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7 Easy Steps to Make Fast Money on EBay Selling Clothes

Do you want to start a clothing retail boutique on EBay? If YES, here are 7 easy steps on how to make fast money on EBay selling clothes.

If you want to make some money for yourself in the fashion business, you should consider selling clothes on EBay. Also, if you own a brick and mortar clothing store or an online clothing store even and you are quite dissatisfied with your turnover or profit, then you should consider extending your business to include selling on EBay and you just might get the results you are looking for.

Imagine a platform that gives you access to buyers from all over the world. People from all over the world visit EBay to buy clothing items; people from Europe, Africa, America and all other continents in the world hence, selling your clothes on EBay is totally a win-win situation. To make money selling on EBay, these are the steps you should take-:

7 Easy Steps to Make Fast Money on EBay Selling Clothes

1. Decide on the category of items you want to sell-: There are different categories of clothing items you could sell on EBay, they include the following-:

  • Designer Brands-: You can sell products of popular designers like Prada, Gucci, and Versace to mention few. A lot of people are obsessed with designer items regardless of the high price tags and wouldn’t mind pulling out their credit cards as soon as a new season’s collection is out. You can target any category of people you like to sell to, it could be women, men, youths or even children’s designer items. However, you need to have enough capital because designer items don’t come cheap.
  • Used Clothing-: Yes, it’s possible to sell used clothing on EBay. Secondhand clothing are cheap and more affordable for people who cannot afford brand new clothes. Second hand clothing are usually tagged with description included so that buyers can know the state of the cloth they are buying; whether there are tears, ripped seams or patches.
  • Vintage Clothing-: Vintage pieces can also be sold on EBay for good profit. These pieces are unique and hard to find so people pay top-dollar just to have them.
  • Custom-Made Clothing-: Another option to go for is selling of custom-made clothing. If you are a designer, you can find buyers on EBay who would be willing to patronize you.

2. Decide on how to source for goods-: The next step involves looking for how to get goods to sell on EBay, especially at good prices that allow you to make maximum profit. For used clothing, you can start from your own wardrobe. There could be one or two cloths that you have grown tired of wearing. You can start your EBay cloth business by putting up some of those for sale. There are also some people that deal in wholesale used clothing.

You can find out how to locate some of them and get goods from them for your EBay store. You can also buy from EBay auctions and resell at your own store as well. Another place where you can get stocks for your shop very cheaply is at charity stores; you can get good cloths for as cheap as $1 in charity stores.

You can also use your search engine to get a list of wholesalers who can sell clothing items to you at very cheap rates. When you join EBay, make sure you join the EBay community and partake in the group discussions; there is really so much you can learn from other sellers that have been in the business for long.

3. Take pictures of your items-: This is a visual type of business. Your buyers would have to rely on what they so to decide and buy your stuffs therefore, you have to ensure that you produce pictures that are good enough and appealing.

A lot of times, I have seen products listed on EBay with very terrible pictures which I refused to buy and I doubt anyone would want to buy them at all after all no one wants to waste their money. But these products might look better physically but the terrible photos are a huge turn-off.

If you want to rake in big profits faster in this business, then you must understand that you need to take pictures that would represent your products perfectly. If you cannot hire a professional photographer, buy a good camera and take pictures of each item you want to display from different angles so that it can look more attractive.

4. Add Product Descriptions-: This is another thing that your potential buyers would have to rely on when making their buying decisions. You have to give detailed descriptions of your products especially the material it is made of, the sizes, measurements, elasticity, the length and several other information that you consider useful. If you are selling used clothing, please ensure that you provide details of any imperfections in your product descriptions.

5. Buy the materials you need-: Since this is an Online business, you don’t need as much as someone selling in a brick and mortar shop. However, you would still need a few things. You would need a mannequin to display your products.

It may not be cost-effective to use human models for all your products but the truth is that mannequins allow potential buyers to see how a garment would be shaped on a human body. You would also need a professional camera to take pictures of your products. A measuring scale for determining the shipping weight of your goods and a measuring tape would also come in handy.

6. Decide on how you would ship your items-: The next step after your customers have made payment for their products is for you to find a way to ship it to them. There are different shipping methods available to EBay sellers however; the cheapest method which most united states based sellers use is United States Postal Services (USPS) parcel post.

There are other shipping methods you could use too. You would also need to shop for shipping materials which would be used to package your products safely. Make sure you protect your clothing very well when shipping to avoid damages and stains during transit.

7. Use Drop shipping to save money-: If you want to start selling clothes on EBay but you are being restrained by lack of capital, then you should consider registering as a drop shipper with a reputable clothing store. This way, you don’t need to bother about carrying any stock.

You just need to advertise the store’s products and when you get buyers; the store would ship it to the buyer directly from their end. This is one of the easiest ways to start your own clothing business on EBay even without money.