Whether you are age 25, 30, 40, 50 0r 60; there’s always room to improve and re-invent yourself. Reinventing yourself simply means changing yourself in line with the demands of a new situation you find yourself in, or changing yourself in order to achieve a new goal.

Each time a major shift happens in your life, you need to reinvent yourself to be able to cope with the new situation and to be able to make the most out of it. This is the only way to move forward with your life each time you face a fresh challenge. So, reinventing yourself isn’t something you do just once. It’s something you should do each time something new and significant happens to you, such as when you take on a new job, when you are newly married, when you start a business, when you fail at something, when you move to a new location or environment, or even when you lose a loved one.

Reinventing yourself is hard work, but it pays off tenfold. If you want to reinvent yourself successfully, you have to make a game plan, check and address your flaws, and continue learning. Here are the steps to follow if you want to reinvent yourself successfully.

8 Action Ways to Re-invent Yourself at Work

1. Figure out the changes you want make-: Since reinventing yourself basically involves making changes, your first step is to slow down, reflect, and write down your thoughts. Picture what you want the future to look like. Then make a list of all the things you want to change and how you want to change them.

For example, if you want to become healthier by losing a considerable amount of weight, you need to paint a picture of a slimmer, healthier you. Then list the lifestyle changes you need to implement in order to achieve that goal, such as dietary changes, exercise schedule, and so on. Do the same for all the goals you want to achieve, whether big or small.

2. Create a timeline and game plan-: Once you have figured the goals you want to achieve and the changes you need to make to achieve those goals, create a game plan for making those changes. Arrange them in order of importance and relevance to your goal, and assign a deadline to each.

3. Stay motivated-: It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the long list of changes you need to make to achieve a certain goal. But if you really want to reinvent yourself, you need to stay positive throughout the journey, even when you are feeling down or less energetic. Staying optimistic means winning half of the battle to becoming a better, reinvented person.

To motivate yourself, surround yourself with pictures and written texts that remind you of your goals. Write your goals in your notepad and take some time every day to go over them as a way of reminding yourself about them. And always remind yourself of the reasons why you need to reinvent yourself.

4. Tell others about your plans-: Some goals are hard to achieve if you decide to go them alone. One of the ways to make reinventing yourself much easier to tell your family, friends, and colleagues about your decision. You are not just telling them; you are asking for their support during the period of adjustment. So, let them understand that you are serious about reinventing yourself. If you are active on social media, you can tell your social media friends about your reinvention plans, if you are comfortable with that and you are sure that will be of benefit.

5. Address your flaws-: The essence of reinventing yourself is to become a better person. And to become a better person you need to address your flaws. This starts with your mind. You need to drop your old, flawed thinking patterns, or you won’t be able to achieve your goal. Think positively about your present situation and about the future you are looking to create for yourself.

In addition, you need to improve the way you interact with other people. Though you may think you interact well with others, truth is, there will always be some loopholes that you need to correct. Be a better spouse by becoming more romantic and adventurous. Be a better friend by listening more to your friends and helping them with their problems. And be a better citizen by being more law-abiding and generous.

6. Improve your health-: You can only reinvent successfully when you are healthy in both body and mind. So, you need to improve your body, as this will lead to improvements in your mind. Being healthy will help you feel more positive and energetic along the way to reinvention. Introduce healthy changes to your lifestyle. Find a new exercise routine and stick to it. Be a healthy eater. And reduce stress as much as possible.

7. Improve your knowledge-: Before and during any reinvention process, you need to learn about the goals you want to achieve and the benefits of those goals. You also need to learn more about the various changes you need to implement to achieve those goals. Even if you already know a lot about those, learning more will help you see them from a new perspective. Cultivate the habit of reading, as is the most effective way to learn a lot of things at once. Also, take your time to learn from others, too, because you can learn everything inside books.

8. Change your appearance-: When reinventing yourself, changing the way you look can help you feel more like a completely different person. You won’t feel reinvented if you look in the mirror and see your same old self. So, consider changing your hair dramatically, change the way you dress, improve your body language, change your perfume, smile more than before, and change the way you talk.