use them to introduce yourself and generate business from individuals in the local community you service. You will begin to build authority in the community. Buyers and sellers will begin to trust you as an area expert and remember your brand when interested in real estate. Agents find that, over time, this greatly increases referrals and overall sales.

How to Write a Real Estate Farming Letter of Introduction to Clients and Friends

The typical real estate letter of introduction is usually a simple document that does not require much ambiguities. This is because it is targeted at the public and not at real estate professionals. The letter should state your name and a little information about yourself; the company name and address; and telling them you would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to them.

This letter, though simple but must be able to grab attention in the first couple of sentences or they will trash it and you will have accomplished nothing.

First paragraph – Introduction

What you have to do in your introduction is to endeavor to use it to create interest. It has been discovered that if a letter does not grab the attention of the reader in the first few sentences, it is very likely to end up in the trash. For your real estate farming letter, your objective is to grab attention even with the first sentence.

The first sentence is usually to thank your reader for making the effort to read the letter in the first place. In the second sentence, you now have to introduce yourself fully by your name and what you do. The last sentence of the paragraph should be you telling them to read the rest of the letter to see how your services will be of great value to them.

Second paragraph – What you do

Your second paragraph is where you now get to tell your prospect what you do. Most people use this paragraph to also outline their mission statement. Carefully select the words you use in each sentence of the mission statement so that you convey your points while keeping it short. And while you’re at it, endavour to be clear and concise.

Your reader must understand the message you are trying to convey. In this paragraph, state how you intend to help your client, and how your proposition would be of help to them. You can equally chip in the qualities that make you stand out from the rest in the business.

Third paragraph – your goals

Now that you have told them what you do and how you do it, in this short paragraph tell them how you plan to accomplish your goals. Whether your farm area is a sub-division or a condominium complex, you should let them know that all your efforts will be working for them and their neighbors.

You can ask for their help here. Yes, make it clear that your success would only depend on the relationship they decide to have with you. You should also reaffirm the importance of getting to know them personally. In reality, all you are asking for is an opportunity for them to get to trust you.

Fourth paragraph – tell them what’s in it for them

People are normally receptive to new ideas if they can see a real value; something that will benefit them in some way. In a few sentences, tell them how they will benefit from the things you do without telling them exactly what you are going to do.

Help them to realize that having a relationship with you will benefit them without somehow laying all your cards on the table. You should hold back on some things so that their curiosity can draw them into relaxing with you.

Fifth paragraph – close with a bang

Just like you opened with a bang, you should also be able to close with a bang. You need three or less sentences to close this letter and you should make good use of them. You should begin by telling them that a relationship can only start with a conversation, and that you will be calling them very soon.

End the letter with a statement like, “We anxiously await the opportunity to visit with you.” If your letter falls into the hands of the right person, they will anxiously await your next move.

  • Conclusion

Before you start writing your real estate farming letter, you should realize that the quality of the letter you compose will set the tone of your relationship with each owner in your farm area. Therefore, you need to spend quality time to compose a letter that grabs attention.

You should endeavor to have no more than five paragraphs consisting of two to four sentences each. Keep reading and rewriting until you feel good about it and then have a few friends read it and watch their reaction.

Get them to critique it for you. When it is as good as you can make it, it is now time to mail it. You have to make efforts to make your letter as personal as possible so that your prospects can make the effort to read them instead of trashing them on sight.