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How Do I Replace a Lost Card from Restaurant Depot?

It is often easy to replace a lost card from Restaurant Depot. According to the company, you just have to visit your local Restaurant Depot and speak to a receptionist at the welcome desk. You will get supplied with a new card.

Losing your Restaurant Depot card can prove to be quite frustrating; however, you should not bother so much as the company makes it easy to get a replacement.

With access to a wide range of products at wholesale prices, exclusive deals, and bulk discounts, Restaurant Depot will provide you with a replacement to ensure you can still enjoy the invaluable benefits it offers businesses in the food service industry.

Steps to Replace a Lost Card from Restaurant Depot

  1. Report the Loss or Damage

It is important you immediately visit a nearby Restaurant Depot store or reach out to their customer service either by phone or online.

However, keep in mind that you will be expected to make available details like your membership number as well as any necessary identification information.

  1. Verify Your Identity

You have to understand that Restaurant Depot takes security seriously, and this might necessitate certain steps or inquiries from the company. Owing to that, you should be ready to verify your identity as long as you are requesting a replacement card.

Keep in mind that this will involve making available personal information like your name, and address, as well as possibly answering security questions to ascertain your identity.

  1. Request a Replacement Card

Note that immediately after your identity has been verified, you can put in a request for a replacement card. While it will most often depend on the exact policies of the Restaurant Depot in your location, you might be asked to make a physical visit to a nearby store to pick up your new card, or they may be able to mail it to you. Nevertheless, be sure to ask about any associated fees or processing times.

  1. Update Your Information (if necessary)

If there is a need to make adjustments, this is the best time. If your lost card includes outdated information or if you’ve had any changes after getting your original card (something like a change in address or phone number), you must leverage this opportunity to update your information.

  1. Activate Your New Card

Note that even after getting your replacement card, you need to activate it before use. This is very important or the card is as useless as a piece of paper.

To activate your replacement card, you need to follow the instructions provided by Restaurant Depot regardless of whether it’s online, over the phone, or in-store. Once activated, your new card will be ready to use.