CHAPTER 10-: This is the tenth chapter of “The Complete Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business.” As a beginner entrepreneur, who is on the brink of starting a business from the ground up, one of the questions that you will perhaps keep asking yourself from time to time is “what is the single most important thing that you need to be concerned about when opening a new company?” The answer to this question is of a slightly philosophical nature.

In other words, there is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends upon who you are as an entrepreneur and what you hope to achieve in your field. Also, the importance of certain elements of founding a business differs based on the type of business that you intend to run. For instance, if you were planning to open a restaurant, then culinary expertise would be your prime concern. However, since you have your sights set on opening a cleaning service company, the subject that is arguably of the great importance to you is your employee recruitment.

Why You Must Take the Recruitment Process for your Cleaning Business Serious?

The significance of employee recruitment cannot be stressed enough. Unless you are running a futuristic company that is fully automated, you must invest time, money and resources in getting your employee recruitment spot on. This is even more applicable for those entrepreneurs whose businesses are based on service, just like a cleaning company is. The quality of the service that you provide will more or less be a reflection of how successful your company is or will eventually end up being.

You can have state of the art inventory at your disposal, but unless you hire proficient people who have the knowledge and skills needed to make the best use of high quality equipments and products, your service will not exceed or even meet the expectations of your clients. In very simple words, the owner of a cleaning business cannot afford to hire the wrong cleaning staff under any circumstances. With the wrong people employed, your business is bound to earn itself plenty of harsh complaints and staunch criticism from your clients. Before you know it, the company that you have spent endless sleepless nights in trying to build will crumble right before your eyes.

Recruiting Quality Employees for your Cleaning Business

Finding the right people for your cleaning service company is a task that is easier said than done. The first piece of inquiry you need to be dealing with is what kind of people make exemplary employees in the cleaning service business? We live in a world where millions of people are desperate for a job. This desperation forces people to exaggerate when trying to seek employment from employers just like you. You will come across countless people who will tell you that they have a passion for cleaning and will work for you with great enthusiasm and dedication. To be perfectly honest with you, their words do not sound convincing.

At the end of the day, most of these people are simply unemployed individuals who are ready to conjure up lies just for the sake of landing a job at your company. It is a noble initiative to help people attain a means to put food on their tables, but your job as an entrepreneur is not be superman, but rather to be a picky employer who gets his or hands only those who earn the right of being called the crème of the crop. This is how a business progresses, through the hard work and labour of individuals who are willing to be better and put in more effort than everybody else.

A lot of people who sign up for a cleaning job do not realize the great level of commitment and perseverance that this job demands. It is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination. Each and every single worker is expected to toil and strive to achieve the standards of perfection that you are supposed to set for them. You must also be wary of those who look down upon cleaning and believe that this is a dishonorable profession. In fact, many of the people who will line up in front of your office door seeking employment will be considering your offered jobs as a form of temporary employment that will help them to pay the bills.

Hiring people who are looking for a job simply because they need the money at that moment in time is never a bright idea. First of all, these people will not stick around for long. Secondly, they may not feel the need to be sincere since they will lack the respect and interest towards the profession, which will not be the case for an ideal worker. Perhaps these workers would perform well to impress you for the first few days in the job. However, once you start filling their pockets up, their performance will decline and they will turning their attention to future endeavours.

Your focus should rather be on those individuals who are planning to be in the cleaning business for the long haul. These are people who have a genuine inclination to have a career in the cleaning industry. Such workers will knock on your doors with big dreams and goals in their heads. You and your company can be the media through which they realize their goals and dreams. Hiring such people will not only give you the satisfaction of providing employment to worthy individuals, but it will also help your business operations to run smoother than ever. These people bring a diverse set of skills and personal virtues to the table. As an entrepreneur, you need to see these skills and virtues as resources that are ought to be utilized efficiently.

More often than not, these workers will not disappoint or make major mistakes when you are cleaning the offices and homes of your clients. They will work to their full potential and ensure that you and your client are content with the quality of the service that they are providing. Most importantly, these works will harbour great respect for you and your company. Now you may ask what does respect have to do with bringing in revenue and making profit, but once you spend a few years in the cleaning service business (or any business for that matter) you will soon realize the value of mutual respect between the employer and the employee and how that can pave the path to prosperity for a brand new business.

