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How Much Money Do Cleaners Make?

People choose careers based on various reasons, but chief amongst the reasons why most people choose their career paths might just be attributed to the amount of money they earn.

If you are interested in picking a job as a cleaner in the U.S, Australia, Canada and in U.K, the first question you should ask yourself is ‘how much can I possibly earn as a cleaner?’

Being a cleaner might not be the best of jobs when it comes to the amount of money you stand to earn monthly or annually, but one opportunity that you have as a cleaner is that, you can keep more than one job per – time, receive tips from clients and also work overtime if you so desire.

One thing is clear; all cleaners are not expected to earn same amount of money in the countries listed above. This is because the job descriptions vary from country to country. Cleaners who are specialized in cleaning crime scenes are well trained and they tend to earn more than other cleaners in other areas of calling.

As a matter of fact, before you can qualify to work as a crime scene cleaner, you will be required to write and pass some professional certification exams and you would also have to pass some security checks before you can be issued license to work as a crime scene cleaner in most developed countries of the world.

Now let us consider the different categories of cleaners and how much they earn monthly and annually in the U.S, Australia, Canada and U.K

How Much Do Cleaners Make in U.S, Australia, Canada, U.K

1. The Amount Cleaners Earn in United Kingdom

In the united kingdom, the average cleaner with less than 10 years experience on the job earns about 6.11 BP – 9.79 BP hourly and that translate to about 215.39 BP per month and 2,584.86 BP annually. Please note that cleaners in the United Kingdom usually collect tips hence they can make additional income to what they earn per month or annually.

2. The Amount Cleaners Earn in the United States of America

If you live in the U.S and are looking to start your own cleaning business and you don’t know how much to pay your cleaners; or better still if you are looking towards getting a job as a cleaner, then this will serve as a guide for you. For example; a pool cleaner who cleans at least 10 pools in a week in the U.S earn as high as $10,000 per month and $120,000 annually and they don’t need a college degree to clean swimming pools.

The U.S bureau of statistics reveals that the average building cleaners in the U.S earn about $10.73 per hour and that translates to $1,888.48 per month and $22,661.76 annually excluding tips, overtime and additional cleaning jobs.

3. The Amount Cleaners Earn in Australia

In Australia just as it is in other countries, the years of experience cleaners garner on the job, does not necessarily translate to a remarkable increase in the amount they earn. On the average cleaners in Australia earn about AU$19.80 per hour and that translates to about AU$3,484.8 per month and AU$41,817.6 annually excluding tips, overtime and additional cleaning jobs.

4. The Amount Cleaners Earn in Canada

The amount cleaners earn in Canada is almost same with what their counterparts earn in the united states. Cleaners in Canada are paid based on the nature of cleaning jobs they are assigned to handle. General house cleaners earn a little bit lower than cleaners in the health industries.

So also, crime scene cleaners earn more than domestic cleaners (oven cleaners, lawn cleaners, street cleaners, rug cleaner et al).

But on the average, cleaners in Canada earn between $16.00 and $21.60 hourly and that translate to $3,456 monthly on a 40 hours per week basis and $41,472 annually excluding the amount they can earn from tips, overtime and additional cleaning jobs.

Without a shadow of doubt, any cleaner that is hardworking will definitely earn pretty higher than the above stated salaries of cleaners in U.S, U.K, Australia and Canada. As such, the onus lies with you to work hard and smart to make more money.