Publicizing your Recruitment Need

Coming back to the task of employee recruitment, there is much more to hiring the right employees than simply knowing what a model employee should be like. With so many other cleaning businesses operating, you will find it painfully difficult to stumble upon the workers who will benefit your companies. There is great demand for hard working, proficient and honest men and women in the cleaning industry, and hence you need to be innovative and creative with your employment initiatives to ensure that you attain the services of the best workers in town.

A simple “Help Wanted” advert will not help your cause. It will just attract the attention of greedy, unreliable and lazy job seekers. You can look into your supplies and your customers in an effort to find good workers for your own company. However, do not try to steal the employee of a client. This will most probably cause the client to call off the deal and you may end up losing a massive amount of money in lieu of acquiring the services of one ideal employee; certainly not worth the financial loss.

It’s a good move to let your social contacts know that you are looking for efficient workers in your company. This is the simplest and easiest way to come across competent candidates for your employment offer. If your social contacts are trustworthy and care for you, then they are most likely to introduce you to workers who will turn out to be invaluable assets for your cleaning company in the not so distant future.

Screening the Applicants of your Cleaning Job Opening

Stereotyping people is not a healthy practice in most cases, but when it comes to recruiting workers, classifying people into groups and then brushing them with the same paint may actually pay off. Take for example the case of college students. As an entrepreneur of a cleaning business, you should be aware of the fact that college students make great workers in serviced based companies. This is particularly true for janitorial services where the workers are required to work long hours in the night. The reasoning for this is that students who attend classes all day long are available to work during the night. More often than not, college students are energetic, young and exuberant individuals who have the willingness to put in some extra work and also learn from senior co-workers.

It is always preferable to hire students who are in their freshman or sophomore years. This is a way of ensuring that you hold on to their services for at least 2 to 3 more years before they decide to purse a different profession. Sometimes, they may grow an affinity for your company and decide to continue working for you even after graduation. In such cases, you are advised to reimburse them heavily for their loyalty and put them in a position of greater authority to keep them motivated and hungry with new challenges.

Consider Outsourcing the Recruitment Process to Save Time and Resources

If you are struggling to find workers on your own and if your social contacts are of no use, then you may consider resorting to the services of a temporary help or employment agency. These agencies have the quite the reputation for supplying qualified workers to various companies coming from different sectors of the economy. Seeking the help of an employment agency is an option that most novice entrepreneurs do not take for two reasons. Firstly, these business owners lack experience with such agencies and do not understand the dynamic of how these agencies help out companies.

Secondly, beginner employees shy away from paying the seemingly hefty fees that employment agencies charge. There is no denying the fact that you will most likely not accumulate great wealth during the initial stages of running your business and therefore you will not have plenty of money to spend on unnecessary expenses. With that being said, it is worth noting that investing in the agencies, who will handle the employment advertising, initial employee screening and also conduct background checks, is not something that you will end up regretting provided that you strike a deal with a well reputed employment agency. In other words, spending money on employment agencies is recommended only when you do not have the means to bring in the right workers by yourself.

Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting for your Cleaning Company

A lot of the owners of cleaning businesses end up hiring friends and relatives, mostly because they agree to work for cheaper rates and also because it is much easier to trust them. Hiring your friends and families is not always a bad idea, but it is something that you should avoid or at least approach with caution. The reason for that is quite simple because the personal relationship you have with your friends and family can come in the way of the employee-employer relationship that you are trying to build with them once you have recruited them.

Successful employers are the ones who make it absolutely clear that they are the alpha figure in the company and the one in charge. Trying to be bossy with your sibling or your best friend can damage your personal relationship with them and also compromise the fluidity of your business operations. In the case that you do hire them, the key is to be diplomatic from the start and set rules that both you and your friend/family member are willing to follow.

The golden rule for employing any workers in your cleaning service company is to hire only those individuals that you would trust in your own house. This way, you can know whether the workers can be trusted with the property of your clients. Good employees will draw happy customers and happy customers will eventually make your business a monumental success.